Children’s City Menningen: The Great Legacy of Tibranda – Meiningen

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The deceased mayor at the time, Reinhard Kobitz, was also a supporting force behind Tibranda from the start, Nikolai fondly recalls. The cornerstone of every decision in favor of Children’s City was a certain guiding principle: “Find the best in town.” It wasn’t an official or marketing slogan to be associated with Tebranda in public, it was the impetus for it all – along with the city of Meiningen.

“It’s a great project. We were happy to support the fact that it occupied an area in the city. It can also disrupt public order”, says Meiningen Mayor Fabian Geisder. With the Children’s City, the rules for the Children’s and Youth City Council were also established. This demonstrates the sustainability of the project which has an impact on the urban community. In the meantime, the Children’s Town is a figurative symbol of Meiningen. “We also want to be seen as somewhat of a city of children.” Young people have a positive experience with democracy and what they can achieve if they take responsibility themselves. This is why the project deserved to win the Commitment Award: “I am very happy with the nomination. I would like the project to take off because it has already grown,” says Fabian Geisder.

In 2005 there was already the first children’s city in Meiningen. It originally came as an open show for children from the Jerusalem district of Meiningen >>> and was started by the organization People Movement. However, in 2011, the club ceased to exist. But the new organizers adopted his concept and developed it further. In the end, the association “Project M” was behind the children’s city, to which many young people from Meiningen and the surrounding area, including Nikolai Warth, belonged. Today the annual event of Kinderstadt Meiningen e. Organized with the participation of many assistants. “The original idea developed really well,” says Rolf Kolsch. This year too >>> Children’s City can be built again.

“Post-Tybranda Hole”

After the Children’s City Festival, “Tiberanda Hey!” For the last time across the arena. Children can still be heard singing the national anthem. For many, it would feel wrong not to get up in the morning and start their day in front of the green gates of Tebranda in the coming days, explains this year’s presenter Tom Bose, while talking about the “post-Tebranda pit.” For an entire week, Tibranda’s organizers and moderators grow into a family that enjoys being together until the late evening hours when sunset turns the sky a deep red. Children’s City isn’t a place where you finally name a day. All organizers are passionately pursuing this goal. Here everyone goes to the extra meters needed to mobilize the energy the city needs to become a special place.

Tiberanda awakens his childhood memories

Young people who used to attend Tibranda as children are still part of Children’s City today. You participate as a supervisor or part of the organizational team:

“It was never about: ‘I’m going to be a builder now because it was a great week.’ It was about working on something as a group, making sense of the meaning of social structures and the importance of ‘teamwork’, which children can learn from,” says Nikolai Warth, founder of City children. The early years were the most important, they were the only way he could go about it all and become what it is today. “It is especially fun to see what has grown together over the years and how everyone who used to be involved as children is coming back today to give something to the next generation.” For example these four:

Victoria Karl (16 years old):

I was seven years old when I first participated in the Children’s City Pottery Market. I registered with my sister and my friend. I go there every year since 2013. I associate many special moments and a piece of childhood with the children’s town. When I was a kid, it was always a summer holiday tradition for me.

I’m now a moderator because I like to try Kids City more often. I’d like to help make sure that Tebranda is also a holiday proposition for future participants who look at it fondly.

Francesca Karl (19 years old):

I first attended Children’s Town when I was 10 in 2013, when the pot market was still happening. My friends were already there the year before and that’s why I wanted to share with my little sister. After that, it was clear to me every summer that Tebranda would open its doors in the penultimate week of the holiday. It was simply a part of summer and indispensable today as well. It was great being able to spend so much quality time with his girlfriends and being able to try so many new things. The feeling of achieving something together and creating childhood memories still contributes to being a caregiver in Tebranda today. Over the years Children’s City has developed into a true “family business” and I would like to make it possible for many other children to have the wonderful time I had as a participant in Children’s City.

Rosalie Walter (17 years old):

I participated in Kinderstadt for the first time in 2012, when I was seven years old. At that time, the Children’s City area was still at the back of the Pottery Market. I found out that Kids City exists because I took a guided tour through Tibranda with my Kindergarten in 2011. I really wanted to be there the following year. Unfortunately, 2018 was my last year as a kid at Kinderstadt, but I said at the time: “In a couple of years I’ll be there as a supervisor”. It was a little different when I asked Florian Gegenfurtner, president of the association if I wanted to join the Children’s City organizational team and of course I didn’t say no. I really wanted to continue to be a part of Tibranda and for the other kids to have as many great memories as I did before. I think it should have been good again this year, although we also took a two-year break.

Luna Cook (18 years old):

I got involved with Children’s City for the first time in 2015 when I was 11 and was working as a florist. This job was very interesting for me because I love to be creative and for the first time I had the opportunity to make and give flower arrangements myself. After the week, it dawned on me that I definitely wanted to participate in Children’s City again next year.

For the next two years, I worked as a cook on one side and in scrap design on the other. I had a lot of fun doing that too, but unfortunately I was too old to participate after that. But at that point, I was 100 percent sure I’d want to work as a babysitter at Children’s City at some point. I didn’t want to experience the unique and family atmosphere for the last time. When the pandemic hit in 2020, the Kinderstadt Foundation team was looking for a new member and contacted me directly. I was greeted very friendly by everyone and since then I have helped organize the 2021 Campaign Day and the 2022 Children’s City.

Experiencing Real Kids City Week again this year was a very emotional and beautiful event for me. It brought me back so many memories. Knowing both sides i.e. the child side and the caregiver side is very interesting and interesting in the same way. I am very happy that the whole team welcomed me so warmly, even though most of them just got to know me. Working with everyone and working with children is a lot of fun for me, and so I very much hope to be able to experience many weeks of Kinderstadt.

German Participation Award

Now the green light has been given for a public vote. Between September 8 and October 19, everyone can cast their votes for the Audience Award. Vote online on Each person can vote for only one candidate. Anyone who cannot vote via the site can do so using the signature list. It can be sent via e-mail or by post. The form and detailed instructions can be found on the same site.

Director of the Children’s City Club Meiningen e. V. Florian Gegenfurtner is pleased to be nominated for Children’s City for the German Participation Award and for Project Shine: “It is good that the work behind it is recognized. It would be great if we win the Audience Award.” Being nominated alone is a great honor, as organizer Katharina Karl pleased: “Never in our life did we expect to be nominated for such an important and national award. This alone sounds like an award. However, it sparked our ambition. We would be very happy if so many people voted for Children’s City. “.

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