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to: Helmut Hopmayer

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The number of refugees is increasing again. At the same time, people from Ukraine who previously resided exclusively in the Freising region are constantly forced to leave their homes. However, the district office is no longer receiving new offers from private parties. © dpa

“No refugee will be homeless,” the Freising County Office promised. However, most people from Ukraine do not live in municipal housing.

region – The Russian war of aggression in Ukraine has already lasted half a year – and refugees continue to flock to the Freising region, even recently. Refugees who were previously accommodated privately are also forced to leave their accommodation again and again. How are things going now, six months after the outbreak of the war? We asked the district office in Freising.

How many refugees from Ukraine are currently registered in the region? Is the departure registered?

We currently have 1,755 refugees from Ukraine registered with us. We have already registered 122 departures.

How and where are people absorbed?

About 400 Ukrainian refugees still live in refugee shelters in the Freising region. About 1,300 refugees live in private accommodation.

Has the ratio of rented housing to private housing in the area changed drastically over the course of six months?

We are constantly trying to rent new things.

How many houses has the area rented and what are the terms of the lease contracts?

Freising has rented 22 accommodations with 272 accommodations since April 2022. Rental properties are still being acquired for other refugees. Lease periods vary from six months to several years.

What information is available about whether and how many refugees have had to leave their own places of residence?

Every week, Ukrainian refugees who had to leave their own accommodation for various reasons submit a report to the Social Administration. As of May 2022, the district accommodated approximately 60 people.

Are there still offers from individuals to receive people from Ukraine?

Specials do not currently reach the region. However, we are proactively looking for new properties.

Are people from Ukraine threatened with displacement?

No Ukrainian refugee becomes homeless in the Freising region. The district will look for housing in case the apartment is lost.

(By the way: Everything from the region is now also available in our regular Freising newsletter.)

To what extent have people from Ukraine actually been able to get a job?

All persons who hold a dummy certificate or residence permit get a ‘work allowed’ entry. We do not know if you have established a business relationship and do not necessarily know about the Immigration Office in Freising. Currently, a maximum of three to five people must not be in possession of one of the two said documents.

How high is the need for daycare places for Ukrainian children under the age of six?

We cannot evaluate it. There is no obligation on the part of the caregiver or the day care center to report the origin of the children for whom a care contract has been concluded.

How are places allocated here given the dearth of daycare places?

The same admission criteria apply to all children.

What preparations are being made in the state educational body for the integration of Ukrainian children into the school system in the new school year? Will bridge classes be created and if so, how many? What is taught there? Are there enough teachers available?

Education actions/offers for Ukrainian pupils are coordinated in an inter-school steering group headed by the Freising County State Education Authority. In primary school, Ukrainian refugee children are accepted into regular classes. From the fifth grade, Ukrainian schoolchildren are taught in 13 specially constructed classes of different grades or in German classes at the vocational school: in the middle school in Freising am Stein Park, in secondary schools in Moosburg and Au, in grammar schools in Neufahrn, in Freising am Camerloher-Gymnasium, Hofmiller-Gymnasium, Dom-Gymnasium as well as at the Freising Vocational School.

You can read more information about the Ukraine war and its effects in Bavaria here on the Ukrainian refugee topic page.

Where is the focus here?

The focus of the education of Ukrainian schoolchildren is on developing German language skills or preparing for future participation in regular classes. Therefore, in addition to ten hours of learning German per week, mathematics and English are also mandatory.

good to know

As the number of refugees is increasing again, the government of Upper Bavaria has asked all provinces to prepare to allocate more people. Then, the Freising area searched hard for accommodation options – and found what they were looking for. An initial reception facility for 50 people was acquired at Nandlstadt. This was not taken into account in the previous interview.

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