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Message from 08.09.2022

If you ask yourself what SV Elkhausen-Katzwinkel has to do with Papua New Guinea, the answer lies with Michael Dzekysk and his family from Odessa in Ukraine. Since mid-July, the natural talent has been receiving support and integration when it comes to sports photography at SV. The work of young people at SV is also very important and is always encouraged.

Michael Dzekesek during training. It feels good in SV. (Photos: kathapi)

Cat Corner When the war in Ukraine began in February, Michael Dzekesek was in Papua New Guinea as an officer on board a Ukrainian merchant navy container ship. The panic that Dzheckisk felt at the fact that his wife and son were in Odessa without him was evident in the conversation with him.

What followed was a journey through various places, continues the Ukrainian. Dzekesek made sure that his wife and son Igor (4 years) managed to escape to Moldova with their friends in their car in the early days of the war. That was terrifying to him. Always on the phone, he suffered from the fear of endless traffic jams and car queues until his family arrived in Moldova and stayed with friends.

Meanwhile, Michael Dzekesek himself was on his way to Singapore. From there he continued his journey through Turkey until he also reached Moldova. But even here, the family feared how Russia’s aggressive war might affect Ukraine’s neighboring countries. So they made contact at Katzwinkel. A friend of the Dzheckisk family lives there. It took almost until the end of June to collect all the papers. Since then, the Dzekisek family lives in Katzwinkel.

The Elkhausen-Katzwinkel (SV) shooting club helps the family settle there. The owner of Dzekysk, Detlef Droszella, who was active in the SV, often took the family to training sessions twice a week for sports shooters.

And there it turned out quickly: Michael Dzekesek is a natural talent for shooting sports. Its focus and reliability are absolutely perfect, according to Droszella and Silke Weber, president of SV. You can imagine that sooner or later the talent of shooting sports will take part in club competitions.

SV integrates and takes care of membership fees
Unfortunately, Weber continues, according to current information and upon request, there are no funding options that could financially support membership and thus integration. However, SV wants to pay the membership fee for the natural talent out of its own pocket. Weber continued, “It’s important for Dzekisek to have a membership. Just to be insured when he’s active in shooting sports with us. We’d also like to support you.”

In terms of language, the barriers are rather low, because Iuliia Strunk is also active in SV. Originally from Russia, she lived in Ukraine for a while before coming to Germany. Naurotherin has family connections to SV and is happy to help. Linguistically, Strunk and Dzekysk communicate more in Russian. Then it will be translated. According to Dzekesk, Russian contacts are rooted in the history of the countries. Because in the south of Ukraine, including his native Odessa, the Russian language is still widely spoken to this day.

For the future, Michael Dzekesek hopes to be able to quickly find work in the immediate vicinity. Unfortunately, the issuance of the so-called imaginary testimony, which is necessary for this, turns out to be long, and he also wishes to return to the sea. “The sea is missing,” said the deck officer with a look of longing. But he can’t imagine leaving his wife and child alone in Katzwinkel for now.

Youth work is very important – successes in the German championship
Open training takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 pm to 9 pm at the Schützenhaus in Beienkamp. Internally, this is organized in such a way that youngsters train first. “It works great,” Webber says. Because everyone agrees: “Young people are our future!” Accordingly, there is no doubt that the donation, which SV received from local council member Rüdiger Schneider, will be used for youth work. Schneider alternately donates his attendance fee to a local association each year. The work of the youth club is close to his heart.

SV can also take a look at the recent successes of young people:
Luca Hauser finished fifth in the final of the “German Shooting Championship” in Munich early September in the “60 Shots of Air Rifle” competition. Larissa Webber was 15th in the Zimmersstutz shooters. SV Elkhausen-Katzwinkel has also become queen of the region with Leonie Strunk since 2020. “We all keep our fingers crossed with Leonie that she will once again succeed in shooting the Youth State King on the 24th of September in Düsseldorf,” says Weber and Kamel SV .

Youth coach Wolfgang Weber and new young captain Luca Hauser are committed to youth work at the club. Heuser, who is currently involved in youth work with a lot of recreational activities and organizational matters, plans to acquire a basic youth license through training in the near future. With this she can also train young shooters. But first, she will work with Horst Holschbach to create the club’s 100th anniversary record in 2024.
The upcoming Youth Survival Day in the Woods, which is organized by Bernd Petrie, also needs to be well prepared.

All interested parties are warmly invited to attend the weekly open training sessions. You can also obtain information in advance by calling Silke Weber at 0151-52422663. (Cathepi)

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