Luxurious puff cream, techno date and warm soups

September is Divided: Some are already dreading the gloom of autumn when the days get dramatically shorter and memories of summer are stored only as tiles in the Photos app. Others look forward to mild, pleasant temperatures and a city showing its most beautiful sides in late summer. Warm up with coffee and desserts, gather inspiration indoors at exhibitions and readings or experience Berlin’s live history outdoors at Open Monument Days.

Judith Langoski leads the editorial team for the Tagesspiegel newsletter, reports from Hungary and writes on gender issues
© TSP / Doris Spekerman Klass

September may become your favorite month. At least if we enjoy it and gather enough sunshine for the darker upcoming season. This weekend, there are plenty of offers to explore the city in all its aspects, from the International Literature Festival to the Memorial Open Day. An invitation to enjoy Berlin to the fullest in September!

Tip 1 – Treat yourself to Se Shu

Delicious little things: Cream puffs at Se Shu
Delicious little things: Cream puffs at Se Shu
© Tatyana Tokhtabaeva

Cream puffs are pure luxury. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside yet decadently filling. To properly start the weekend, I recommend visiting “Windbeuterei Se Shu” on Oranienburger Straße 84. There, in front of the visitors, delicate pastries are filled with cream, classic with vanilla flavor or unusual with notes of mango or oolong tea. Warning: they are small and eaten quickly, so order several! The name refers to the French expression “c’est chou!” – “How cute!” Just like sacks, or ‘choux’.

Windbeuterei Se Shu, Oranienburger Straße 84, Thu-Tuesday 12-6pm, all info here

Tip 2 – Read Yevgenia Belorocets from her war memoirs

A sharp-sighted observer: Ukrainian artist and writer Yevgenia Belorocets
A sharp-sighted observer: Ukrainian artist and writer Yevgenia Belorocets
© Joanna Pasurik

For eight years, since the start of the war in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian artist and writer Yevgenia Belorosets has been observing, photographing, and describing people affected by war but unable to participate in the great story. Meanwhile, Russia’s war of aggression has turned Ukraine into a different country. Belorusets also documents this, and her war memoirs have been published online in German and English and will be shown at the Venice Biennale. In October it appears as a volume, “The Beginning of the War,” by Matisse and Seitz. You will read from it on Friday 9 September at the International Literature Festival Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (Dorotheenstrasse 12). Reading begins at 6 pm, followed by a panel discussion on the topic “Post-Soviet Cosmopolis”.

Collegium Hungaricum, Friday 9 September, 6pm Tickets €13

Tip 3 – Techno date between Detroit and Berlin

Sponsored by curator Arasto Salehi and agency
Curated by curator Arasto Salehi and the agency “Art is the Place”: exhibition “The Birth of Techno”
© FHXB . Museum

“Since the days of early blues and jazz, black music has been stolen and exploited.” This quote from veteran technologist Drexia, whose real name is James Stinson, can be read at the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum. Exhibition “The Birth of Techno”. From Detroit to Berlin “He can be seen there until Sunday. From the techno roots of Detroit’s black music scene to the commercialization of whites, DJ Arastu Salehi uses archival photos and interviews to uncover the history of a multimillion-dollar industry. And what about the present? Fortunately, in Berlin, this is increasingly being shaped by DJs and groups committed to a more just and diverse techno future.

FHXB Berlin, Adalbertstraße 95a, until September 11, Fri-Sun 10am-8pm, admission is free, all info here

Tip 4 – Switch to soup mode

September food for the soul: Ramen
September food for the soul: Ramen
© Imago Images / Zuma Wire

Soups, like September, have many good qualities: they warm you, cure the annoying autumn cold, and promote sociability. A good place to eat soup is the Japanese corner restaurant “Life” at Maybachufer 39. The restaurant itself is a traditional izakaya, a more casual pub or bar in Japan. There are also many tables outside, but it is much more comfortable inside – and here you can watch the chefs at work in the long bar. Then, ramen soup tastes better, whether it’s vegetarian or meat.

