What’s new on TV: new series and shows in September 2022

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New Series and TV Shows in September 2022: This month, brand new seasons of popular crime series, fun entertainment and several documentaries kicked off.

  • At Sixx, you can watch the “Cut it – Die VorHAIR NachHAIR Show” makeup show with Denny K. on September 2, 2022.
  • Or you can switch to the “100,000 Mark Show” on RTL on September 4, 2022, operated by Ulla Kock am Brink.
  • Additionally, Saturday 1 will feature Season 19B of “Navy CIS” and Season 13 of “Navy CIS: Los Angeles” on September 6, 2022.

In Free TV, you will get new highlights from the series and TV Shows area at regular intervals. But which station broadcasts any series or show? The overview gives you an insight into the most interesting ones Highlights of the TV show in September 2022.

Also in September, a variety program will continue to be presented on Free TV. Here you can look forward to Season 19B of “Navy CIS” on Saturday 1 and the drama series “Faking Hitler” on Vox. In addition, the third season of the comedy series “Check Check” will begin on ProSieben and the first season of the sitcom “Ruby” on ZDFneo.

You can also be inspired by one of the many documentaries, reports and TV shows starting on Free TV on different channels. This time you can expect “The 100,000 Mark Show” and the new version of the reality show “Barbara Salesch – The Criminal Court” on RTL. On ZDF you can watch the documentary “Loud. Strong. Equal. Justified.” by Colin Ullman Fernandez. All other series and show releases can be found below.

New series on TV in September 2022

New TV Shows & Documentaries in September 2022

starting date TV program series Channel
02/09/2022 Impossible Music – My Song. Your voice musical show ZDF
02/09/2022 Cut It – Show After Hair Before Hair Doku soap six times
09/03/2022 about music Musical talk show NDR
09/03/2022 secret world… documentation single cable
09/03/2022 makers of the Rhine Doku soap nitro
09/04/2022 Display mark 100000 View game RTL
09/04/2022 building visions Documentary series Good heart
05.09.2022 Barbara Selish – Criminal Court reality show RTL
05.09.2022 Animal kingdom builder Three parts of documents Good heart
05.09.2022 The Kelly Family – The Journey Continues Documentary series RTL two
05.09.2022 Mu Asumang and Report 3 saturday
05.09.2022 Nature and her network of benefactors Three parts of documents Good heart
05.09.2022 Death and Games – Munich 72 Four parts of documents the first
07.09.2022 Hana goes to the wild Documentary series NDR
07.09.2022 Cave worlds Documentary series Hello Germany TV
09/08/2022 Caucasian powder barrel Three parts of documents ZDF information
09/08/2022 check saturday 1 Report Saturday 1
09/10/2022 Make It At Home Living Rooms (Dream) with Kortney & Kenny Doku soap six times
09/11/2022 big dogs Doku soap RTL
09/11/2022 The power of the super-rich Documentary series ZDF information
09/11/2022 Ahoy vacation – summer, sun and waves Doku soap single cable
09/12/2022 Greedy time Two-part documents ZDF information
09/14/2022 Russia’s border experience Documentary series 3 saturday
09/14/2022 Favorite songs – outdoor hit musical party RTLup
09/14/2022 Pollux Report hr . tv
09/14/2022 Australia behind bars real crime documentary RTL crime
09/16/2022 puzzles from above documentation n-tv
09/17/2022 our continents Six parts documentary Good heart
09/17/2022 Valentino Tales Documentary series Hello Germany TV
09/18/2022 local hero Doku soap ProSieben
09/18/2022 Great Railway Model Contest Doku soap One Cable Documentary
09/20/2022 Money, power, Qatar Two-part documents the first
09/21/2022 Are you the chosen one? United kingdom dating show MTV
09/21/2022 Forever pop albums View Ranking RTLup
09/22/2022 Glow Up – The Next German Makeup Star casting show ZDFneo
09/22/2022 hard life Doku soap WDR
09/23/2022 mess kitchen cooking competition phone 5
09/23/2022 Spice Girls – Girl Power is conquering the world Three parts of documents Good heart
09/26/2022 animal odyssey Documentary series Good heart
09/26/2022 Couples Therapy – Now or Never documentation vox
09/27/2022 annoying. strong. same. justification. Three parts of documents ZDF
09/28/2022 Narumol and Joseph – our story continues! Doku soap RTL two
09/29/2022 Sustainability Challenge Three parts of documents hr . tv
09/29/2022 Doc Caro – Commitment to the Heart Report Series Saturday 1
09/29/2022 behind the abyss Documentary series MDR
09/30/2022 Mario Barth saves love comedy show RTL
09/30/2022 Spanish Village Doku soap vox

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