TV Awards 2022 Nominations: It’s Never Broadcast Anymore

Remember 2019, when there was a brief plan to create the “Best Broadcasting Program” category at the German Television Awards. Soon Stiftert thought of something better – and that’s a good thing, after all, the two worlds can no longer be completely separated even with established media companies – and the amount of premium programs that have been played using classic streaming devices or first in media libraries, is steadily increasing.

This is also reflected in the fact that more streaming productions than ever were nominated in all categories this year. With five nominations, the Netflix series “The Billion Dollar Code” tops the list of the most nominated productions, along with the Sky series “Der Pass.” Netflix also co-stars with “Gladbeck” and “Shiny_Flakes”, RTL+ is also in the series “The White Silence”, “Faking Hitler”, “Ferdinand von Schirach – Faith” and “MSV – My heart beat numa here”, with two of “Oh Hell” and “Herr Raue travels” are Magenta TV products nominated, and Amazon can hope to win an award with “LOL.”

Chairman of the jury, Wolf Power

In any case, the live broadcast competition got TV moving overall, says jury chairwoman Wolfe Bauer, who is quite satisfied with the show’s year: “The show’s work seems to be getting bolder, more varied, and more modern overall. The increasing loss leads For linear use in particular with younger target groups looking for young “spontaneous” formats on the part of established broadcasters. In general, there is more courage to experiment even in the middle of television, competition gives audiences new ideas and new faces in all areas of the program. We live In difficult times that require us to think and act in a new way, and this is undoubtedly reflected in our television work.”

In the field of the novel, Bauer sees “a wide range of themes and forms”: “Productions that take a new and coherent view of historical events have caused quite a stir here, as has an imaginative examination of current social conditions and political processes.” The media sphere is “strongly influenced by the events taking place since the beginning of the Ukraine war”, which is reflected, above all, in the nomination of two correspondents. At the same time, Bauer mentioned in the conversation that “changes in our society” are reflected, for example the debate on diversity and exotic topics is very present.

Nominations for the German Television Prize 2022

But who can hope for the prizes? In the critical comparison of work categories according to groups of broadcasters, ZDF leads with 13 entries, followed by ARD with ten entries, plus RTL Germany with seven entries and RTLtwo plus ProSiebenSat.1 with two entries each. MagentaTV and Netflix are each nominated, plus one nomination each for Amazon Prime and Sky. If you also include the categories of people, ZDF with 25 is ahead of the ARD with 24 signs. RTL Germany owns 14, Netflix 8, ProSiebenSat.1 Seven, Sky Five, Magenta TV four, RTLzwei two, Amazon Prime and Welt one each.

Billion dollar code
© Netflix / Scout Movie
Billion Dollar Law tops the rankings with The Passport

In a comparison of the nominated productions, the mini-series “The Billion Dollar Code” (Netflix) and the drama series “Der Pass” (Sky) in fiction lead, each with five nominations. The TV movie “Die Wannseekonferenz” (ZDF) got four mentions, and three went to “Faking Hitler” (RTL +), “Ein Leben Lang” (ARD), “Schneller als die Angst” (ARD) and “Oh Hell.” (Purple TV). In the field of entertainment, the program “Who Steals the Show” (ProSieben) received three nominations, and in the information, three nominations went to “Kevin Kühnert and SPD” (NDR). Women in all categories account for 36% of the nominations.

This year, for the first time, the German Television Prize will be awarded in two evenings. September 13 marks Creativity Night, with awards given in the categories of Best Director, Best Book, Best Camera, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Design in Fiction, Entertainment and Information. Jana Pareigis will drive during this evening, which takes place at Studio Ehrenfeld in Cologne. All other categories will then be available the following evening as part of the TV Show of the Year, which will be broadcast on ZDF with a time delay. In this context, the sponsorship award and the donor honorary award are also awarded. Barbara Schonberger will straighten out again.

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