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In September 2022, series and movies on Apple TV + will be expanded to include fun animated series, informative documentaries, and thriller feature films.

  • The first season of the drama series “Life by Ella” will be available from September 2, 2022.
  • On 09.09.2019 in 2022 you can watch the third season of the animated series “Central Park”.
  • In addition, the first season of “Sago Mini Friends”, a new animated series for children, will begin on September 16, 2022.

The streaming service “Apple TV +” is trying to stand out with first-class in-house productions. Although the range of movies and series is still much smaller than that of competition like Netflix, there is actually one or two treasure troves in the streaming service’s software.

Plus, we’re already busy planning ahead. Below you can find out what new releases and new seasons are coming soon to stream.

New Series on Apple TV + – New Releases 2022

In September 2022 you can prepare for the third season of the animated series “Central Park”. You can also try Gutsy, a documentary series hosted by Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea.

There is also a lot to see for young viewers, because the children’s series begins with several clips about Charlie Brown and Co. with “Peanuts Anthology II”, and the new animated series “Sago Mini Friends” is also waiting for you. And you can also be prepared for exciting new products in the future, because Apple TV+ is always announcing new projects. We have listed all the most notable upcoming Apple TV + features for you below.

starting date series series
02/09/2022 life by ella 1
09.09.2022 Bold – Stories about brave people 1
09.09.2022 central Park 3
09.09.2022 Peanut Selections II 2
09/16/2022 Sago Mini Friends 1
09/30/2022 Wolfboy and factory just everything 2
09/30/2022 Otis rolls over to the rescue 2
07.10.2022 Hi Jack – It’s time for kindness 2
10/14/2022 Shantaram 1
10/21/2022 ghost writer 3
10/21/2022 Acapulco 2
11/04/2022 sleep 1
11/11/2022 Cutters 1
11/18/2022 Chicken County 1
Autumn 2022 Legendary Quest 3
2022 The last thing he said to me 1
2022 Dr. Brain 1
2023 Chemistry lessons 1
Unknown Little America 2
Unknown Invade 2
Unknown Mosquito Coast 2
Unknown Servant 4
Unknown And the truth is said 3
Unknown Establishment 2
Unknown Legendary Quest 4
Unknown morning show 3
Unknown the other side 2
Unknown Danger 2
Unknown pachinko 2
Unknown Make or Break (documentary) 2
Unknown dark matter 1
Unknown 1971 – The year music changed everything 1
Unknown Heidi Lamar 1
Unknown Platonic 1
Unknown high desert 1
Unknown my country type 1
Unknown Harriet the spy 1
Unknown Gene 1
Unknown echo 3 1
Unknown air cushion 1
Unknown lady in the lake 1
Unknown crowded room 1
Unknown The big man on campus 1
Unknown wool 1
Unknown burning city 1
Unknown badmonkey 1
Unknown and replace 1
Unknown Dear Edward 1
Unknown induction 1
Unknown My glory was to me like these friends 1
Unknown Big Door Award 1
Unknown hello tomorrow 1
Unknown strange planet 1
Unknown Searching for WondLA 1
Unknown Connection 1
Unknown Earth sound 1
Unknown jet plane 1
Unknown prehistoric planet 1
Unknown fragil rock 1
Unknown Yo Gabba Gabba 1
Unknown Carpool Karaoke: The Series 5
Unknown know the country 1
Unknown Il Gato Negro 1
Unknown the teacher 1
Unknown loss of land 1
Unknown my previous life 1
Unknown Bandit time 1
Unknown disclaimer 1
Unknown Line 1
Unknown Chase 1
Unknown innocent 1
Unknown Reluctant traveler 1
Unknown Sunny 1
Unknown Mrs. American Pie 1
Unknown New look 1
Unknown Omnivore (documentary) 1
Unknown The ruling family (documentary) 1
Unknown metropolis 1
Unknown midnight family 1
Unknown white dark 1
Unknown constellation 1
Unknown to kidnap 1
Unknown owl eve 1
Unknown slow horses 2
Unknown sugar 1
Unknown Shmegadon! 2
Unknown criminal record 1
Unknown pirate 1
Unknown women’s land 1
Unknown physical 3
Unknown sank spring 1
Unknown swagger 2
Unknown for all mankind 4
Unknown attempt 4

Series + Apple TV

New Movies on Apple TV + – New Releases in 2022

Apple TV+ also has big plans for the future in self-produced movies. The documentary “Sydney” about Hollywood legend Sidney Poitier and the drama “The Greatest Bear Run Ever” with Zac Efron and Russell Crowe are scheduled to be shown in September.

The documentary “The Sound of 007” will also premiere this fall, before the musical “Spirited” with Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell begins in the winter. You can read about the films that will be included in the program below.

starting date Movie
09/23/2022 Sydney
09/30/2022 Greatest drink ever
Autumn 2022 Black and Blues: Louis Armstrong’s Colorful Song
Autumn 2022 007 . sound
Winter 2022 Lusty
2022 Moonflower killers
2022 sharp
Unknown Release
Unknown Raymond Wray
Unknown bubble beanie
Unknown snow curtain
Unknown kit bag
Unknown Tetris
Unknown Argyle
Unknown spell binding
Unknown Napoleon
Unknown bride
Unknown ghost
Unknown Number One on Call Street: Black Leading Men
Unknown Number One on the Contact Sheet: The Leading Women of Hollywood
Unknown being a human
Unknown Carrie and me
Unknown Dolly
Unknown Wolfwalker
Unknown velvet vault
Unknown bankers
Unknown bad blood
Unknown Andy Samberg’s movie is still untitled
Unknown Idris Elba / Simon Kinberg’s movie is still untitled

Apple TV + Movies

Apple TV + costs: How much does an Apple TV + subscription cost?

With the launch of 2019″+ AppleTV“Apple now also wants to get involved in the world of streaming services. The main focus here is on in-house production and a relatively cheap subscription. You can get an Apple TV + from just 4.99 euros per month.

You can also try the offer for a week for free. And if you just bought a new device from Apple, you can test Apple TV+ for one year for free.

You can learn more about the streaming service in our Apple TV + test. If you’re not yet convinced of what the new streaming service has to offer, you can still find series and movies to buy and rent on iTunes and Apple TV.

If you want to know what movies and series will be launching this month on Sky, Netflix and Amazon, you can find out in the linked articles. We’ll also tell you about the series starting on Free TV and on Sky.

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