Best apps to start the new NFL season

With the right apps, you’re all set for the NFL season

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the new NFL season It started Thursday with the Los Angeles Rams’ game against the Buffalo Bills. This year performing again 32 teams To achieve one goal in February: Energy. Who at the end of the season covets Vince Lombardi Cup You will rise in the air is not clear at the beginning of the season.

It is precisely because of this tension that the NFL is enjoying increasing popularity year by year, also in German-speaking countries. If you want to go through the procedure, you have a large selection of apps available.

We present to you this Apps about the NFL Before:

  • NFL Fantasy Football: iOS and Android
  • ZAPPN: iOS and Android
  • Dazen: iOS and Android
  • NFL arcade game: iOS and Android
  • NFL: iOS and Android
  • Twitter: iOS and Android
  • reddit: iOS and Android

Whether we support our team or simply want to enjoy as a neutral spectator, participating in a Fantasy League It gives games an extra entertainment factor. NFL Fantasy is the league’s official fantasy app and is one of the most popular among many providers. In the so-called fantasy leagues, friends and players from all over the world gather to prove their expertise and luck in NFL matters.

To participate in the Fantasy League, we can either join the league Players from all over the world Participate or create your own league to play with friends. The number of players involved is variable. In theory, four players can compete against each other with their own teams, but a league of 12 participants is usually considered the ideal size. Once we find the league, we move on to the draft. All players in the league meet there at a pre-agreed time to allocate players.

One by one, the players then drag the players from the NFL to their team Build the perfect team. It is important to note that all jobs are filled and the week we need replacements. Once the draft is done, the season can begin. Every week we now have to choose the best team from our team player material association. It is important to pay attention to the form of teams and individual players.

Each player collects points for actions in real NFL games. For example, the midfielder gets credit for successful passes or touchdowns points, but loses it when objections. If our players collect more points than our opponent this week, we win the game. The goal is to finish the regular season in the top spots and win the Fantasy Super Bowl in the playoffs.

NFL Fantasy Football is available for free on iOS and Android.


A few years ago, football fans in German-speaking countries still had a hard time finding the right dose Live broadcast In the future, the market in this country now looks completely different. ProSiebenSat1Puls4 broadcast group submissions since the 2012 season are likely to represent a particularly large proportion. With two or three live matches per week and an entertainment team, they manage to bring German-speaking viewers closer to American sports.

Viewers will continue to watch the games on ProSieben, ProSieben Maxx, as well as on Puls4 until 2023. 2 live games On TV at ProSieben and Puls4 they are always chosen by the editors before match day. The played team also broadcasts another live match via In order to be able to call up all the stations in the station group, we especially recommend the ZAPPN app, which makes ProSieben and ProSieben Maxx as well as Puls4 freely available.

In addition to this offer, you can also DAZN broadcasting service Part of the games can be seen. The platform does it all prime time games Plus 17 singles matches in early kick-off times. Both shows offer German commentary, and DAZN also features original Super Bowl cast, for example.

For the whole drone, DAZN also broadcasts Red Zonewhere all games are shown for each conspiracy And the No commercial breaks Move. With NFL ENDZN, the streaming platform also offers a German-language conference.

ZAPPN is available for free for iOS and Android. DAZN is available for free for iOS and Android. A subscription is required to use DAZN 24.99 € per month it is necessary.

NFL arcade game

While a few games a week is enough for some entertainment, it’s there football addicts And also the NFL Game Pass, which we never miss a game of the season. The NFL Game Pass is Official broadcasting platform From the NFL and offers to those interested from outside the United States full program league. Whether it’s Thursday or Sunday matches, London or Munich matches, with Game Pass we can watch every match of the regular season and qualifiers.

Matches are transmitted over one to one by the respective television broadcasters. So we get broadcast content from Fox SportsAnd the CBSAnd the NBCAnd the ESPN And since this year also Amazon. Game Pass also introduces RedZone, which we are with All games at the same time All important actions of each game can be followed and displayed instantly and live. In addition to regular broadcasts, NFL Game Pass also offers special offers from time to time.

Last season, for example, aired on ESPN Manning with Eli and Peyton Manning, which was very popular with fans. But even if there is no ongoing game, Game Pass has a lot of football to offer. About archives we can Replay, documentation and reports Re-Call.

Live broadcasts, analysis and discussions are also available on an ongoing basis across the NFL Network. Game Pass can be consumed almost anywhere thanks to a wide range of applications. iOS, Android, and Apple TV apps such as Xbox, Playstation, or classic streaming are represented in the browser.

NFL Game Pass is available for free on iOS and Android. A subscription is required to use the app €17.99 per week or 171.99 euros per year it is necessary.


There is a lot going on about 32 NFL teams and their leagues Information on me. Which player is injured now? What happens in training? Where did you open a new scandal again? All of these questions can be answered through the official NFL app. The app offers us, for example, the latest news from Official Correspondents American Football Association. The game of the egg is not only dealt with superficially, but in-depth analyzes of individual plays or entire games can also be accessed here.

If we set our favorite team in the app we will have a tab for us as well as a “featured” tab with general news favorite team, where all news can be accessed collectively. This includes pre- and post-match analytics, game previews in video form and the latest data from press conferences. If you don’t have time to watch TV at the moment or you just want to enjoy a game instead of RedZone, you will most likely find yourself in Result tab I feel at home.

Here we see everyone The grades are concisely summarizedWith our favorite team at the top, of course. If we click on a game, we will disable all the drives and we can look at the highlights at any time. In addition, of course, we also find All stats that occur throughout the game.

In addition to the news tab of your favorite team, there is also an additional tab team page, which shows us all the information about our team. Including standing in the division, team and player stats as well as information about each individual player.

NFL is available for free on iOS and Android.

Twitter and Reddit

If you don’t want to miss a moment and want the latest news right away, you can’t avoid Twitter and Reddit. The two platforms excel in things Speed Almost nobody. On Twitter, it is advisable to collect a select group of users who click on NFL Specialist be. Big names in the scene among others Ian Routh And the Adam Shetterbut there are also full NFL rosters that make our search easier.

On Reddit, it’s basically an NFL subreddit where fans share games, news, and events. One benefit of subreddits is relative unliquidated exchange. While some controversial scene It was only later that TV stations noticed it, and it is usually discussed on Reddit, including in the comics.

Also general highlights, Detailed statistics From the community and general discussions can be found here. If you don’t want an extra Twitter account, you’ll find the breaking and hottest news from the Twitter community within seconds.

Twitter (iOS | Android) and Reddit (iOS | Android) are available for free on their respective stores.

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