Netflix announces the start of production for upcoming Brazilian films and series, including four new titles

São Paulo, September 5, 2022 – Brazilian members will spend more time than ever watching Brazilian titles on Netflix in 2022. And there’s a lot to come for these fans: more of their favorite Brazilian movies and series, reality TV series and comedy specials will be in production by the end of the year. New seasons and all-new series will be produced, and filmed in five different states in Brazil, from Amazonas to Paraná.

These productions underscore Netflix’s commitment to the Brazilian audiovisual industry in a partnership that has spanned more than seven years since Netflix began producing locally in 2015. “We want our creative and production partners to have the best experience working with us so they can tell incredible stories for our members. Today’s landscape is very different from what we started with, one thing remains exactly the same: our commitment to the Brazilian creative community.“Brazil is an essential part of our strategy,” said Elisabetta Zenati, Vice President of Brazil Content at Netflix.

detection series DNA does the crime It is one of the newly announced titles. Directed by Heitor Dalia, a successful director from Pernambuco. The series follows the hard work of the Federal Police in an unprecedented investigation that exposes organized crime networks like never before. The series is produced by Paranoid Films.

When it comes to comedy, there is no escaping Leandro Hassum. And the only thing better than Hassan is Housman. Comedy fans will be thrilled to see the actor in two new productions by Camisa Listrada, for the first time fatherIt is the first discount series on Netflix and in the movie Meu Cunhado é um Vampiro. Pedro Amorim drove father It was directed by Carol Garcia and wrote the script. The series takes place in a police station in Rio de Janeiro, where the clumsy Susanoo (Hassum) is appointed to the position of chief officer after being transferred from the country. In the movie, directed by Alê McHaddo and written by Paolo Corsino, Fernandinho (Hassum), a family man, former football player and current podcast commentator, is surprised to visit his annoying son-in-law Gregorio (Romolo Arantes Netto), who is lazy and literally a vampire…a vampire!

Whindersson Nunes’ original comedy special is still good for some laughs Whindersson Nunes: Isso não é um Culto, which was recently filmed in Porto, Portugal. The show feeds on the nostalgia and boldness of the comedian on stage.

Netflix also produces a file Fantasy series inspired by the tragedy known as the Candelaria massacre. In four episodes, the story of four children in the 36 hours leading up to the tragedy is told from each one of them’s perspective, intertwining reality, fiction and an afro-future. Each episode features famous Brazilian actors such as Antonio Pitanga and Pericles, who actually filmed the first scenes. Other contributors are currently Adriano Garib, Juliana Lohmann, Leandro Firmino, Maria Bopp and Stepan Nercessian. The series is produced by Kromaki and Jabuti Films, and will be directed by Marcia Faria and Luis Lumina, who is also presenter and executive producer.

In addition, Netflix is ​​counting on the continuation of several successful domestic projects, including the film’s sequel rich in lovethe fourth season of Cyntoniathe second season of 15 againThe second season of the Brazilian sitcom When her mother-in-law moved The third season of the reality show Love is blind: Brazil.

In addition to these productions, in 2022, as part of its investment in the local industry, Netflix is ​​investing five million R$ in initiatives to train professionals in the Brazilian audiovisual industry, something Netflix has been doing regularly since it started production in Brazil. It will support projects to expand and improve the network of local creators, among other things, to encourage more diverse and inclusive stories based on outreach, identification and training of professionals from historically underrepresented groups. As part of this strategy, Netflix is ​​launching the new initiative “Segundo AtoFor black and indigenous screenwriters from the Brazilian film industry.

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