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In recent years, the so-called FAANG (formerly known as Facebook) stocks (NASDAQ:FB), Amazon (NASDAQ::) (NASDAQ: AAPL) (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Apple (NASDAQ: ) have been dominated by Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: ) (NASDAQ: FB), Netflix (NASDAQ 🙂 (NASDAQ: NASDAQ :), and Alphabet (NASDAQ: 🙂 (formerly Google) (NASDAQ: GOOG) are American technology exchanges.

Companies have grown so dramatically as a result of their prices that they have shaped and led the index. Many funds and ETFs bought the shares and thus also contributed to their strong rise.

In 2013, Jim Cramer first used the term FAANG for the above five companies, which gained more and more market share in their own sector and thus managed to build a dominant position.

Troubled Meta Platforms and Netflix Stocks Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) have risen to become the king of social media. The group includes Facebook, Instagram, messaging services WhatsApp, and Messenger. Meta Platforms generate many billions of dollars primarily from advertising.

But the company didn’t rebrand itself as Meta Platforms for nothing. Mark Zuckerberg sees the future in the Metaverse. But whether the fantasy will become a reality and be accepted by people remains an open question.

So far, the Metaverse structure costs a lot of money and contributes losses to the result. The cycle has been affected as a result in recent months. As a result, Constellation Research founder and analyst Ray Wang no longer believes that Meta Platforms stock is the top.

Ray Wang also sees problems with Netflix. He asks himself how long the company can continue to grow. “The reason they are out is: How many subscribers can they get? How many subscriptions can you handle?”

These values ​​constitute MATANA, meaning that two arrows fall outside the list of results prior to it. But with Microsoft (NASDAQ 🙂 (WKN: 870747), three new values ​​have been added: Tesla (NASDAQ 🙂 (WKN: A1CX3T) and Nvidia (NASDAQ 🙂 (WKN: 918422). Together with Amazon, Apple and Alphabet they now make up MATANA.

But why do new values ​​according to Ray Wang have better prospects than Meta Platforms and Netflix?

“Microsoft has more than just business-to-business for consumers — they have the ability to manage both,” Wang said. “They are well positioned for metaverse. They are well positioned to work in the cloud and of course they have their own gaming business.”

Tesla is still the king of electric cars, even as BYD (F 🙂 (NASDAQ: BYD) catches up. In addition, the group enjoys another strong growth area with its energy storage business. In addition, electric cars still make up a small portion of the overall car market. Stocks can benefit from this.

“Nvidia is much more than chips that we see and more than just data centers or games. They sit at the nexus between AI, metaverse, and the future of computing, and the way they share has been dominant for a while,” said Ray Wang.

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