Two writers about children and art

Heinz Healy and Julia Weber, author and author, married. They share a job, family and life with two children. What that means for him as a man and for her as a woman, both are addressed in a book. (archive photo)

It is a rare occurrence when two books deal with the same topic and relate to each other symbiotically. Heinz Healy and Julia Weber are a married couple and both are writers. Two years ago they became parents for the second time. This event shook both of them technically as well. How can fatherhood, family, art and participation be equitably reconciled? This is the question they ask at the center of every book. They give answers as personal as they are different. This makes parallel reading attractive.

In his novel Wellen, Heinz Helle extensively and investigatively searches for answers to what it means to be a father, a husband, and an author at the same time. It surprises you from the first page. The narrator shakes the newborn without being able to calm his screams. Anger erupts from him involuntarily, which immediately frightens him. He helplessly asks himself “How can you even feel sympathy for something that doesn’t look at you, let alone talk to you.”

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