Watched: Ad Infinitum (gamescom 2022)

Ad Infinitum is an upcoming adventure and horror game set in the First World War. At gamescom 2022, publisher Nacon presented the title and new details were introduced. Ad Infinitum is being developed by studio Hekate in Berlin and is expected to be released on April 20, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC. The title must be playable in German, English and French.

The game of life between fantasy and reality

Ad Infinitum aims to introduce players to a darker version of World War I, in which a German soldier navigates between reality and the world of dreams. Since the psychological atrocities of this war were of particular interest to the developers, the realistic experience is important despite the surreal elements. In addition to historical objects from that time, the game mainly deals with the question of how the soldier performed during the war and what he did to him. This is why it is not entirely clear what the soldier is really experiencing and what the fantasy is.

Ad Infinitum takes place between reality and fiction. For example, a barbed wire fence moves like a snake.

How to play: puzzles, escape and exploration

Balanced gameplay is also important for developers. There must be puzzle elements, some of which have to be solved in a certain amount of time. There are also lanes to escape and hide while various monsters roam the game. These players track and have different characteristics. Another focus is on exploring different locations. As a real place that is part of the soldier’s personal background, there is a palace in Berlin. His family lives there too, and they must be rescued somehow. There are trenches as intermediate levels, surrounded by walls, which signify the horrors of war as well as the so-called no man’s land, a devastated and devastated area between war zones. Finally, there will also be surreal levels that elude obvious localization.

Like any good horror game, Ad Infinitum has terrifying creatures.

Several ways are possible

The objective of this seven hour horror game will be to save your character and his family. Otherwise, you will end up in eternal shock. The address should offer three different ways to bring yourself, everyone, or just your family to safety. How exactly this works remains to be seen. Likewise, players can collect various information to better understand the backstory and experience the dynamic world. Whether Ad Infinitum sets new milestones in survival horror and delivers a successful journey into World War I or whether the whole thing follows clear and long-known patterns will be revealed in 2023, when the game’s beta is complete.

Notes can be found in the game that provide interesting information.

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  • Watched: Ad Infinitum (gamescom 2022)

    Conclusion on Ad Infinitum

    The scene of World War I surprised me a little, but it also made me curious. Although the first details of Ad Infinitum have revealed that the game will attempt to show an inner psychological insight and thus a unique experience, it remains to be seen if this is possible with several related genres.

    Anne Catherine Gunther, Editor

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