Mario Gotze: In his new home, Rome is already beginning to erode his sympathies

Celebrity news for the day in GALA BAR: Mario Gotze shares a sweet update from Frankfurt +++ Heinz Heinig’s son is now a daycare baby +++ Patrice Aminati gives a candid update for mom.

Celebrity news for the day in the GALA bar:

September 2, 2022

Mario Gotze: Son Rome loves the new home

With his move to Eintracht Frankfurt, Mario Gotze, 30, his wife Anne-Catherine, 32, and his son Roma, 2, moved to the financial capital of Germany.

The football star gave his fans an update on his movement on Instagram. In the shot, Mario is smiling happily for the camera. In the background, Son Roma can be seen digging in the sand with a toy excavator. Götze wrote: “We have arrived in Frankfurt, the movement is almost done and Rumi is very happy too. Jude!” It looks as if the last moving chests will be emptying soon.

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Heinz Hönig shares a cute photo of his foster child

Heinz Hönig, 70, is enjoying his late bliss as a father. The actor became a father again at the age of 69, son Giuliano was born in December 2020. “Giuliano is pure happiness. He teaches me everything I need to know about life. I don’t have to go anywhere, my search is over. You can achieve more than love in Life,” the TV star said enthusiastically in an interview with “Bunte”. The second child is already on the way. His wife Anika is expecting another boy. “I think it’s great that later our boys can play together and do the pranks,” Papa Heinz Hoenig happily says. Before the baby appeared in a big way, now attention is focused on the son of Giuliano. The offspring now go to nursery.

“First nursery!” Heinz Hönig writes of a cute photo showing the little boy with his mother, Annika Kirsten-Hönig, 37. He uses the hashtag “Proud Parents”. The followers are delighted with the spectacle. One user writes and another adds: “Enjoy a little honey, the backpack is cute. Have fun, little man.”

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September 1, 2022

Patrice Aminati provides an update for an honest mom

On August 22, Daniel Aminati, 48, and his wife Patrice, 27, welcomed their daughter, Charlie Malika, into the world. Now, about a week later, the new mom is providing an honest update from confinement. Many of her followers wrote that “everything will seem that easy” with her. “Having a baby – it’s a journey full of emotions,” says Patrice on her Instagram story. “You’re on a bed of roses, but roses have thorns too.”

The little one was ‘very kind and patient’, and Patrice and Charlie had already ‘proven very well’ in the hospital – many tips from experienced midwives and medical staff could have helped the new mum a lot. But when she returned home, the mediator’s wife suffered from a “painful congestion”, which is why the family fell to the side of the road. Of course, Daniel helps with shopping, cooking, etc., but the parents first have to “sort themselves” and find processes and fixtures. “We love each other and that makes a lot of things easier,” she said excitedly.


Klas Hofer Umlauf and Doris Gulbachin are rarely so special

After three years and three seasons of “Chic Check”It is for Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, 38, and his partner Doris Golpashin, 42, over. At the end of the series, in which the two embody a complicated ex-pair, the Austrian actress now shares private insights from the photo session on Instagram. Rarely is a married couple happily married in real life, and other than that they constantly keep their private lives out of the public eye.

Take another. Last sunset over Castle Calden. Time to say goodbye to Sabine Grunberg,” Doris writes of a five-part series of photos, which also have a few moments with Klaas. Hofer Umlauf smiles familiarly at Golpashin in the third photo looking very much like an impending kiss — surrounded by cameras, of course, at the bottom of the gallery, The couple stares dreamily into the distance.

Did you find it difficult to separate fact from fiction? Before filming began, they “couldn’t appreciate at all” what it would be like to be together on camera, as the actress explained in an interview with GALA a few weeks ago. “But then we really enjoyed seeing what the other was thinking and feeling,” Doris Gulbashin continued. You can definitely see that in almost private shots on Instagram!

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August 31, 2022

Fettes Brot split up after nearly 30 years

Sad news for “Fettes Brot” fans: the legendary Hamburg band is breaking up after nearly 30 years. The trio, made up of Bjorn Warnes, 49, aka Bjorn Beaton, Martin Vanderiere, 48, aka Dr. Rentz and Boris Lauterbach, 48, aka Boris King, is now announcing this via Instagram. “Before we’re soon allowed to open our Madame T wax figures, we’re eternal teens with ‘almost 50’ we’d rather dig our own graves. You read that right: Gruppe Fettes Brot isn’t just old [auf deutsch: uralt, Anmerkung der Redaktion] …but history! The father and the father are separated from the father [sic]It can be read there.

