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Summer was very long, evenings became shorter, TV sofas and streaming series became more and more in demand. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky dug deep in their pockets. With themes of history, cyber warfare, terrorist attacks, romantic comedy or murder in Lausitz, there should be something for every fan of the series this September. Monthly flow overview.

Sarah and the intelligence freaks

The NSA is known roughly as the CIA or the FBI. The British equivalent is called GCHQ. The acronym stands for Government Communications Headquarters, and the facility is located in Cheltenham. On her first day as a GCHQ intern, Sarah Parvin (Hannah Calick Brown) passes in the tech thriller “The Undeclared War” Two things: It is witnessing a cyber attack on the two largest British telecom companies. And not the army of predominantly male nerds, but she did find a second, and more dangerous, malware hidden in the first one. In short: both her boss Danny Patrick (Simon Pegg) and the black prime minister (Adrian Lester) soon realize that nothing works without Sarah. Model Peter Kominsky’s series is not only very exciting. The visuals are great when Saara chases the bad guys through the depths of programming codes and libraries. Sky, six episodes, from 2.9.

Munich and again horror

This is where fantasy meets reality. After all, not a day goes by without noticing, without stories about the fiftieth anniversary of the attempted assassination of Israeli athletes in the Olympic Village. From here, the six-part Sky Original series proceeds Munich Games Her attempt to ask similar questions about the current and renewed terrorist threat to Israeli athletes in the Bavarian state capital as she did after the attack. How and by what means can such a thing be prevented? Is German intelligence ready for such a task? Shouldn’t that be left to the Mossad? Has the relationship between Israelis and Palestinians changed since 1972?

The centerpiece of the story is a friendly football match between an Israeli and German team in Munich 2022 and two protagonists of the two secret services, who after warning of terrorism, one of whom is suspected, comes very close to different investigative methods: Oren Simon (Sinab Salih), a Mossad agent stationed in Berlin, and Maria Koehler (Youssef Sweid), a German LKA officer of Lebanese descent.

A fast-paced, engaging streaming series (created by Michel Aviram, Director: Philip Cadelbach) that hits the nerve of the era. The question remains: Can and can a terrorist attack like the Munich attack be prevented? See for yourself. Suitable for celebration. Sky, from September 4, six episodes.

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A woman wants to go upstairs

Ownership first. in “The Living Queen” We get to know the famous Catherine de Medici (Samantha Morton, “The Walking Dead”) from a whole new side. This dark, somewhat humorous, historical drama chronicles the emergence of the legendary queen who, as a 14-year-old orphan in a foreign country, enters into an arranged marriage at the French court in the 16th century. Although a commoner, her uncle Pope Clemens negotiated a large dowry and political alliance from which several heirs were expected in exchange for marriage. Starzplay, from 11.9.

British punk rock band Sex Pistols.  Photo: DPA


British punk rock band Sex Pistols.

Three petrol addicts on a grand tour

The highlight of Prime Video was called in September The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. As reported, the series premieres on September 2, and there are new episodes on Friday through October 14. The Three Petrol Addicts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May also have a large fan base all over the world. They have been on PS since 2016 “The Big Round” on amazon prime.

A new “A Scandi Flick” special begins in the middle of the month. On their first post-pandemic road trip, the three champions, who have been allowed to live out their passion for fast cars under the title “Top Gear” for many years on the BBC, set out with their favorite rally cars in the icy expanses of the Scandinavian Arctic Circle. As usual, there are accidents and chaos. Amazon Prime Video, from 16.9.

the other sissy

property for the second time. More Elizabeth, less Sisi. Showrunner Katharina Eyssen (“Time of Secrets”) has more room for Emperor Franz Joseph and his mother Sophie, and less personal cult surrounding the Empress of Austria and later Queen of Hungary “Empress” created. As a modern series about a historical female figure, it moves beyond the clichés of Ernst Marishka’s trilogy from the 1950s.

A public execution is on the Emperor’s agenda in the morning, and Sisi has to watch her favorite horse get a coup. Devrim Linnau plays the unruly and rebellious empress, while Philip Froissant plays the inexperienced emperor. Melika Furutan can be considered the dominant Empress Mother Sophie. Jordes Triple gives Elisabeth Ludovica’s mother a duchess in Bavaria. And everything happens between the terrifying splendor of the Habsburg monarchy, the unbridled force of nature and threats from within and without. Netflix, six episodes starting September 29.

When England became so boring

Something completely different: the punk in the series, the mini-series “pistol” on Disney+ about the biggest and most important punk bands that started the rock ‘n’ roll revolution with their first single “Anarchy in the UK” in 1976. The format is based on the memoirs of guitarist Steve Jones (Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol).

We follow founding member (Toby Wallace) into the heart of bored mid-70s England and the invention of a band that never saw “a future”, threatened to destabilize the establishment and in the process changed music and culture forever. Of course, the magical center of the band is still guitarist Sid Vicious (Louis Partridge), although he can barely play the bass. All directed by Danny Boyle (“Trainspotting”). From September 28, six episodes, Disney+.

Criminal Lusatia

A mysterious murder of a girl brings Mike Bregan (Misel Maticevic), who, like his father and brother, became a police officer in the time of the GDR, to his childhood place: Lauchhammer. Together with LKA detective Annalena Gottknecht (Odine Johne), Briegand begins to remove the secrets of the former class. Germany’s future is currently being negotiated in Lusatia: structural change, climate change, cultural change: the crime story has an oppressive and formative background. The series is basically ARD’s contribution to October 3rd, so script, directing, and actors have been contracted. “Lauchhammer – Death in Lusatia”And the Six episodes of ARD Media Library.

One man to two women

Two years after the comedy aired “Annie – daredevil in life” There’s a double encounter with Annie Frieding, mother, nurse and funky friend with special relationships, with two new films: Can One Man Make Two Women Happy at the same time? Starring again: Bernadette Hervagen, Thomas Lobel and Katherine von Steinburg. All three comedies from 8.9. In the ZDF Media Library.

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