Brockenbahn Crime Novel Plays – Reading in Wernigerode

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Brockenbahn Crime Novel Plays – Reading in Wernigerode

Updated: 2022-09-08 15:50

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Crime writer Mario Schulz.

Photo: Christian Dolly/MordShares

Crime author and railroad veteran: Mario Schulz reading from “Wagen 8” at Mordsharz in Wernigerode – the festival runs September 14-17.

Mario Schultz will open this year’s Mordsharz Festival on September 14 with his thriller “Wagen 8.” But who is this man whose book talks about the hijacking of a train on the Harz narrow railroad? We met him in Halberstadt and learned more about his passion for railroads and his earlier writings.

In any case, for a long time he did not want to dare to write a crime thriller in the Harz district, because the general term for a regional crime series has always had a certain negative connotation for him. Instead, he wrote a number of other novels, which he himself published, non-fiction books about railways and also published them in a railroad fan’s magazine. “They’re a special group,” he says, often very fond of detail and critical when it comes to their passion.

“It’s a little cosmopolitan too,” he admits. He could be excited about this ingenious system of railways, where everything is coordinated and intertwined. It even hurt his son, he says, the dispatcher on the Rhaetian Railway in Switzerland.

thoroughly researched

Das 9-Euro-Ticket hätte er sich hierzulande jedenfalls weiterhin gewünscht, driftete das Gespräch kurz ins Politische ab, spätestens jetzt ist klar, dass Mario Schulze eben wirklich ein wenig setunjef jerd est Could you. So it makes perfect sense that all of this was included in his crime thriller “Wagen 8”.

Anyway, the book is clearly one of Harz’s thrillers, because it can’t take place anywhere other than HSB Road and of course everything that happens on the train during the hijacking has been thoroughly researched. However, and the author emphasizes this very clearly, it is still a novel, i.e. fiction, and therefore certain conditions adapt to the flow of the story. It looks so good.

Everything is different from what was expected

Only reveals the story: “The train was hijacked to save a life, but in the end everything is completely different from what was expected.”

It was important to him that the story take place here and now, that is, in the modern district of Harz, and that the characters look natural. “Crime detectives are almost always superheroes, which I don’t like at all. I want to describe them as realistically as possible,” he says.

By the way, he wrote mostly in the south of France, where he sits during school holidays – Mario Schulz is a teacher in two schools in ordinary life – and writes from far from his homeland in the Harz mountains. There he is unfazed and can fully immerse himself in the world of his novel.

Reading in Wernigerode

He hopes his listeners can also indulge him on September 14th, when he reads from his thriller from 6pm on Remise in Wernigerode. He just thinks about which scenes are best suited for this and how he can sum up this train journey in the most interesting way.

Its goal is clear. “I want to enjoy my books,” he points out, “and when people are entertained, I feel completely satisfied.”

full program

The festival from 14 to 17 September kicks off at Wernigerode (Palace). On Wednesday, September 14, at 6 p.m., Mario Schulz from “Wagen 8” will read, followed by the “Harzer Hammer Awards.” 7.30 p.m. Frauke Buchholz “Blutrodeo” (world premiere) and 9 p.m. Eric Berg “Die Toten von Fehmarn.”

Goslar (Kaiserpfalz) Thursday, September 15: 6 p.m. Antti Tuomainen / Peter Lontzek with “The Elk Paradox” (premiere in Germany), 7.30 pm. Jens Henrik Jensen / Dietmar Wunder with “Oxen. Noctis”, 9 p.m. Kristen Brandt and the “Anonymous” Light Out Orchestra.

Nordhausen (Tobacco Store) Friday, September 16: 5 p.m. Leona Deakin / Julia Nachtmann “Lost” (You Shouldn’t Remember), 6.30pm Horst Eckert “Year of Greed,” 8pm Zoe Beck “Paradise City.”

Walkenried (Abbey) Saturday, September 17: 6 p.m.: H. Dieter Neumann “Death Song,” 7.30 p.m. Sven Stricker “Sörensen at the End of the World,” 9 p.m. Ursula Poznanski “Silence bleeds” (premiere in Germany).

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