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BookBeat in FOCUS Online Deal Tip: Access 500,000+ audiobooks now for two months for free

Thursday, 08.09.2022, 19:42

Romance Today, Crime Thriller Tomorrow: The BookBeat audiobook app allows you to listen to an unlimited number of audiobooks per month. With over 500,000 books in over 13 categories and seven languages, there’s something for every taste and every age – for you in the deal now 2 months free then at a special price.

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BookBeat – Listen for 2 months free and then cheaper

Whether you’re traveling, running, or on the train for work: audio books She is now just a part of it. Even at home, spoken novels, guidebooks or biographies are ideal for relaxation.

The Over 500,000 audiobooks BookBeat is available at all times – both online and offline. And with your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can travel flexibly.

In cooperation with the audiobook portal, FOCUS online now gives you an exclusive opportunity to Free 2-month BookBeat Premium Subscription to test. The monthly contribution for unlimited listening pleasure has been canceled for the time being and After 60 days you get 20% off for 3 months on your subscription. Offer is valid Until September 30, 2022.

BookBeat – tip your deal in check

  • Get a 2-month premium subscription for free and then save 20 percent
  • truly Fixed rate audiobook – Listen to as many audiobooks as you want with the premium subscription
  • Large collection of audio books
  • Unique family account With up to 5 profiles
  • Personal Audiobook tips in the app
  • Personal customer service from Monday to Sunday

BookBeat – A library always with you

BookBeat takes care of that variety : Novels, thrillers, children’s books – there are many audiobooks for every taste to discover. For example, under the “Contemporary Literature” tab you’ll find current novels – for example, let Susan Abel read Spiegel’s bestseller Get Away from Gretchen, a great love story in dark times, or find out who Kurt Krumer in his autobiography Shouldn’t Believe everything you think, how the comedian struggled with depression for years and hid his illness from the public.

Realistic audio books, for example about business, politics or education, Comprehensively informs you of current topics. In addition, you can always Latest guide in health, psychology, business, professions and many other fields. Moreover Fans of action and science fiction Get their money’s worth and if you want to hear something to laugh about, you canhumorFor example, listen to the Kangaroo Chronicles by Mark Ui Kling.

Bookworms are allowed Personal audiobook tips and the Listen at a constant rate Allowing them to enjoy multiple audiobooks at the same time and experience different genres, as well as unique genres Family subscription with safe access for children . Plus: this Subscription can be canceled monthly Thus it guarantees great flexibility.

With the Focus Online shopping deal, you can now test the display of BookBeat audiobooks by purchasing Get a 2-month premium subscription for free and then save 20 percent

BookBeat – How it works:

With BookBeat, based on your personal listening needs, you can choose from Three different types of subscription Choose.

with the basic version For €9.99, you can listen to audiobooks of your choice for up to 25 hours per month. If you have a greater desire to listen to books, this is allowed Standard subscription 100 listening hours per month for €14.99. And for those who need unlimited listening pleasure, there is BookBeat Premium For 19.90 euros – Currently on an exclusive deal to the Focus online community for two months free and three months cheaper.

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