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In 2019, the second novel by author Juan S. Goose: “Miami Punk.” Guse has expanded the book world for NDR Kultur – into a standalone sequel in nine episodes.

My voice: Introduction – Miami Punk: The Complete Downloadable Content (2 min)

Here you will find all the episodes of this radio play, which we will be broadcasting for three weeks starting September 21 on NDR Kultur. The unusual series is illustrated by Stam, Music by Nikolai von Salwitz. You can also find this series in our podcast, NDR Radio Playbox, and in the ARD Audio Library.

Miami Punk: The Complete DLC by Juan S. Guse

Miami Punk: The Complete DLC © NDR / Sebastian Stamm Photo: Sebastian Stamm

Episode 1: The principle of the game

Four people are sitting in a remote hut in the woods somewhere near Salzgitter at night, playing with pen and paper. Diego, a soldier from the German army, withdraws here between assignments and invites his best friends to this game night: Alba, poet, billet, mayor, and cobra, doing something with advertising. The Pen & Paper seriesMiami Punk: The Complete DLC American writer David Dickwell.

Where: The Atlantic Ocean retreated off the coast of Miami overnight, leaving behind a desert. A plague of crocodiles is sweeping the city, the economy is in tatters, and the population is searching for answers to these unusual events. Diego explains the game principle for the three adventures he chose for the game night: he takes on the role of the narrator, that is, the “master of the game”, who controls the story and controls all secondary characters (non-playable characters). The other three players slip into the roles of their self-imagined characters, or their so-called personalities. The success of the game is determined by their own abilities, decisions made about possible paths to history and Roll 20.

On their first adventure, they sign up as members of a young wrestling club in Miami dedicated to battling crocodile plague: “Olive Mackerel”.

Episode 2: First Missions

Javier, Juanita, and Lars—the in-game Billet, Alba, and Cobra characters—began wearing spandex suits on their first mission. A wrestling club truck named “Poisoned Goose” takes them to a building in downtown Miami. Two alligators chased a kid’s birthday party. It turned out to be especially useful that the character Lars in Cobra is a lizard person who can communicate with reptiles. However, there is a fight in the middle of the tastelessly furnished noble apartment. Javier cannot be there for the second assignment due to his injuries sustained at the kids birthday party. Juanita and Lars, along with other members of Olive Mackerel, are sent to a house fire to save civilians from the flames. Although the firefighters are already on site, they are only providing lukewarm assistance. Gladiators are the cheapest alternative.

Episode 3: Violet Tigers

Billet Javier’s character is left alone in the wrestling club. Violet Tigers “roll over” access to explosive information, including the nearby wrestling club and its members, he said. The conclusions about olive green mackerel management practices and associations reveal questionable goals. But of course he is not alone. The adventure ends abruptly, typical of the stories of David Dickwell, author of The World of Pen and Paper. A Billet, Alba, and Cobra puzzle about Dickwell’s intentions – and Diego’s role. Maybe he’s just a very immersive game manager who has meticulously prepared for the night.

Episode 4: Research Mission

The second adventure begins at a US Coast Guard outpost in the desert off the coast of Miami, hundreds of miles from the mainland. Diego indicates a point on the map with pen and paper. Alba, Billet, and Cobra characters join Coast Guard cadets assigned to patrol the desert. They are assigned the task of answering a request for help from the so-called group of pilgrims who are said to have been lost in the desert. The characters use quads to search an unreal landscape of sand dunes, where mountains of rubbish and just whale skeletons are reminiscent of the former existence of the Atlantic Ocean. But in their mission, they are preoccupied with the conflict between the two most powerful enemy groups in the desert: the Japanese tribe and the merchant tribe.

Episode 5: The Japanese

Pelete is upset and angry when Diego appears to be using the game to confront his friends with painful memories. The situation in the forest hut is unfair. But Diego promises that everything will become clear if the group continues the adventure: the search for the missing pilgrims is far from over in search of the characters. To save themselves from a sandstorm, they board a stranded Japanese Self-Defense Force ship. A former oceanographic research vessel, the AGS Nichinan, is home to the Tribe of Japanese—or as the tribe likes to call itself: the Bene Gesserit. They are led by charismatic technician and obsessed reader Frank Herbert Sakiko Hayabusa. Far from all the “dunes” romance, the desert is now a profitable item for freelancers – and you can’t trust any non-playable character, no matter how cute they are.

