Fashion, Look and Reality: Ö1 Fashion Week from September 10-18

Vienna Fashion is communication, which is why clothes make the man – still. 23 programs on fashion, illusion and reality can be heard as part of “Ö1 Fashion Week” from 10-18 September. The program in detail is available at

The editorial explorations of Fashion Week 1 focus, among others, on the history and logic of the fashion system and individual elements of clothing, the conditions for the production of images and fabrics, and the cultural, economic, and anthropological contexts of this self-operating system, just as the colorful and socially complex dazzling system. The “Hörbilder” show (9:05 a.m.) will begin on Saturday, September 10, with a photo of the fashion icon: “Lagerfeld,” a look back at the life and career of the fashion designer who died in 2019. Starting at 1pm, “Le week-end” is all about costume designers with music by Lester Boy, François Coupran, Frederic Chopin, The Ailes, The Kinks, Fred Astaire and others.

On Sunday, September 11, at “Lebenskunst” (7:05 a.m.), the contribution “Golden Threads and Printed with Potatoes – Clothing Fashion”, titled “Spielräume Spezial” (5:10 p.m.), can be heard as musicians who set fashion trends .

“The date loaded in four pieces of clothing” is the topic of “Radiokolleg” from Monday 12th September to Thursday 15th September at 9:05 am. Clothing or fashion is often dismissed as superficial, playful and unreasonable. Only tinsel, without substance and meaningless. Clothes are full of meaning. Clothes are communication. As Paul Watzlawick says, one cannot not communicate, the things we wear on our skin and hair constantly gossip. It tells us about norms, political and social changes, discrimination, who belongs and who doesn’t, gender, race, or class boundaries, and above all about transcending those boundaries. ‘Radiokolleg’ uses the four items of clothing, sweatpants, bra and dirndl to keep track of these limits and how they are exceeded. “Des Cis” (11.30 a.m.) Monday 12th to Friday 16th September will be devoted to stage costumes, dress codes and uniforms under the “Classic Fashion” theme.

“Clothes make the man – always!”

Mozart planned his musical wardrobe down to the smallest detail, and Wagner was fond of the finest silks – “The Musical Wardrobe” is the centerpiece of Angklang (10.05 a.m.) on Monday, September 12. On Wednesday, September 14, from 4:05 p.m., Praxis will tackle “Fast Fashion: Fashion for the Garbage” and visit the Caritas Warehouse in Mittersteig in Vienna under the theme “Faszination Vintage.” What the clothing of the Romans and the people of the Bronze Age said about their social standing is the theme of “The Children’s League Ö1” titled “Clothes make a man – always!” Thursday, September 15, from 4.40 pm. On Friday, September 16, Kontext (9.05 a.m.) will present the book “The Birth of Fashion: A Cultural History of the Renaissance” by Ulinka Rublack and “The Matrix” (7.05 p.m.) that will examine how technology can make fashion. A fairer industry and could make it greener.

On Saturday, September 17, from 9.05 a.m., “Hörbilder” will feature “In the Name of Beauty” double photo of lead rivals Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden. “Take Care of Yourself – Hats Fashion and Music” with Randy Newman, Charlie Chaplin, Cecil Chaminade, Clement Janekin and others is the topic of “Le week-end” from 1 PM. “La vie en vogue” by Elodie Pascal aka Elisabeth Putz is on Ö1 Radio Play from 2pm. Alice Dwyer, Emily Cox, Frederick Kumpter, Nora Abdel Maksoud, Megan Jay, Harvey Friedman and others co-produce DLR’s 2013 production of supermodel lives. The author, who has also directed, models and ex-models, but also quarrymen, designers, and agents to voice their opinions on the fascination and violence of the fashion world and weave documentation and imagination into a radio play. Starting at 5:05 p.m. on the “Diagonal” issue of “Clothes, Body, and Capital,” young radio producers Ö1 “Follow me” will explore the extent to which fashion today reflects diversity in terms of social groups, body shapes, and gender identities; How fit the fashion industry is for the future and how young people from immigrant families use fashion to find their place in society. The closing of Ö1 Fashion Week will be on Sunday 18 September, Leibnskunst (7.05 am) with the contribution “Where Fashion and Religion Unite – Hijab Fashion” and “Giving Space to the Secret – Theatre. And fashion designer Christoph Kremer. Program in detail is available at https://

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