Life Ramen, Maybachufer 39, Wed-Sun 12-2.30pm, 6-9pm, soup from €13, more information here

Tip 5 – Remember this block on the history of Berlin

Heavy-duty body interior
Heavy-duty body interior
© imago / shunning

In Berlin, we constantly walk through landmarks that remind us of the good times and the many bad times of this city. Often they hide their secrets from the street. Time to fan it on Monument Open Day weekend. My tip from the map with hundreds of program points is a huge statue in Schöneberg. Unobvious at first glance in terms of its size, this structure is a cautionary remnant of Hitler’s “Germania” delusion. Next to the “heavy load body” – this is the so-called block – is a viewing platform. From there you can guess how this capital of the Reich would have destroyed Berlin.

Heavy Body, General-Pape-Strasse 34a, Saturday/Sunday September 10/11, 1pm and 3pm, registration under 030/90277 6163

The ticket editors rounded up these four other points:

Tip 6 – Young people in Humboldthin

Comfortable on the go: young men wear beanbags
Comfortable on the go: young men wear beanbags
© Josephine Fabian

Documentary novel for teens 15 and over: Accompanied by a theatrical film crew, young viewers slip into documentary film roles. After about an hour, a new artwork is created, part re-enactment, and part contemporary. Adapted from the documentary film “Barefoot and Without a Hat” by Jürgen Bucher (1964, working title: “Youth”). Interacting with six artists, today’s audience finds themselves in scenes from the film and compares ideas from that time with their career hopes and desires. Participatory theater at its best, orchestrated by Sebastian Mukesh. (Sabo)

Guys, outdoor show at Humboldthain Club, Hochstr. 46 in the S-Bhf building. Humboldthain, wedding, tickets 16.50€ available here

Tip 7 – Lunch Ora x Den Vandret

Incredibly beautiful inside: ORA in a former pharmacy in Kreuzberg
Incredibly beautiful inside: ORA in a former pharmacy in Kreuzberg
© Zoe Spoton

COPENHAGEN AS GUEST IN BERLIN: ORA welcomes Den Vandrette’s team to Kreuzberg’s kitchen on Sunday. Copenhagen Chef Brendan Kearney and Aura Chef Sam Kendelon collaborated to create a six-course lunch menu. In addition, Sune & Veronica Rosforth will be serving their own wine from Rosforth & Rosforth, and the sommelier at ORA Amyna Le will complement this selection with a few delicacies. The focus is on seasonality, sustainability and regional ingredients – and therefore very trendy. (Sabo)

ORA x Den Vandrette, Oranienplatz 14, Kreuzberg, tickets for different dates between 1.30pm and 4pm are available here

Tip 8 – The magic of children’s theater in Schaubude

Minimalistic and loving: a play show
Minimalistic and Loving: Presentation of the Play “Frederick” by the Maids of the Company
© Compagnie Handmaids

Leo Lionni’s classic 1967 illustrated book about the mouse Frederick fits well with our (seasonal) age. In the summer, Frederick prefers to collect sunlight, bright colors and beautiful pictures rather than make solid and edible stocks like other mice. However, in the winter, the other mice noticed that Frederick was not lazing, as they had wrongly assumed, but that one had to use imagination to face the cold and loneliness of the dark season. Puppeteer Sabine Mittelhammer (Compagnie Handmaids, Guilers, France) brings her version to Schaubude with a lot of passion and simple stage design. (Sabo)

Frederick in the Schaubude, Greifswalder Str.84-84, Prenzlauer Berg, Saturday 10 September, 3pm Tickets still available here

Tip 9 – Open Monument Day, gastronomy

In preparation: The new egg house in Blanterwald
In preparation: The new egg house in Blanterwald
© Baldon

Apparently Fontaine was already impressed: in his Der Stechelin, he made Melusin rejoice with spontaneous enthusiasm when she first saw the beautiful little egg-house on the edge of Blanterwald. The Spree’s classic cruise restaurant has been renovated for three years. It is scheduled to open in 2023. A restaurant with a beer garden, exhibition rooms and artist residences are planned. Anyone wishing to get a preview of what is being created can come to the Open Memorial Day. The Baldon team will bring a selection of popular natural wines and some snacks (from 10am to 6pm). second hand? Thursday 15 September Jessica Sidon and Cäcilia Baldszus guests with Mexican chef Maurizio Ramirez Naya at Umspannwerk at Paul Lincke Ufer 21 and fill up on borage tacos (from 6 p.m.). (fx)

Monument Open Day, Kiehnwerderallee 3, Plänterwald, Sunday 11 September, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. More information here

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