No nomination for Runsheimer and other surprises

The war in Ukraine and its implications for Europe have been the subject of big news in recent months – in this respect it only seems logical that some of those reporting from the country that Russia attacked, and thus providing a portrait of horror, this year won the “Best Personal Achievement” award in the category Information for the German Television Award. The jury selected Catherine Eggendorf (ZDF), Stephen Schwarzkopf (Welt) and Kavita Sharma (RTL/ntv).

Apart from the fact that there are no representatives of the ARD among them, what is especially striking is the absence of a widely reported and as long as hardly anyone else from Ukraine name: “Bild” correspondent Paul Ronzheimer. There are many good reasons to consider your work worthy of an award or at least a nomination. But of course there are also reasons to be against it – Stefan Nijmeier wrote in detail in his “bermedien” in April.

Ronzheimer, anyway He was not satisfied with criticism for not running in his congratulations to the two colleagues on Twitter, but has also received support from many others, be it politics, from outgoing Ukrainian Ambassador Melnik to former WDR editor-in-chief Sonia Seymour Mikic or Mickey Bisinherz. As usual, the “TV Award” jury does not comment on why a program or person was not nominated. At least one discussion on social media could be clarified: There may have been no explicit submission by Bild or Springer, but it was not a prerequisite for nomination. Submissions are possible and intended, but the jury is free to decide who or what to nominate. Thus, one of the topics discussed on the evening of the awards ceremony is likely to be the person Runzheimer – it would only be desirable not to forget about the performance of the nominees instead.

In the field of information, one of the biggest surprises was that with “Kulturzeit” there was such a format in the list of candidates for the best media program that they might not have first thought due to the many crises that had to be reported – it can also be understood as a statement that the magazine, which provides more consistent reporting than Any other magazine about the culture industry, which has recently been hit so hard, is now one of the nominees for the “Television Award” in 2022. And this is not the first time: in 1999, at the first German television award, “Kulturzeit” was honored as the best media program.

In entertainment, there are two eye-catching nominations that might not have been much thought of before. A mention should be made of “City + Country = Love”, which is not only in the race as Best Reality Show, but Collien Ulmen-Fernandes received a personal nomination in the Supervising Format category. It’s kind of a public service version of “a farmer is looking for a wife” – but here, it’s not the farmers, but the artisans from the country who have to meet the women from the city. Offensive clashes between the country and city lifestyle, which apparently convinced the jury twice.

Then there’s another name that should mean nothing to many at first: Sarah Bossetti. Awarded in the category of Best Small-Format Book “Bossetti Wants to Speak” and “Bossetti I – Julius Fischer Is Also There”. “Bosetti want to talk” is a small but good format in which Sarah Bosetti participates in a very limited preparation every two weeks on a current social topic. Without any fuss about it, the book Bosetti writes himself is more relevant here than anywhere else. In “Bosetti the First – Julius Fischer Is There Too” he tells in a mixture of stage and farcical how a late-night satire is being filmed. Both aren’t mainstream, but both are cute little ideas that have now found their place in the TV award.

If you look at the nominations in fantasy literature, some might expect more from “Eldorado KaDeWe.” The blend of historical, but filmed in today’s Berlin, linking KaDeWe’s historical history to the innovative biographies of its heroes and discussion of resistance to social norms – none of this worked for the jury. There were two nominations, but for music and scenery and not for this bold or over-thinking narrative approach. Some thought “You” was more capable, only Sebastian Koch was honored for his acting performance – which may also have something to do with the fact that it’s not a real German idea, but (an undoubtedly a success) German execution in an originally Israeli series.

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