However, the end of the “Nordic by Nature” translators does not come into effect immediately. Fans can look forward to new songs and a farewell tour until the end of 2023. Even if the musicians stress that their “common story is being told in some way,” they want to end their “era with a bang finale.”

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Cloud Hegenbarth just celebrated her son’s third birthday

“Three. Wow. 3.” Woolki Heggenbarth, 42, can’t believe her offspring, Avi, has grown so much. Of course, her son’s birthday was duly celebrated, impressively appearing in a video on Instagram. In it, she is seen snuggling harmoniously with her fiancé Oliver and very happy with their son Avi. Family happiness means everything for the actress: “Seeing you wake up is my great joy. […] The mission of being your mother makes me the best version of myself,” she thanks her three-year-old son.

But the former “Let’s Dance” participant is also using the occasion to encourage other parents. With her participation, the 42-year-old allows her followers to look deeply into her soul. “After a really difficult first year with you, I almost came to believe that being a mother wasn’t for me,” she now admits on Instagram. “I needed so much more than I could give,” she continues in her post. Then follows the declaration of love. “She’s actually getting kinder to you – that’s so cool! The baby of my dreams – keep growing and developing all your wonderful traits,” writes Woolki Heggenbarth.

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August 30 2022

Anna Ermakova escapes from a hotel fire

After Ibiza and Corfu, 22-year-old Anna Ermakova is having a good time in Monte Carlo and toasting her college degree. But the party night at the Hotel de Paris, whose impressions she shares on her Instagram story, was suddenly cut short. Several firefighters can be seen clearing the lobby.

Visitors stand outside in front of the hotel, looking puzzled. A fire broke out on the upper floor. The daughter of tennis legend Boris Becker, 54, is also quickly leaving the house. There is already a fire truck in front of it. Fortunately, the danger was quickly averted. After the evacuation, the fire was extinguished. The model seems to have weathered the shock quite well. She is now enjoying the beauty of the French Cote d’Azur, as evidenced by her current Instagram story.

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Jana Ina Zarella and her husband Giovanni celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary

Recently, Giovanni, 44, and Jana Ina Zarella, 45, revealed to RTL that the secret to their happy marriage is to always prioritize their family. The presenter added, “We don’t argue, we don’t argue and we never lose respect. We don’t say bad things to each other because I don’t want to hurt someone I love.” Today, Tuesday, the parents of two children are already celebrating their seventeenth wedding anniversary.

“Exactly 17 years ago, I married the love of my life in a civil ceremony. I have officially married the greatest man in the world for 17 years,” the 45-year-old enthuses on her Instagram story and posts a gold ad. Wedding pictures.

August 29, 2022

Heidi Klum on Seal’s divorce: ‘It’s never going to be easy when you break up’

Heidi Klum, 49, and Seal, 59, broke up ten years ago. At that time, the singer in particular commented with an assessment on his ex-wife. Heidi didn’t say anything. The model rarely gave insight into divorce and subsequent parenting. Klum has now spoken candidly about her feelings in an interview with “Today” and explained how much she wants a happy ending.

“It’s never easy when you break up, that’s clear. When you get married and have kids, you hope to stay that way forever. When I said ‘yes’, I meant ‘yes’ forever,” reveals Heidi. When she and Sele announced their end after seven years of marriage and three children together, the focus was primarily on the well-being of their offspring. Klum tried her best to “make the kids as happy as possible, hold her down, and love them as much as possible”. Ultimately, however, life has its “ups” which the 49-year-old has learned to deal with. “Although I wanted to be at home with the picket fence and the dogs and the kids forever, some of that came true, other things came apart and a new love was found,” said America’s Got Talent judge.

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It took a while for Heidi Klum to find her personal happiness in love after the failed marriage. In February 2019, the model married “Tokyo Hotel” star Tom Kaulitz, 32 years old. And Seal hasn’t remarried after the divorce – until now.

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