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Sonke Wortmann has created German cinema like no other. We present to you the nine films of the director that you must have seen.

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Sonic fortman saw the light of day in Marl in the Ruhr region. He really wanted to be a professional soccer player and played in local clubs when he was young. However, he soon abandoned his sports career and finally began his studies at the University of Television and Film in Munich. After successfully completing his degree and some smaller jobs, he finally found success in 1991. Since then, in addition to directing, he has also made a name for himself as a producer with his own company, Little Shark Entertainment. He also demonstrated his skills on television through the television production “Charité”. In our list of movies, we tell you which of the big screen highlights of Sönke Wortmann you should definitely watch.

“Alone Among the Women” (1991)

Tom (Thomas Haynes) is a real womanizer. (© Scotia)

Sönke Wortmann’s first major film is also a major breakthrough. Macho Tom (Thomas Haynes) is not easy in the comedy “Alone Among Women”. At first he loses his job, then his girlfriend. He finds housing in a women’s shared apartment, which makes him a liberated man. Wortmann really shows his talent for German comedies here.

  • “Alone Among Women” is currently only available on Amazon as a purchase or rental version.

“The Moving Man” (1994)

Axel (Til Schweiger) takes life fairly lightly. (© Constantine movie)

Axel (Til Schweiger) can’t keep his hands away from other women. That’s why Doro’s girlfriend (Katia Riemann) kicked him out without further ado. Axel finds shelter in the shared apartment of gay men Norbert (Joachim Kroll) and Walter (Rufus Beck). Not only is “The Moving Man” a comedy about gay and bisexual misunderstandings, it’s also one of the most successful German films of its era.

  • “The Moved Man” is included in the Disney+ fixed price or as a purchase and rental copy on Amazon or in the Sky Store.

“Wonder Woman” (1996)

Franziska (Veronica Ferris) successfully handles her divorce. (© Constantine movie)

Franziska (Veronica Ferris) accidentally begins a divorce from her husband Will (Thomas Haynes). But she’s not really sad about it, because the director regularly cheats on her. Disappointed, she addresses the breakup under a pseudonym in a book. This became a bestseller and is now meant to be portrayed by Will for all people. The film adaptation of Hera Lind’s bestseller “Das Superweib” of the same name shows that Wortmann can also bring new adaptations to the big screen with bravura.

“Hollywood Heaven” (2001)

Tom (Tom Berenger), Kaji (Burt Reynolds) and Floyd (Rod Steiger) have been coming along for years. (© Senator)

Hollywood Heaven is based on Leon de Winter’s novel of the same name. Tom (Tom Berenger), Kaji (Burt Reynolds) and Floyd (Rod Steiger) are no longer the youngest. Your best acting years are behind you. But then they accidentally found the body of a gangster. The three feel back and want to get back into the conversation with the case resolved. When a lot of money is running, all three are tied. Sönke Wortmann is filming in America for the first time and is able to beat veteran superstar Burt Reynolds as one of his actors.

“The Miracle of Bern” (2003)

1954 World Cup: No other sporting event has had such an impact on Germany and director Sonke Furtmann. The feature film combines fact and fiction. In addition to the original audio and film documents, contemporary witnesses to the game also have their say. Of course, the astonishing victory of underdog Germany over favorite Hungary will also be shown. Wortmann portrays a part of German sports history, thus producing one of the most successful films of 2003.

“Germany. A Summer’s Tale “(2006)

Second football: Sönke Wortmann accompanies the German national football team at the tournament in their country. If the director is more on the path of fantasy, he has succeeded with “Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen” is a documentary that captures the 2006 football moment like no other. Last but not least, his love for football benefits him.

  • “Germany. Ein Sommermärchen” is currently not available from any streaming provider, but you can watch the movie on DVD.

“Pope Juan” (2009)

Joanna (Joanna Wocalek) rises to the role of Pope Joan. (© Constantine movie)

Johanna (Joanna Wocalek) is convinced that God has a higher purpose for her. She rebels against the role model imposed on her and eventually falls in love with the noble Jerrold (David Wenham). When Gerold goes to war, Joanna goes to a convent disguised as a man. From there she went to Rome and was raised for the benefit of the clergy to the highest position in the Church. “Pope Joan” is one of Wortmann’s most expensive productions to date, so it cost 20 million euros to produce the sensational medieval tape.

  • “Pope Joan” is available to buy or rent from Amazon or Sky Store.

“First Name” (2018)

Stefan (Christoph Maria Herbst) and Elizabeth (Caroline Peters) invite their friends to dinner, but guests Thomas (Florian David Fitz) and Anna (Janina Os) explain to the assembled crew that they intend to name their son Adolf. The contemplative meal increasingly turns into an ordeal in which vanity, vanity and personal sensibilities collide. “Der Vorname” shows Sönke Wortmann’s great power in comedy directing and is so successful that the sequel “Der Nachname” will hit German cinemas in the fall of 2022. You can learn all about the sequel here.

  • “First Name” is part of Joyn and WOW’s fixed price. You can also rent it or buy it from Amazon for a fee.

“Kun” (2020)

Professor Paul (Christoph Maria Herbst) is not exactly known for his highly sensitive style. But then he went away and made a xenophobic remark on student Naima (Nelam Farooq) in front of a crowded lecture hall. The whole thing ends up as a YouTube video, and Professor Paul has to train Naime for a debate competition in order to make a good appearance in front of the Disciplinary Committee. The unlikely team works together until Naima discovers why Paul helped her. Sönke Wortmann skillfully combines his talents in comedy with important social elements in the movie “Contra”.

  • Contra is currently available on Amazon or in the Sky Store as a purchase and rental version.

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