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Finally “Tattourt” again – 10 weeks later! |

Five teams celebrate their anniversary!

to: Michael Niehaus and Walter M. Stratten

he is back. Ten weeks later, “Crime Scene” returns on Sunday from summer vacation.

So far this year, it has watched an average of 8.98 million viewers. The 10 million magic mark had not been broken like before. There will be celebrations in the new season anyway. Five teams celebrate anniversaries.

Munich residents go on a journey through time

Inspectors Patek (Miroslav Nemek, second from left) and Letmeyer (Udo Wachtwetel, opposite) at the murder mystery dinner

Photo: BR / Bavaria Fiction GmbH / Hendrik

Inspectors Patek (Miroslav Nemek, 68) and Letmeyer (Odo Wachtwetel, 63) have been working since 1991. Her 90th case takes place on Christmas: “Murder under the mistletoe.” Detectives are invited to their colleague’s crime dinner.

Excitement jumps straight from the dining table into a 1920s British mansion. Patch Lightmeyer became Constable Partridge and Chief Inspector Lightmeyer.

Together, they must solve a butler’s murder case – and soon fantasy and reality fade. An unusual memory event – but not an experience.

Monster celebrates the twentieth issue!

When it first fell in October 2002, it was set at 8.82 million. Today, Thiel (Axel Brahl, 62) and Buern (Jan Joseph Levers, 58) attract nearly twice as many viewers with their “crime scene” from Münster.

Commissioner Till (Axel Brahl, 62) with teammates (Michael Grossman, 73, left and Kristen Ospresion, 51) in Münster

Commissioner Till (Axel Brahl, 62) with teammates (Michael Grossman, 73, left, and Christine Ospresion, 51) in Münster

Photo: WDR / filmpool fiction GmbH / Martin

Anniversary event “A friend, a good friend” should be on November 13th in the record search process. Till must solve the murder case of a young lawyer who was murdered when Björn says goodbye to an old friend who will be retiring.

The investigations target an influential mafia boss. It sounds dramatic, but it’s also funny.

Charlotte Lindholm celebrates a double anniversary

Maria Furtwängler, 55, has been searching for killers in northern Germany for 20 years. With “The Revenge on the World” on October 9, her 30th issue is now showing.

After a short solo trip to Munich, colleague Florence Kasumba, 45, is back in the position as Commissioner Schmitz.

Charlotte Lindholm (Maria Furtwangler, 55) with colleague Anais Schmitz (Florence Kasumba, 45)

Charlotte Lindholm (Maria Furtwangler, left) with colleague Anis Schmitz (Florence Kasumba)

Photo: NDR/Kristen Schroeder

Investigators have to solve a case of rape and later death of a student. The killer turned out to be a sexual culprit and the media dubbed him “the Vikings”.

A strong “crime scene”, but no Christmas highlight.

Silver wedding anniversary of Berndt and Barr

Freddy Schenk (Dietmar Barr, 61) and Jörg Balof (Klaus J. Behrendt, 62) celebrate their silver wedding anniversary in Cologne. They’ve been a team for 25 years. “But we’re not an old couple,” Barr says. The two share a caravan on Tatort.

Commissioners Schenck (Dietmar Barr, 61, left) and Palov (Klaus Berndt, 62, right) arrested Mike (Robert Stadelbier, 40).

Commissioners Schenck (Dietmar Barr, left) and Palauf (Klaus Berndt, right) arrested Mike (Robert Stadeloper, 40).

Photo: WDR / Bavaria Fiction GmbH / Martin

This was also the case when filming her latest crime movie “The Allure of Evil”. In the case, a young woman was found dead in a canal on the beach. But how did you get there? The tracks lead Bluff and Schenk to the street scene.

Rarely is any other team as consistent as the Kowloon team. his job!

Photo: BUILD

crime scene inspector

Crime Scene is finally back from vacation. Veteran Inspector Lena Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts, 61) opens the new season of excitement on Sunday with Ludwigshafen’s 75th “interrogation” case.

The case: An investment banker is kidnapped in her car and burned alive – igniting a treacherous time.

The car of German Captain Hago Kessler (Goetz Otto, 54) was seen near the crime scene and at the time of the crime. Supposedly he was hunting…

Lena Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts, 61) questions Captain Kessler (54)

Lina Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts) interrogates Captain Kessler (Gotz Otto)

Photo: SWR / Benoît Linder

During interrogation, the soldier was initially charming and relaxed. However, classmate Odenthal Stern (Lisa Peter, 38) discovers her dark side. As a woman you hate!

When Kessler is able to leave due to lack of evidence, he gets scared and has to stay. In the middle of the interrogation a second crime occurs.

Looking at? yes! Fun for friends of a psychological game of cat and mouse. Odenthal has to go a little too far this time.

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