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Because of the war in Ukraine, many people are fleeing. It is currently not possible to determine exactly how many displaced people have arrived in Germany. The Heidekrei tribes, along with the local authorities, are preparing to receive an increasing number of people displaced by the war. many questions.

What is the legal status of people from Ukraine?

Ukrainian war expelled can enter the European Union and thus Germany with a biometric passport without a visa.

How long do the displaced Ukrainians stay?

You can stay in the Schengen area for 90 days without a visa, provided you have a biometric passport. After this period, you can apply for a residence permit for another 90 days at the district immigration office. Instead, the European Union has activated the so-called Mass Flow Directive. After that, those displaced by the war automatically get residence status. The so-called temporary protection is initially valid for up to one year. However, the EU can later extend this residence status for a maximum of three years.

What do displaced Ukrainians need to do to obtain residency?

You must report in person to the local community/community/city administration social welfare office in Heidekreis and confirm the need for support. Personal details are recorded there and the necessary data (including a copy of the passport) is sent to the Heide immigration authorities. You will first receive a so-called “start-up certificate” from the immigration authorities and then a personal invitation so that the identification service can register and the biometric data required for the residence permit can be registered. A so-called fictitious certificate can then also be issued. Those who do not need support send a copy of their passport or other papers/certificates to the immigration authorities, preferably by email to auslaenderbehoerde@heidekreis.de, so that the registration process can start. Such persons receive a “mock certificate” and an appointment for an identification service to process and register the biometric data of the residence permit.

What is required for this appointment?

Passports and, if applicable, birth and marriage certificates are required on time.

What rights does a virtual certificate cover in addition to the right of residence?

Persons displaced by war are entitled to asylum seeker benefits. They also have unrestricted access to the labor market.

What happens if the expelled from the war are minors and come to Germany without their parents or if I receive underage expelled traveling alone?

The responsible person is the Youth Welfare Office of the District Administration. You are welcome to contact us via email at jugendamt@heidekreis.de.

Who can people contact with whom they want to provide housing for Ukrainians?

If people have an offer of accommodation or would like to volunteer, they are welcome to connect with their local community/community/city administration.

Can war-displaced people receive a vaccination against Corona?

naturally. Heidekreis offers all homeless people the opportunity to take advantage of a local vaccination offer. All dates and information can be found at www.heidekreis.de/corona.

What do displaced Ukrainians who need urgent medical care, food or daily amenities do?

The municipalities of Heidekreis help with these questions and other concerns. At www.heidekreis.de/ukraine the home pages of Communities, Shared Communities, Cities and the Community Free Zone are included.

What do people who want to donate or volunteer do?

If people can speak and translate multiple languages, they should speak to their local council/municipal authority. Financial donations can help ensure targeted and direct assistance. Many relief organizations offer donation accounts. In order not to fall for fraud, the donation stamp of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) can be very useful. In-kind donations: Garment packing boxes are rarely effective. Larger organizations in particular no longer accept in-kind donations. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to specific calls by local initiatives.

Where is more information available?

Lower Saxony will answer more questions at www.niedersachsen.de/startseite/themen/krieg-in-der-ukraine-fragen-und-Answers-209095.html. Heidekreis provides information at www.heidekreis.de/ukraine.

More questions?

The first contacts are the municipalities. The Aliens Authority of the district administration in Heidekreis is available for questions regarding residence law.

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