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Three years of filming, actors who have stayed in their roles 24/7 and 700 hours of film material: these impressive numbers are just a small part of what makes ‘DAU’ a unique (film) experience.

DAU / Ilya Kharzhanovsky

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At FILMSTARTS, we regularly bring you Netflix highlights, insider tips about Amazon Prime Video and new products on Disney+ – after all, there are enough of those every month. But if you’re tired of working hard with Liam Neeson, Gaspar Noé’s nightmares turned into dark thrillers or films from the Far East; If you think Marvel and Co. You just do the assembly line work anyway, the classic live stream is annoying at best and annoying at worst; If you’re looking for something completely new, something you’ve never seen and that goes beyond the seeming limits of cinema, three letters can The The right solution for you: “DAU”.

One can simply dismiss “DAU” as a biographical film, as a film based on the life of the great Soviet physicist Lev Davidwich Landau. But that would be like calling the Marvel Cinematic Universe a Punch and Judy show for nerds — sure, it’s somewhat true, but at the same time the MCU is also the most successful cinematic epic of all time. And that’s why you should too Classify ‘DAU’ correctly: You can’t just expect a CV here, not just a Film, but the result of a unique interdisciplinary projectwhose production is at least as exciting as the thirteen (!) films that have come out of it thus far.

DAU: When life meets imagination

Director Ilya Kharzhanovsky began conceptualizing and developing his idea for “DAU” in 2005, three years before the cameras finally came out – and how it rolled: For three whole years: shooting from 2008 to 2011. And no, this amazing filming time wasn’t due to any complications, budget cuts, or delays. But in order to understand how such a diffusion could happen at all, you need to know the context in which the “DAU” was created.

To make the dimensions of “DAU” tangible even halfway: a total of 392,000 (!!) women and men applied for nationwide castings in Russia to become part of the group – and not just to come to the site in the morning, act out his scenes and go home again other in the evening. Most of the shooting took place on the 12,000 square meters of the scientific institute The biggest movie set in all of Europe, which also became the residence (!) of the actors for three years.

A whole new world, a new community, created on the giant sitewho lived isolated from the outside world in a kind of simulation that lasted for three years, and reconstructed the era of Lu “dao Landau” between 1938 and 1968.

A total of 700 hours of film were produced during this time – And not digitally, but on real film (35 mm). Photographer Jürgen Jürges (“Funny Games”) even developed a new lighting system for the “Never Sleeps” group and even won the Silver Bear at the 2020 Berlinale for his “amazing artistic achievement”. Plus, during filming, babies were also born along the way – yes, you read that right.

This might seem understandable given the short-term establishment of your own company – and at least there are candid scenes in many of the “DAU” movies where the actors *actually have sex and not just “turn it on” – is just how unbelievable this mix of real life and fiction is In the end. But it is precisely these who make “DAU” more than just a movie or cinematic universe.

If this piqued your curiosity, you can stream “DAU” films as video on demand on the official website of the art project …

» Stream “DAU CINEMA” on the official website

…but at the same time we must also warn: The faint of heart should think twice about whether “DAU” is a thing for them because of the sometimes hard-to-digest, often sadistic and often questionable images. But if you are ruthless, you can look forward to a unique experience that also brings with it many damned powerful techniques that the world of Lew Landau can only charm you. And that’s long after the credits for the thirteenth movie ended.

“DAU”: a special shock

You should know one thing in advance: “DAU” films are only available in Russian (don’t worry, there are subtitles) and do not work according to the rules of traditional cinema. Means: Be prepared not to experience a classic narration, but instead to immerse yourself more often as a silent observer in a parallel world that is often quite serene – but when it gets louder, the corridor of true Hell opens to its audience the darkest abyss of the human soul. Because ‘DAU’ not only casts a frightening look at the past, it also holds a mirror to today’s society in many respects – and thus to some extent also gives an idea of ​​the (dark) future.

So “DAU. Natasha “at the Berlinale 2020 not only entered the Golden Bear race, but also caused horror in many places. Actress Hanna Shigulla, who was originally supposed to be cast by the main character, who was tortured and tortured by the KGB, left the show because of the German version. And even in Russia a ban on performance was issued. Because Ilya Kharzhanovsky is not ashamed of orchestrating the atrocities mentioned in a way that is so painful as it is provocative, and thus does not once go beyond the bounds of good taste.

DAU / Ilya Kharzhanovsky

“DAU”: Natasha (Natalia Bereznaya) is finished – so is the audience

However, The movie “Natasha” is an excellent introduction to the “DAU” universe. Because it does something for you that not only provokes anger or even hatred but also takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride – even if it ends up with one punch in the stomach after the next. While other films such as “DAU. Nikita Tanya ”, where one of the Institute’s scholars receives a visit from his family, may be much shorter, but the shorter “DAU” bites can sometimes seem very long. Because it is not always easy to immerse yourself in the (emotional) world of heroes, if you want to Really, even 90 minutes can be painfully long.

In addition, Natasha’s story is also a good preparation for what I believe is not only the most extraordinary and best film, but also the most difficult to digest in the series (although some “DAU” films and series are not yet available):

“DAU. Decadence” is more than six hours of absolute cinema that takes no prisoners – and for us it is one of the most disturbing films of all time. The massive 369-minute work chronicles the inhuman attempts to create super-soldiers based on scientific experiments and takes all the time in the world to make it clear what the events trigger in the minds of everyone involved.

FILMSTARTS review for “DAU. Natasha”

From a conceptual point of view, simply well thought out on many levels, and from a moral point of view, raising some uncomfortable questions one might ask oneself, “degeneration” turns into a beast of the film, into pure chaos, especially in the second half, that Its audience inevitably ruptures a devastating chasm that seems inescapable to heroes, viewers, and ultimately humanity.

More than just entertainment

After dedicating myself to the world of “DAU” in Spring 2020, one of the chapters posted so far is still on my watch list – perhaps just because I know it’s going to end then, at least for now. When will the upcoming movies and even series currently appear in the stars? There is one thing that needs to be said at this point: This broadcast advice is in no way intended to promise a series of masterpieces. Some parts like “Degeneration” and “Natasha” are great cinema, even if they are hard to digest, while there is a lot of lethargy in the short films. But that’s not what this is ultimately about.

With “DAU. degeneration”: The 25 Most Disturbing Movies of All Time

Because even if Ilya Kharzhanovsky transforms the emotional world of his audience through a meat grinder, the fascination with “DAU” lies primarily in asking questions from the correct (?) answers about which one can philosophize for hours: How far is cinema and art in general allowed to go? What limits should you set? Who is responsible for setting it? After the DAU films released so far, we only know one thing: Creator Khrzhanovsky is not interested in the answers to all these questions.

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