Emmy Awards: A TV year full of the real stuff

TV Awards

Emmy Awards: A TV year full of the real stuff

The Emmys are the most important television awards in the world.

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The struggle for a media empire, everyday life in a problem school and the special demands of the wealthy on a luxury vacation: This year’s Emmy Awards look at all corners of our society.

Los Angeles. It’s the world’s hottest TV awards: The Primetime Emmy Awards will be presented Monday evening at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. As always, they are also evidence of what has recently been amusing and occupying people. And this year it means one thing above all: realism rather than an escape from everyday life.

Unlike the past few years, no elaborate fantasy worlds like “Game of Thrones” or “Westworld” have been widely nominated in drama categories, and the quirky little village of “Schitt’s Creek” won’t be nominated for Comedy Awards. Instead, many particularly promising candidate productions look at real-world everyday life in different layers of our society.

25 nominations for the “caliphate”

There’s the super-wealthy Roy family in Succession, an impressive drama series about a declining media empire and interesting heirs who act cleverly tight every second. Hollywood rumors about how much material based on the real Murdoch clan is behind Fox News, among other things, and can’t get enough: 25 Emmy nominations is a record for 2022.

The 14-time-nominated and highly sought-after “Severance”, a desktop game series with elements of science fiction and action that generally questions the relationship between people and their work, is seen as a strong contender.

Netflix hit “Squid Game,” a bloody South Korean social satire about a fantasy game show with dozens of deaths, and it somewhat stands out from the daily notes. Hard Criticism of Capitalism has 14 nominations and is the first non-English language series to ever win the King category for Best Drama. Besides these three, “Better Call Saul”, “Euphoria”, “Ozark”, “Stranger Things” and “Yellowjackets” have been suggested in the evening’s most popular categories.

«Abbott Elementary» favorite comedy

Warmer is one of my favorite comedies: Abbott Elementary is a friendly look at an underfunded elementary school in Philadelphia, shot in pseudo-documentary style from The Office and Stromberg. Inventor Quinta Bronson, who can also hope to land an Emmy in the lead role as a kind, loving young teacher Janine, also gathers a lot of sympathy here.

The NBC series Feel Happy has become a ratings surprise in the United States and will be the first “Best Comedy” in eight years to air not on US cable or TV, but on one of the free channels. Which often gets a little dusty with a reputation in Germany, “Abbott” can be seen on Disney+.

The toughest competition is also live: soccer coach Ted Lasso is about an American who takes charge of a British team. The Apple TV + series with Jason Sudeikis was already the winner last year, and thanks to its many multiple nominations in acting categories, it has a total of 20 nominations.

It sounds a little baffling and sometimes confusing: There are more than 110 categories at the Emmys, including quirky categories like “Best Makeup (suit)” and “Best Speaker” for documentaries, an award given to Barack Obama this year that went into a series about national parks. American.

On Monday, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences just announced the winners in more than two dozen important categories. In addition to the categories of Drama and Comedy, they also dedicate themselves largely to mini-series from the airing period from June 2021 to May 2022 in a third category.

Here, too, reality often triumphed over fantasy, because in addition to promising satire for luxury holidays “White Lotus”, four series based on actual events were nominated: “Dopesick” deals with the opioid crisis in the United States, “The Dropout” tells about A startup scam by biotech company Theranos, “Inventing Anna” looks at fraudster Anna Sorokin and “Pam & Tommy” focuses on the scandal surrounding a sex video of “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson and drummer Tommy Lee Foreground.

At this point at the latest, it looks like all those who want their prizes to take away from reality will have to wait until next year. Then, among other things, “House of the Dragon” that succeeded “Games of Thrones” and “Lord of the Rings” could be selected on Amazon.

(The party starts on Monday at 5:00 PM local time, which corresponds to 2:00 AM on Tuesday in Germany.)

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