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It affects a relatively small percentage of refugees from Ukraine, but those from one thousand to two thousand people in MV now face an existential problem: since they do not have a Ukrainian passport and new regulations will apply from September 1, they run the risk of being required to leave the country will. The State Council for Refugees warns of this.

So far, the so-called Transitional Law on Residence in Ukraine (UAÜV) states that all refugees from Ukraine may stay in Germany without a visa or residence permit. That will change starting tomorrow. Then a new UAÜV regulation states that people without a Ukrainian passport who have stayed in Germany for more than 90 days and cannot yet submit a residence permit, will be obliged to leave the country.

This includes students from West and North Africa and Turkey, for example, who previously resided in Ukraine and were not allowed to study in their home countries for political or socio-economic reasons, explains Ulrike Seemann-Katz of the State Refugee Board. The group also includes businessmen from Vietnam and people who fled the oppressive regimes in Minsk and Moscow, but also workers from Uzbekistan and other countries. There are also stateless people, including members of the Rom:nja minority, who have lived in Ukraine all their lives.

According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the affected group without a passport includes about three percent of people who fled Ukraine, that is, about 29,000 people.

But it doesn’t matter which group you belong to, according to the human rights organization Every right to asylum and the refugee councils of the federal states, “They fled the same bombs in Ukraine and should be treated equally.”

Webb Judith, Head of the Legal and Advocacy Team Every right to asylumIt demands that all refugees receive the same protection and “the security of ability to develop prospects in Germany”. This is part of the change of course in asylum and immigration policy that the federal government has promised.

Until then, those affected can remain legally in the country by applying for a residence permit in time, at least until a decision is made, according to the MV Refugee Council. Then the so-called imaginary testimony is applied.

The state of Berlin already issues such a fictitious certificate to all third-country nationals of Ukraine, with which they can continue to legally reside in Germany for six months.

The Berlin Refugee Council sees the regulation as a “step in the right direction”. But even this was not intended in the long run. Because for many it is bureaucraticly difficult in six months to gain admission to the university. Whether it is due to excessive language requirements or university application deadlines.
In the long run, one should find a national regulation and should not develop different regulations for each federal state, says Judith Vaughn Wiebeck. Every right to asylum.

According to the Human Rights and State Councils for Refugees, a one-year fictitious certification would be a useful first step. Within twelve months, there is a realistic chance of meeting the residence permit requirements.

While some are concerned with protecting people from deportation to a war zone, others also see the potential for skilled workers in Germany: many refugees are looking for work, training or studies. On the other hand, Germany needs about 400,000 people annually to cover the need for skilled workers Every right to asylum and consideration of refugee councils in a joint statement. “So it would be a paradoxical move to deport people who are already here,” adds Seaman Katz of the MV Refugee Council. Unemployment rates in Ukraine have just risen. Above all, people from other countries are affected and Rom: nja. Therefore, the majority of them want to try it in other safe countries.

The people now affected by Ukraine are a new group to join a long list: because the war isn’t just raging there. It’s the same in Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea. People who have fled these countries still face the risk of deportation and return there.

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