Not soon: ARD has apparently taken control of the information so far

Since 1999, the German Television Prize has been awarded jointly by public and private broadcasters for particularly outstanding creative achievements. As part of the special presentation of the German Television Award, takes a look at the history of past award winners in the longest running categories of work found in the three categories: fiction, entertainment and information. Who is following in the footsteps of this year’s nominees and what is the station’s record in categories so far? In focus today: information.

In no other part is it quite as in the information: the focus of the categories has changed many times, sometimes the forms and sometimes the individuals are honored for their achievements. Without the infotainment category, which was introduced only in 2017, and the regular additional consideration of personal accomplishments, the best info category in particular is a collection of all forms of information – with enormous variety. While in the early years they were primarily formats, many monochrome award winners followed in later years.

Awarded in the “Best Information” category.
1999 culture time 3 saturday
2000 mashburger Nevada
2001 Friedman ARD
2002 TV duel ARD / ZDF
2003 Difficult but fair – hot topic WDR
2004 Berlin Center ZDF
2005 Germany case ZDF
2006 ZDF Special: Endless War ZDF
2007 current RTL RTL
2008 the new 3 saturday
2009 ZDF Election Forum ZDF
2010 Logo! the world and me Kika / ZDF
2011 Ranga Yugeshwar in Fukushima coverage ARD
2012 screen star RTL
2013 Foreign magazine XXL: Brazil ZDF
2014 Snowden Exclusive: The Interview ARD
2016 At the Border – 24 Hours at the Focal Points of the Refugee Crisis N24
2017 The Panama Papers: In the Uncertain World of Offshore Companies ARD
2018 Finally clear text! Great political check of RTL II RTL two
2019 Antonia Rados: Yemen’s slow death Nevada
2020 Corona Reports Various channels
2021 Marcus Lanz ZDF
Note: The information category has been redefined several times over the years, and in some cases it has also been interpreted subjectively. We take into account all award winners, in the format categories and those personal awards that were awarded as part of the general “best information”. Awards expressly awarded in a separate category of persons are not taken into account.

ZDF is up with eight awards so far, not counting the Corona coverage award, which went to various broadcasters. It was followed by ARD with six TV awards in this category, and RTL Germany with four. 3sat managed to win two awards, one for N24 and one for RTLzwei. Seven.One is one entertainment channel that has never won here.

Interesting: “Kulturzeit”, winner of the first German TV Media Award, will be back again this year. And Sandra Maischberger, who was nominated this year for her talk show ARD, has already won once: in 2000 for her talk show “Maischberger.” This year’s trio of nominations completes ‘Everyday Themes’.

Taking a look at the history of TV awards gets more complicated when you look at the best documentaries and reports. On the other hand, because these were separate categories until 2016, but are now nominated together. On the other hand, because with the mostly joint works of general broadcasters, it is impossible to determine exactly to whom the production is allocated in the first place. This is already tough enough within ARD, which is why all products produced by ARD plants are named under the same umbrella.

Awarded in the category “Best Documentation/Reportage”.
1999 Candidate and 24 Hours: Final Station Vienna ARD and Sat 1
2000 Tunnel and 37 degrees – it happened in Schützenfest ARD and ZDF
2001 Small, fast and out of control decision makers – hearings in the asylum procedure 3sat and ARD
2002 Story: Summiteers – The bloody days of Genoa and human poker – New facts about unemployment ARD and ARD
2003 Andreas Baader – Enemy of the State and Iraq Reports and Reports by Antonia Rados ARD and RTL
2004 The Miracle of Bern – The True Story In the Name of God – Holy War Recruits ZDF and RTL
2005 Swimmers Channel and Story: Shooting ZDF and ARD
2006 Night of the Great Flood while you’re out ARD and ARD
2007 Under the revenge of the blood, the holy warrior and his wife ARD and ARD
2008 Silence of Quandts and old age in trial ARD and ARD
2009 friendship! Free German Youth and the Bomb ARD and ZDF
2010 Ahget – Genocide and Somalia – a country without law ARD and ZDF
2011 Would you rather die and the story: Nobility destroyed ZDF and ARD
2012 Nine Eleven and ZDFzoom: Mr. Karstadt ZDF and ZDF
2013 Hudekamp – Saving a bank from Heimatfilm and state secrecy ARD and Arte
2014 Putin and Team Wallraff Games: Undercover Reporter Aarti and RTL
2016 Sternweg – a road with no exit vox
2017 Foreign Magazine – Documentary Film: The Fate of the Children of Aleppo – Neue Heimat Deutschland ZDF
2018 The Nervous Republic: One year in Germany ARD
2019 Kollenkampf shoes ARD
2020 The story in the first: the superpower of advisors ARD
2021 black eagles Prime Video / ZDF
Note: Since 2016, documentaries and reports have been combined into one category with five nominations. Previously, documentaries and reports were two separate categories.

Not in the other business category of the German Television Award is the dominance of the public broadcasting service – more specifically: ARD – as here with documentaries and reports: 20 prizes go to the expense of the working groups of broadcasters in Germany. ZDF has won 10 awards, RTL Deutschland 4, Arte 2, and one German TV award each for Seven.One Entertainment, 3sat and Prime Video.

Fight Next Wednesday “Outbreak – Was the Epidemic Preventable?” From ZDF, “Gladbeck” from Netflix, “Team Wallraff: Now More Than Ever!” by RTL as well as “How God Created Us – Exodus in the Catholic Church” (ARD) and “The Night When the Flood Came – Climate Disaster Protocol” by Arte/ZDF for German Television Award.

Awarded in the “Best Entertainment” category.
2017 Galileo ProSieben
2018 Terra X: The Great Beginning – 500 Years of Reform ZDF
2019 Jenke von Willemsdorff for “Jenke Encouraging Life with Breast Cancer”, “The Jenke Experiment” and “Jenke About Life” (RTL) RTL
2020 Why world ZDF
2021 Joko & Klaas LIVE: Care #Not of course ProSieben

The relatively young category, as it was only introduced in 2017, is the best entertainment. So far, Seven.One Entertainment has won twice, in addition to ZDF and RTL Germany once. This year’s nominations are purely public: “The Showdown: Marcus Feldenkirchen Meets” (ARD), “My ThinkX – The Show” (ZDFneo) and “Tracks East” (ART).

If one achieves a balance of excellent performance in these categories after the first 22 years, in the history of the German Television Award for Media, ARD is ahead of the ZDF with 19 awards with 26 awards. Among the private channels, RTL, with nine awards, is ahead of Seven.One Entertainment with three German TV awards in the information category.

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