You should watch this movie to the end because it really hurts

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Many science fiction fabrics depict intergalactic wars as a stage for bravery and feats of glory. In Dune, a spoiled nobleman becomes a proud warrior. Luke Skywalker matures into a lightsaber in various duels and the heroes of many Star Wars series do the same. The Ender – The Big Game on Netflix, these heroic legends make a trap for the viewer: for beautiful, exhilarating battles Here is a harsh revealing twist.

Enders immerses TV in elegant sci-fi battles

But first and foremost, director Gavin Hood’s blockbuster movie (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is entirely devoted to the sci-fi war scene: after a devastating alien attack on Earth, the remaining global army arm itself with an unusual weapon. One Renewed Attack Training Program: Rigorous workouts and non-stop training simulation She finds the new principal admiral of Earthfleet among child recruits.

Ender (Asa Butterfield) turns out to be the most talented of them all. Then his boss, Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford) sends him through increasingly demanding simulations designed to test his tactical and strategic skills. This is how a teenager gets First real battle against aliens Approaching.

Ender Game – Trailer 2 (German) HD


The simulation action is incredibly impressive and visually impressive: the film delivers at breakneck speed Mind-boggling swings and fantastic sci-fi skirmishes, It reminds us of movies like Tron: Legacy with its futuristic armor and neon-light aesthetic. But this is in the end a treacherous trick.

Beautiful sci-fi battles follow a brutal twist

Because fast pace, noble looks, and display of Ender’s brilliant ideas always make me a spectator lust for more: this here A child raised to serve war by adults in cold blood It becomes, retreats to the background.

Ender and Colonel Graff

even if Graf’s Ideology and Ender’s Innocence You’re always briefly interrogated: the fun of a sci-fi shooter that’s getting crazier outweighs the bad.

Then suddenly an emergency is around the corner and Ender must test the best of his skills. The following twist is supposed to excite the stomachs of many viewers.

They will not be revealed here either, as they are essential to the effect of the film. The comments twisted about the movie’s scenes in a way that some fans might feel betrayed: What he enjoyed for 114 minutes, Suddenly it becomes an abomination.

Ender is supposed to avoid another alien attack

else The success of science fiction would be considered a lie. Personally, I enjoy this development: I still enjoy sci-fi battles as much as many others. But supposedly imaginary shiny surfaces often have a devastating effect on critical thinking. And it’s good that sometimes imagination allows us to see that.

When will the sci-fi game Ender’s Game be shown on TV?

Ender game is on This Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. at Kapil 1. If you don’t have time, you can catch the movie at 1.15am. In addition to Butterfield and Ford, the cast also includes Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3) and Viola Davis (Suicide Squad).

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