The three most important films and series about Queen Elizabeth II to broadcast

The death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday left its mark around the world: flags were flown at half-mast Buckingham Palace, and people spontaneously gathered to mourn the queen who was inside. 70 years rule The form of contemporary history – from the fifties to the twenties.

The Queen has been a constant topic in the media, not just for the tabloids and her gossip stories about the affairs, scandals and weddings of the royal family. Film and series makers also worked on the queen, who died at the age of 96, both in Fictional documentaries or biographies.

Specifically, because Elizabeth II had always appeared controlled, willful and dignified in public, there was a great deal of interest in her struggles and limitations, which were hidden behind all the belittling of the British monarchy.

We have three tips for movies and series for the Queen.

Streaming by subscription on Netflix: “The Crown”

Award-winning, expensive and decorated with lots of love NetflixHistory seriesthe crownIt follows the eventful life of Queen Elizabeth II in chronological order. Season one began in 1947 with the marriage of Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. It was released in 2016 and in the lead roles we see Claire Foy first as Elizabeth and Matt Smith as Prince Philip.

There is no other series or movie about the Queen where the life of the British Queen is depicted in such detail and with such great production efforts. After all, “The Crown” will have a total of six seasons with the release of last season (probably at the end of 2023).

Actress Imelda Staunton plays Queen Elizabeth II in season five of The Crown.
© Alex Bailey / Netflix / dpa

The main actors change several times and just enumerating the keywords confirms the historical and thematic scope of this epic series: the Suez Crisis, the Thatcher era, Lady Di – everything is included in the “crown”.

four seasons The Crown is already available on Netflix. Season 5 will release in November 2022, this time starring Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth and Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip. Prince Charles and Princess Diana play Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki. Looks like the ’90s will be covered, when Charles and Lady Die’s marriage broke up, and the question was raised whether the royal family with its old traditions still fit the time.

Stream in the ARD media library: the documentary “The Princess”

The life of the Queen is closely connected with the fate of Princess Diana. She died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 at the age of 36. In the documentary “The Princess”, which will be available in the ARD Media Library until November 22, 2022, the Princess of Wales appears in the foreground. However, it is a movie in the Queen’s shadow.

Diana, Princess of Wales (left), and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in August 1987.
Diana, Princess of Wales (left), and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in August 1987.
© Martin Cleaver / AP / dpa

In 1981, Diana Spencer, then only 20 years old, married then-Prince Charles. was like Fantasy wedding organized by the media. The Princess documentary consists exclusively of archival footage like this and does not contain captions or recent interviews.

Here’s the point: “The Princess” is a historical artifact that comes from another time and for this very reason tells a more focused story about her than flashbacks while remembering contemporary witnesses. We see Princess Diana in front of a global audience with her Contrary to the traditions of the British monarchywhen you treat people in public with a hitherto unknown sympathy.

We see her death, the public’s resentment over it, and a mourning process by the royal family that is seen as heartless and hugely damaging to the royal family’s reputation.

Rent or buy a VOD: “The Queen”

The 2006 movie “The Queen” can be rented as a broadcast from VOD providers such as Amazon or Google Play from €2.99. It can also be purchased from €5.99. Helen Mirren, the great lady of British cinema, plays Elizabeth II.

Unlike the series The Crown and the documentary The Princess, the Queen is all about you Only a few days From Diana’s death to the funeral. This is a time when Elizabeth II was evident in her absence and she was criticized for not commenting on Princess Diana’s death, but considering it a private matter of her family.

In a manner similar to a room play, the main focus is on the feud between Elizabeth and the newly elected young Prime Minister Tony Blair, played by Michael Sheen, who is told in one scene by the Queen that he, too, will not always be likeable. People. The film’s strength lies in showing the other side.

That flip side is the considerations and experiences that drove the 71-year-old monarch to approach Diana’s death in such a far-fetched way. Helen Mirren’s performance is fantastic. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

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