Episode 6: The Pilgrims

After sleeping on the Japanese ship, the characters disembark armed with suppressed weapons and full-body costumes. Pilgrims and captured members of the Japanese tribe were held hostage in a tent camp. To free them, the characters must take out three guards. They are stationed around the camp. In a gunfight, only the dice decides the success or the game ends. Thanks to her character’s special skills, Alba sneaks into the camp and finds a pilgrim alive. But the rescue operation failed when cruise missiles were suddenly dropped from the Zeppelin. Diego looked upset, obviously hiding something. The end of the scene looks like a reenactment of one of his duties as a drone pilot in Mali. But Diego definitely wants to play the third adventure before all the explanations. Because the best is yet to come.

Episode 7: Mother

The third adventure finally takes Cobra, Alba, and Billet to Rowdy Yates, a former concrete compound in the Miami suburbs. The Cobra is very reminiscent of the Ihme Center in Hannover. More than 1,500 people were to live in seven apartment towers and work at the base of the building below. At that time, there were offices, kindergartens and beauty salons – but within a few years the base was empty and began to decay. One afternoon, Rudy Yates uncontrollably soared into the sky and flew east into the desert. All three remember this supernatural event, which has not been fully accomplished to this day. In the adventure, the three characters enter the role of roommates who are surprised by the shivering take-off of the complex and who enter the action on the sixth day of the first flight. In the mid-Atlantic, a question arises: Who controls the Rowdy Yates?

Episode 8: Catacombs

The characters set out on an expedition to the basements of Rowdy Yates. It is said that there is a jamming device that isolates the flying building complex from the outside world. But not only people are suspected of the catacombs. It is said that no one is alive. The characters join Ana O., who leads the research team into the building complex. There is no electricity on the floors, complete darkness. But the darkness here is different: it’s thicker, denser, semi-fluid, and alters perception, according to Ana O. Equipped with LED headlights, three gauges and ropes, they search downstairs through the cellar for clues to the source of interference. During “The Landing”, the mood in the forest hut becomes more tense as Diego blurs the line between fantasy and reality more and more. Only Cobra doesn’t care at all: his character is dead, and he’s struggling to digest snacks.

Episode 9: The Source

The expedition’s power is torn apart, and all remaining NPCs may have been lost. Billet and Alba characters Javier and Juanita finally have to separate from Rudy Yates in the sixth basement and continue to search for the source of the turmoil alone. At the same time, they get to the core of the story about “Miami Punk” and driving the flying concrete giant: a strange, inhuman voice tells Juanita so that Anna runs screaming. Billet’s character Javier has reached the seventh basement, walking in a mixed forest at night. In the pen and paper epilogue, Diego is confronted again by Pelet with the memory of a tragic accident. Meanwhile, the noise of the meter increases, and it seems that the source of the interference signal is directly in front of it. What does Billet see through his character’s eyes?

cast and crew

Miami Punk: The Complete DLC

with: Stefan Konarski (Diego/Gamemaster), Lisa Hardina (Alba / Juanita), Taner Sahinturk (Bellet / Javier) and Sebastian Zimmerler (Cobra / Lars).
Such as: Timo Wescord (Bon), Julia Windischbauer (Simon), Frauk Pullman (customer and neighbor), Sebastian Miro (crocodile and spots), Sebastian Schwab (Tom as well as a cartoon character), Lily Lorenz (Lisa), Claudia Jan (Elsa), Cyril Helviktruly (Philippe) Andrei Agranovsky (Prince and Pablo), Melina von Jagern (scooter), Mary Locker (Nada), Heiko Rawlin (Kobayashi), Annika Mayer (hayabusa), Felix von Manteufel (Edinger), Michael Stiller (Hajj), Christian Rosbach (Patricia), Sandra Gerling (Ana O. and also Announcements/Cancellations), Matthew Lega (Ryosh), Inga Bush (HC Rachel).
Technical realization: Corinna Gathmann, Twigon Kiraly, Norbert Vossen, Sebastian Ohm, Philip Stein.
formation: Nicholas Salvitz.
Artwork: Sebastian Stam.
works: Dagmar Tietze.
Director: Iris Drogkamp And (The mixture in Episodes 5-9/Parts 2 and 3) Felix Lehmann.
co-director: Felix Lehmann, Joanna Isinger.
Drama: Michael Baker.
Produce: North German Radio / South West Radio 2022.

Author Juan S. Guse.  © Daria Brabansky, Photo: Daria Brabansky

Author Juan S. Guse.

Juan S Goose, Born in Selegenstadt in 1989, he lives in Hanover, and made his debut in 2015 with his novel Lärm und Bäume. His second novel, “Miami Punk” was published in 2019. He has received the Villa Aurora Fellowship, the Hanover Prize for Literature, and the KELAG Prize at the 2022 Ingeborg Bachmann Prize, among others. He is a Research Associate at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Hannover and is doing his Ph.D. in the field of Organizational Sociology on Formal Organized Esteem and Devaluation of People.

“Miami Punk” is published by S. Fischer.

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