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Queen Elizabeth II, who has survived 15 prime ministers, owned more than 30 corgis and visited more than 100 countries, has lived an exceptional life. A life most of us can’t even begin to imagine. This is what makes watching movies and documentaries about the woman who sat on the British throne for 70 years so exciting.

One of the most famous films based on the lives of the royal family is “The Crown” series on Netflix. It was recently announced that the actors will play William and Kate in Season 6. Various reports that on the anniversary of the death, as well as the day of the funeral, production of the sixth season will be suspended in honor of the Queen.

Here are 9 movies, series, and documentaries to watch if you want to know more about the Queen.

Movies and TV shows

“the crown”

At a time when Britain was recovering from the war and the kingdom was on the brink of decay, a young woman ascended the throne. Each season tells the story of the royal family for ten years. The fifth season is set to begin in November and will, among other things, revolve around the events surrounding Princess Diana’s death.

“The Crown” is a Netflix series.

“the Queen”

It’s 1997, the day after Princess Diana’s death. Public grief is high, but Queen Elizabeth II (performed by Helen Mirren) is unable to respond adequately to the protocol of grief and mockery. Pressure is mounting on the royal family because the world does not understand the silence of the royal family.

The movie is available for purchase and rental on the Sky Store, Google Store and Rakuten TV.

“A royal night out”

World War II is over and the two little princesses Elizabeth and Margaret want to go celebrate. With the consent of their parents (King George VI and his wife), the sisters leave Buckingham Palace and mingle with people for a night. This is exactly what happened. Everything after that does not depend on the life of the queen, but rather tells the story of the “what if”.

The movie can be watched on Blue TV or rented and purchased on Google Play, Rakuten TV, Apple TV and Sky Store.


“The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II”

With interviews and archival material, this documentary chronicles the full life of the Queen: from her childhood as a princess to an icon of the monarchy.

The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II is available on Netflix.

“The Windsors: Inside the Royal Family”

This six-episode documentary tells not only the life of the Queen, but the story of the entire House of Windsor. Featuring archival footage and interviews with insiders and experts, the series tells the true story of the Windsor dynasty.

The documentary series is available on Sky.

“Queen Elizabeth II – Her Life and Reign”

The Queen’s life experienced ups and downs. She has always adhered to Victorian values ​​and has fulfilled her duties. But these traits often caused tensions in the royal family.

Documentation can be found on Amazon Prime.

“Elizabeth: A Portrait in Part(s)”

«Poetic, funny, naughty, undisciplined, loving, indecent, mischievous, amazing. cheerful. Moving. Different. The Queen as never before.” – This is how the makers describe the documentary. Elizabeth is an archive-based documentary produced by Notting Hill director Roger Michel.

“Elizabeth: Picture in Part(s)” is available for purchase or rental on iTunes, Google Play, Blue TV and Sky Store.

«British Royal Family – Coronation of a Ruler»

This documentary shows how a new era of optimism and hope begins after the end of World War II and the coronation of 25-year-old Elizabeth in England. Documents that have been locked up for decades are on display and shed a different light on the lives of members of the royal family.

The documentary is available on SRF.

“The Queen and Her Prime Ministers”

During her time on the throne, the Queen saw 12 prime ministers and three female prime ministers: from Winston Churchill to Margaret Thatcher to Boris Johnson. This report sheds light on the relationships, power struggles, and friendships between the Premiers and the Queen.

This documentary can be viewed on Arte.

“Elizabeth: The Invisible Queen”

Just this year, the BBC released a new documentary on the life of the Queen. The documentary tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II in her own words, with – according to the BBC – never-before-seen footage. The film features videos of Elizabeth as a young child, when she was traveling abroad with her family for the first time, and when she was engaged to Prince Philip.

This document is available on the BBC.

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