The documentary “Resident Evil,” directed by George A. Romero what could have been

After eight movie edits vampireincluded Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Written by John Roberts (47 meters down: without cageAnd the 47 meters down) and the canceled Netflix series, the legitimate question that arises is whether fans of the video game series will see an adaptation that finally does remote justice to the original.

Director of Worship George A. Romero (land of the deadAnd the Night of the Living Dead) was commissioned by game developer Capcom in 1998 to create a lively effective commercial for the then-released PlayStation game. Resident Evil 2 Where the protagonist Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield are surprised by the zombies on the streets of Raccoon City.

The legendary director, who is unfortunately no longer with us, was interested in making a feature film on this topic. He was so serious about it that he pulled an entire script out of the hat, which is why his written submission had not yet been given the go-ahead to start rolling the ball – but that never happened because the descriptions of the events were brutally labeled.

Capcom decided against Resident Evil Romero

Instead, Capcom and its licensor Constantin Film, which still owns the rights to the film, decided to jointly launch the brand Event horizon – at the edge of the universeDirector Paul WS Anderson (monster huntersAnd the Aliens vs PredatorsAnd the human kombat), who introduced a character as a lead in 2002 who never appeared in any of the games: Alice, now played by his wife, Milla Jovovich (ultravioletAnd the Fifth Element).

Commercially, it could be argued that it was the right decision, as his six-part movie proved to be a huge hit at the box office and his fan base has grown steadily over the years. The final chapter, which flew into cinemas in Germany in 2017, grossed over US$300 million worldwide – more than all the other sequels that preceded it.

What Romero had thought at the time was inevitably announced at the time, as his movie script accidentally ended up on the Internet, where it had no place in reality. While those who have read it feel that Master of Zombies took a creative liberation or two, overall it is still arguably the most faithful movie vampire had become.

Documentary reveals Romero’s vision

That’s why former Romero production assistant Jason Braeford and director Brandon Salisbury have taken it upon themselves to tell the world what his movie would be like if it was selected. The highly anticipated documentary film expected to be released in 2024 Resident Evil of George A. Romero It reveals every little detail about the scrapped production.

No doubt some of you will be asking yourself why this little peek behind the scenes is necessary when Romero’s sloppy work can be found online anyway. But a first draft of a script is one thing, and what was discussed behind closed doors is something completely different. Manufacturers promise insight into implementation that never was and probably would be franchise compliant if approved.

Resident Evil of George A. Romero It will revive the classic video game, but also Romero’s unique and unmistakable style. The complex project was filmed on the site consisting of the palace vampire From 1996 they look very similar and bring us closer to seeing the narrator at that time.

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Written by Carmen Carpineto on September 8, 2022

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