The trailer for Só Se For Por Amor – the new Netflix series full of music and romance has been released.

Sao Paulo, August 25, 2022 – In the new Netflix Original series So Se For Por Amor Dreams and music are intertwined with suffering and love. Alongside the promo released today, new posters and images are also available, revealing more details about the characters played by Lucy Alves, Filipe Bragança and Agnes Nunes, and introducing even more characters. The series, which can be watched from September 21, is set in Goiás and lives on from original songs and popular and popular classics. Evidencias, which is a hit song by Chittosino and Xororó, for example. It can be heard along with other songs that prove the Brazilian*Love and suffering inside in a unique way and in all its rhythms – from Barões da Pisadinha’s Forró to Banda Eva’s Axé and Anitta’s Pop. They were all included in the soundtrack.

Deusa (Lucy Alves) of Paraíba and Tadeu (Filipe Bragança) of Goiás aren’t just a couple — they also make music together. In search of a big break, they toured the state of Goiás with their band Só Se For Por Amor (Only for Love). Brothers Faldo (Micael), Nilton (Adriano Ferreira) and drummer Patricio (Giordano Castro) complete the ensemble. When they become a sensation on social media, businessman Cesar Marcolo (Gustavo Vaz) offers Deusa a solo career – against the persuasion of his wife and partner, Anna Legia (Anna Mamito).

When she jumps at the chance of fame, her relationship is damaged. Tadeu and the band search for a new lead singer at Gorete’s (Laila Garin)-run Bar do Corno, which only exacerbates the conflict in the relationship. It gets even worse when they meet singer Roberta (Luisa Fittipaldi) and the mysterious Eva (Agnes Nunes), who wants a chart-topping at any cost.

This true Brazilian drama stars Jennifer Nascimento, Bruno Vagundis, Leona Joffes, Alexandre Menezes, Clarisa Muller, and more. Marseille Cartaxo, Leo Jaime, Dai Camargo, Solange Almeida all looked great.

The series was led by Ana Luisa Azevedo, Gisele Barocco and Joanna Mariani So Se For Por Amor, which was produced by Curaçao da Silva, directed by. The music directors are Rico Viana and Robin Fever. The series was produced by Georgia Costa Araujo and presenter Luciano Patrick, who is also the author and screenwriter of the series.

About Netflix: With 221 million paying members in over 190 countries, Netflix is ​​the largest entertainment service in the world and provides access to a wide range of diverse series, documentaries, feature films, reality and comedy formats as well as mobile games in many languages. Members can stream unlimited content anytime, anywhere, using virtually any internet-connected device, without any ongoing obligations. Selected titles can be started, interrupted and continued at any time without any commercial breaks.

About Curaçao da Silva:

Coração da Selva has over 20 years of experience in the film industry and has achieved acclaimed screen, screen and internet productions during this time. The company has more than 80 national and international awards, including the International Emmy Award in 2014. Its productions include the feature film Praia do Futuro (Futuro Beach) starring Wagner Mora, which was shown in the Berlinale and the last movie Vou Nadar Até Você (Death of Ophelia) starring Bruna Marquezine, and it was shown at the Gramado Film Festival.

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