“Intrinsic Passion and Motivation” – Konstantin Seidenstocker on the recipe for podcast success.

Talent collector: “No medium works as well as a podcast,” Konstantin Seidenstocker says in an interview with turi2. Studio Bummens founder and managing director produces podcasts such as “Baywatch Berlin”, “Apocalypse and Filter Coffee” and “Weird Crimes”. He believes that many podcasts have succeeded through recommendations and he is sure: “It always starts with the idea.” But the “distribution of roles” and “different characters” also play a major role.

Constantine, the podcast market has exploded in recent years. Is there still room for new formats?

yes. We started with two people talking about their week and classify it as a gossip podcast. Then you follow up with the first stories told, fictional or non-fictional. There are now display formats – so it has been fully developed accordingly. But I think, as with any other medium, there will be new topics, new voices, new talent, and with that, you will open up opportunities for a new podcast.

How do I reach people with my podcast in the Shows group and build a community?

No medium works so well over word of mouth as podcasting. Of course, at some point there is also a marketing budget behind if you do this with a large platform. However, I believe that many successful podcasts work because they are recommended. For anyone starting out, I’d recommend cross-upgrades to set up a noise floor first.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

In the beginning there is always the idea. A podcast doesn’t work if you don’t have a really intrinsic motivation. A podcast is not a TV show. It is very difficult to hire someone and make them work as moderators. You need a personal passion for what you have to say. I also think the distribution of roles is very important. A good modern podcast thrives on bringing different personalities to the table.

Nowadays, anyone with relatively little equipment can record a podcast and upload it to different platforms. Why do we still need a podcast production company?

Because the market has become completely professional. Of course you can just record podcasts. But the fact that it looks really good is another question. We don’t just help artists with technology, we build businesses and brands with them. We take care of every step of the value chain – from production to distribution and sometimes even marketing. This allows them to focus on what they are good at, and no longer have to worry about technology, sales and further development.
In addition, we have a variety of network effects, co-promotion opportunities at current shows, and air support from many of the hosts we work with. This is one of the reasons we now see Studio Bummens as a podcast network and not just a production company.

You produce, among other things, “Baywatch Berlin” with TV presenter Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and “Einfach mal Luppen” with professional footballer Tony, his brother and coach Felix Kroes. What’s it like working with celebrities like this?

This is a very cool collaboration that I find very inspiring and I learn something every week. Of course, it’s also great to be able to produce podcasts that I personally enjoy. But Studio Bummens is also the “Home of Talent”. For me, this includes not only outstanding hosts, but also creative people who come to us with ideas or who we use in specific formats.

Is the podcast market in Germany currently monopolized by a few production studios?

I think there are still creators here and there that manage to achieve this success on their own. So I don’t think there is a monopoly on the production and studio side. Of course, you always have to consider if there are certain platform monopolies. However, at the same time, new and exciting platforms are on the way, for example RTL+ or Amazon Music.

How can the development of the podcast medium continue?

This is already happening on several levels. Videos, for example, are a purely technical innovation or add-on. But there are also ways to develop narrative formulas further. What’s the latest in 2025, I’m having a hard time with it. Many trends or developments do not appear suddenly, but appear suddenly in people’s perception. Since the market has only been professional for three or four years, people are now starting to think about what’s available other than actual podcasts.

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