6 road trip movies that will increase your love of wanderlust

Due to various complications, many of them could not go on vacation this year, which, of course, did not improve the general mood. However, we do have a method by which you can travel for a short time. the next six road trip movies So we give you inspiration for your next adventure and make love of wanderlust worse, but it can also increase anticipation of the upcoming holiday.

All about “road trip movies”:

These are our 6 favorite road trip movies

Noisy road trips doden They are all wide Traveling by car, often without planning the route will. In other attempts to define, it is not entirely clear whether road trips are undertaken exclusively by car or also by other means of transportation. That’s why we bring you different segments of exciting car and bike trips around the world.

Just because there isn’t a vacation possible right now doesn’t mean you have to do without travel experiences. Road trip movies inspire and Take us from the sofa to a world far away. Our favorite Netflix And the Amazon Prime collected for you.

“25 km/h” is a good German road trip movie. picture: IMAGO Images / Event Press

1. 25 km/h

Let’s start our list with a German movie that goes straight to the heart. It’s all about two brothers who haven’t spoken to each other for a long time – and reconnected after their father’s death. They take this as an opportunity Finally to tackle the motorbike tour they’ve wanted to do since they were teenagers. So they spread all over Germany – at a constant rate of 25 km per hour.

with Joke a lot of magic and also serious moments This German road trip movie is truly something for the heart. You can stream it on NetflixAnd the RTL + And the stars.

Starring Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen in Green Book. picture: IMAGO Group / Everett

1. The green book

In 1962, talented African-American pianist Dr. Don Shirley One Musical tour deep in the southern USA It is led by an Italian-American guard.

Because they are on a journey with me You face a lot of racism and different dangers Be, they should make their trip to The Negro Driver’s Green Book She plans to create a travel guide for African American-friendly accommodations and restaurants.

Movie is playing Netflix Available and brings racist attacks and The conflicts at that time clearly ended She was touched by the emerging friendship between the pianist and the keeper.

2. 303

303 in Amazon Prime Available and obvious favorites among road trip movies. Remember a little the many dialogues and plural Philosophical approaches and romantic developments for love movie before the sun rise.

In the movie 303, a 24-year-old college student, Jule, rides in an RV. Mercedes Hymer 303 To Portugal to announce her pregnancy to the child’s father at the destination. On the way there she meets the political student with whom she travels together On philosophical questions and their everyday problems He speaks.

3. Leave the frame

Actress Maria Erich with her boyfriend and journalist Manuel Ferring from Kenya to Mexico to the USA. They both got it back 20,000 km on the way Volkswagen-beetle. The film revolves around Ehrich and her search for meaning away from scenarios and castings.

in general captivate leave frame Less plot and interviews, giving the movie and the journey more depth, but through Intense color photos and stunning drone shots. The 96 minute movie of 2019 is in Netflix Available.

Selena Gomez
Care Essentials is a great and important road trip movie. picture: Annette Brown / Netflix

4. House wrap

In this exclusive to Netflix American drama available allows the former writer Train Ben to become a nurse after several blows of fate He is taking care of 18-year-old Trevor.

Together, the unexpected duo starts one A road trip through the western states of the United States He approached her in a friendly manner. The movie is worth watching mainly because of the main actors Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts.

5. Pedal World

Felix Starck starts with a travel partner and €12,000 in his pocket Riding a bike, but without prior training. After severe pneumonia and a refugee travel partner five weeks after the start, the filmmaker has to start over.

Despite the pain and motivational issues, Starck sets out on the journey and takes 365 days 17,918 km across 22 countries return. However, he also did many of his stages by plane, which brought him a lot of criticism from other cyclists.

The film despite the criticism and the relatively lack of marketing big success. Whether the movie is 80 minutes pedal world Everyone can help Netflix Check yourself.

If you like these documents, you can in Netflix Moreover happiness happiness Looking at. In his controversial travel documentary, Starck documents the journey across the Americas with Salima Tibi in a motorhome.

Holiday Quick Packing List

Encourage the love of touring with road trip movies

Whether Documentary or Fiction: Road trip movies are also a distraction from everyday life at home and Makes you want adventure. in Netflix be leave frameAnd the green bookAnd the home wrap And the pedal world Recommended, in Amazon Prime the film 303. But we also have other exciting things NetflixTips for you.

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