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She was a symbol that, for many, was an indispensable part of the world and simply immortal. In the end Queen Elizabeth II dies Although the monarchy represents only a country, the British royal family has fascinated people all over the world for generations. How will the royal family, as well as Great Britain, change after the Queen’s death? Questions that can only be answered in the future. However, nowadays, you can say goodbye to the queen’s 70-year reign and immerse yourself in the world of the royal family with series and movies.

the crown

The first thing that most people think of is the successful series “The Crown”, which tells the story of the Queen’s life from childhood to the present day. The series is told in the corresponding detail: you will find out how young Elizabeth got into a position to become Queen of Great Britain. Subsequent seasons explore the early years on the throne as Queen Elizabeth II, while not sparing the depths of her reign.

Claire Foy embodied the British head of state in her younger years, and in later years Olivia Colman and Imelda Staunton crept into the role. All four seasons are available on Netflix. Fifth is already in production.

the Queen

The life and fate of Princess Diana are inevitably intertwined with that of the Queen. Charles’ marriage, divorce and death had a direct impact on the British royal family and thus on Queen Elizabeth as well. The film “The Queen” focuses on the darkest part of this period of life, the death of Diana. The British Queen has never been more unpopular with her people than after the tragic death of Diana. Because: While the British people are in shock, the royal family is doing nothing. Only after five days they talk. Helen Mirren portrays the Queen in The Queen and even won an Academy Award for her performance. The movie is available on Amazon Prime Filmlegenden.

royal night

A royal night takes you back in time before Elizabeth took the throne. 1945, when the young heir to the throne wanted to spend a night among the people at the end of World War II. Along with her sister Margaret, she secretly mingled with people on V-Day to celebrate. But they are allowed only under supervision, which girls do not like at all. The movie starring Sarah Gadon can be watched on Amazon Prime or Apple TV (without a subscription).

Facts instead of fiction

Those who prefer to rely exclusively on facts rather than a mixture of fact and fiction can review the Queen’s reign with a variety of documentaries. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the accession to the throne, the six-part documentary series “The Queen: Fateful Years for the Queen” was produced. The documentary contains many current topics, such as the Queen’s role during the pandemic or the separation from Prince Harry. The movie “The Queen: Fateful Years of a Queen” can be found for free at ARD Media Library. A similar series can also be found in the ZDF Media Library with “Elizabeth II”.

The documentary series The Royal House of Windsor is still relevant, but is a few years older. She deals not only with the Queen in particular, but with the British royal family in general. There are six episodes of power struggle and political disputes that have shaped the royal family over the past century. Netflix has the series ready to stream.

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