What a King Charles III. He wants to be

The United Kingdom declared “by the unanimity of tongue and heart” its new king, Charles III, on Saturday. agreed. In return, the 73-year-old pledged to devote “the rest of my life” to maintaining constitutional rule.

The official Lullaby Council ceremony at St James’s Palace in London was broadcast live as a nod to the 21st century. Thousands of spectators watched public announcements in front of the palace and in the City of London before singing together the uncommon new text of the national anthem “God Save the King”.

In the ballroom of London’s oldest royal palace – foreign diplomats officially accredited “at St James’s Court” – about 200 former and current politicians, clergymen and former military dignitaries huddled under the hot lights. They all belong to the 700-strong Privy Council, part of pre-democratic times.

Charles is sworn in to the Scottish Church

Standing, several men and a few women completed the ceremony, which lasted only a few minutes and was presided over by Secretary Penelope Mordaunt as President of the Privy Council. Side by side in the front row were five living men and one woman who served as Prime Minister from 1990 (John Major) until last Tuesday (Boris Johnson). The current president, Liz Truss, was an ex officio member of the cohort of signatories.

Shortly thereafter, the dignitaries met the man who was officially crowned King Charles III that day from Prince Charles Philip Arthur George. mutated. There has been a lot of talk about the 73-year-old being a “king by God’s grace” – a beautiful fantasy in the age of constitutional monarchy.

Flowers in memory of Elizabeth II lie outside the British Embassy in Washington, DC.
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Pledge of faithful service, Charles swore an oath of independence for the Presbyterian Church of Scotland – a reference to the autonomy of the various parts of the United Kingdom. When the kingdoms of England and Scotland merged in 1707, London had to explicitly guarantee the junior partner the continuity of religion, the judiciary, and the school system.

The king wants to be a “defender of all religions”.

The City of London also has a special place within the capital, which is why a public cheer in front of the palace was followed an hour later by a second public gathering in front of the Royal Exchange in the financial centre. As always with meticulously planned royal ceremonies, many merry gentlemen had the opportunity to roam around the city in historic robes – one of the favorite pastimes of the British establishment.

In the afternoon Charles III. Other constitutional duties. The Anglican Church’s most senior minister, Archbishop Justin Welby, greeted the king at the start of a crowd of visitors. The new lay head of the Church of England became a “defender of the faith” after all; Years ago, the deeply spiritual heir to the throne, who knows the texts of the Orthodox Church and Islam, expressed his desire to exercise his position as a “defender of all religions.”

Of course, for centuries the Anglican Church founded by Henry VIII (1509-47) consisted of a compromise between the most diverse Christian leanings. In their churches there have long been memorial ceremonies for atheists.

King meets Prime Minister Truss and her government

The Archbishop was followed by Prime Minister Truss and her Cabinet, and shortly thereafter the leaders of the opposition parties in the House of Commons led by Labor leader Keir Starmer. Finally, a lengthy interview with the Dean of Westminster Abbey was on the agenda. It was supposed to talk about the details of the funeral, which is expected to end the official mourning period next Monday, September 19.

Mass and subsequent burial at George VI Chapel at Windsor Castle will be a public holiday to ensure Britain’s undisturbed farewell to their deceased king.

Just as Saturday was marked by the new king and thus the continuity of the institution, the focus again on Sunday will be on the former guarantor. The Queen’s remains will be transported to Edinburgh, Scotland, on record. There the coffin will be placed in Holyrood House, the royal palace, before the late Queen’s return to London on Tuesday.

On this last voyage of the deeply devout Darling Mama, which ends with her burial at Windsor Castle, the equally faithful Caliph wished her heavenly support: “May your angelic hosts sing you to rest” – this first line of the famous piece “Song for Athena,” a quote From Shakespeare’s Hamlet, many listeners of Charles’ Friday night speech are crying. The “Athenian” composer John Tavener, who died in 2013, was a close friend of the then heir to the throne.

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