Ivy – Die Kulturrundschau from 05.09.2022 | Werner Herzog – “The Only Person and His Property” by Sebastian Hartmann after Max Stirner – Paul Schrader in Venice

Werner Herzog He will be 80 years old. for FRCritic Daniel Kuthenshult is Herzog simply because of the sheer abundance of his work.The most famous unknown films in German cinema“.Picture of the big and dangerous Runner Such as FAZ critic Verena Lueken was not left unchallenged: in fact, almost all of Herzog’s films and books are “indescribably funny, even in the terrible things that they also tell – not in a satirical way denounced, but From deep cosmic irony. The Oresteia actor who killed his mother with his theatrical sword – in Southern California behind a park full of plastic flamingos (‘My Son, My Son, What Have You Done’). A sleeper awaits in a long evacuated area a volcanic eruption, which may or may not occur (‘Soufriere’). A Suicide Penguin in Antarctica (Encounters at the End of the World). Bear protector is eaten by a grizzly (“grizzly man”). Here he shows his spirit brothers, Herbert Ashtenbusch in Bavaria and David Lynch in Southern California. What is the truth about Werner Herzog? As much as he reveals himself in his work, it may be as follows: It’s comicWho in the comedy of life on the edge of the world and history has its own, Unfamiliar Pity Find.”

Donia Bialas has artichoke She already saw the Portrait of Thomas von Steinaker about Herzog, which will be released at the end of October, but it is very similar to the film for her taste dukeKinski . connection spoon. Philip Bouverman is amazed at SZwhich – which Peter Winnevich He shoots a movie based on an AI script fed with Herzog’s scripts and interviews. Anke Sterneborg discussing the Herzog exhibition at the Berlin Film Museum. in time Discusses Alexander Kamann Herzog’s recently published memoirs (this book and others by Herzog can be found on Herzog’s bookshelf at Eichendorff21). BR And the dolph culture Honoring Herzog with the Characteristics of Radio. dolph culture And the world + He spoke extensively with Herzog. Rudiger Suchland and Joseph Schnell speaking at artichokePodcast about Herzog’s films.

Only the hardest is who enters the garden: “The Master of the Gardener” by Paul Schrader

The Film Festival Venice for honor pee Schrader About his life’s work — and showing off his latest work, the botanist’s Nazi drama “Master Gardener”: “a particularly strange film,” says Andreas Bosch in daily mirror. playing in it Joel Edgerton “a neo-nazi In the Witness Protection Program, which in its new presence is stately gardens Sigourney wafer maintains. Schrader’s characters have always been more of a personality type, but in what is now his third downfall in his career, his obsessions are growing. bolder. “Master Gardener” has some nice stuff Botany lessons. Plus the reassuring realization that gardening makes even Nazis better people—and tolerance is actually possible with a green thumb.” FAZCritic Maria Wisner, the film forms a trilogy through Schrader’s previous films “First Reformed” and “The Card Counter”: All three films “show a kind of masculinity with which Schrader has always loved to work: loners on the edge of a society whose past includes more horrific acts than Ordinary citizens can witness it in their worst nightmares – and yet it is not crumbling under the weight, but with what they will from now on, buses an act.”

subordinate Fight for justice Turned out to be the main theme of this festival SZ– Critic Tobias Kneby after films among others roman JavrasAnd the Lura Poitras And the sergey loznitsa firmly. Still discussing from Venice Luca Guadagninos “Bone and All” (FAZAnd the taz) Such as T the West Horror movie “Pearl” and Darin Aronofsky “Whale” (Teaspoon).

Other articles: Andreas Scheiner of NZ You can imagine it from Mirror Loud allegations against Ulrich Sedel (our summary) What’s up, but” garish the soundThe report is not credible. TimeOnline Matthias Calle explains the reason for the seriesbroke down bathroomConstantly updated.

will discuss manta rays KvedaravičiusDocumentary “Mariopoli 2” (Teaspoonour review here), the documentary “Come with me to the cinema” about Berlin film historians Erica And the Ulrich Gregory (Teaspoon), DVD version of jonas gain“Memories of a trip to Lithuania” (jungle world), Laurent Larvier Love movie “The Time We Share”. Isabelle Hubert And the Lars Edinger (hypothetical), Doris Doris “Outdoor swimming pool”)hypothetical), The sky– “Munich Games” series (FAZ) and the new Amazon– Fictional series “Rings of Power” (NZ).

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