Killer or not? Jens Soering tells TikTok about 33 years in prison

Jens Söring tells about his case on TikTok.
© Canva, TikTok / Jens Soering

Jens Soering spent 33 years in prison for the double murder. Whether or not he was guilty is disputed to this day. The 56-year-old tells his story himself on TikTok.

“Aktenzeichen XY … Unsolved”, “Medical Detectives – Forensic Secrets” & Co. For many people, documentaries about true crimes are incredibly fascinating. It is not for nothing that the “True Crime” kick is already available in the form of various podcasts,
Documentaries and books are available anytime, anywhere. Only a convicted murderer jumped on a train.

A murder story, right?

“Hello, my name is Jens Soering and I spent 33 years in prison for a crime I did not commit. For the first three years of my imprisonment I was threatened with the death penalty – death penalty in the electric chair,” an indescribable, yes, yes, seemingly innocuous guy on TikTok. Jens Soering sounds like the nice guy from the neighborhood who gives you a friendly wave at the mailbox every morning. However, this photo contradicts the 56-year-old’s story.

The son of the German diplomat was convicted of killing two people. He is said to have brutally murdered the parents of his then-girlfriend Elizabeth Haysom in 1985. In court, he initially confessed to the crime. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in an American prison – with the threat of the death penalty. Sorring was imprisoned for 33 years, 6 months and 25 days. But then the sprain came.

Withdrawal of recognition

The convict withdraws his confession. My dad didn’t kill his girlfriend. He only wanted to protect his girlfriend at the time, because he knew she would face the death penalty for the crime – as he had done for the first three years of his imprisonment. In November 2019, the responsible US agency decided to release Soering in exchange for a conditional amnesty.

He was not pardoned, but his subsequent deportation to Germany meant a new beginning for the alleged perpetrator: because in Germany, Söring is a free man. After 33 years in prison, he is allowed to lead a normal life. However, it was in the nature of things that this would continue to be shaped by what I had experienced. Soering explains, “I don’t want to forget the past, and I don’t want to run from it. I can’t undo it anyway.”

The supposed killer becomes a TikTok star

So the 56-year-old started talking publicly about his story. The book he wrote for a five-part series for Netflix and his podcast “Das System Söring” about the issue followed. And now the German diplomat’s son also wants to reach a younger audience. And what better way to do this than with social media? At the end of July, Soering launched his own account on TikTok.

In short videos, he summarizes his entire story for his listeners, from the evening of the crime, to conviction and imprisonment, right up to his release. And this is not just because of the media-related role of the old issue. How often do you get the chance to hear an alleged killer talk about the alleged crime? It is therefore not surprising that the concept is well accepted by users. The 56-year-old now has nearly 77,000 followers on TikTok, and his videos are up to 1 million clicks.

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