Dark Images: The Devil Is Within Me

There are likely to be quite a few fans who are looking forward to November 18 and the look associated with Part 4 of “dark pictures– Forward. Then the first season finale appears.

Having already briefed you on what to expect with the latest spin-offs in our preview of The Devil in Me, this year at gamescom we had the opportunity to chat with Supermassive Games Director Tom Heaton. to conduct an interview.

Dark Images: The Devil Is Within Me

You can find out exactly what we’ve been able to learn about the game, the background, and possible future plans here.

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me Interview

PF: How was the topic surrounding HH Holmes and his hotel brought up?

First of all, we always focus on the genre or sub-genre of horror we want to delve into. When we next came across the killer hotel story, we committed ourselves relatively quickly. The story, with all its little things and world fame, was perfect for inspiration. It’s a great story. I mean it reads like fiction. This guy who showed up in Chicago in the 1890s is building a hotel for the World’s Fair. A happening fair and a huge hotel, huge in size, good for Chicago at the time, after which he gets arrested and charged with murder.

He confessed to 27 murders and when they entered the hotel they realized this was crazy. It was built to confuse people and confused people. There are corridors that don’t go anywhere, that go back, and walls that move and all that kind of thing.”

PF: Were there any serial killers other than HH Holmes to choose from for the game?

“We didn’t have any other obvious names in mind. What we put in is that despite our true crime inspiration, we attach great importance to the character’s historical distance. We found at HH Holmes someone who fit that style well. It didn’t take long for us to draw on True crime, the capture of a serial killer, and the psychology of a serial killer.”

“We had a modern assassin who built his own version of this killing castle and it’s very rich. There was a lot of stuff to take advantage of. There are a lot of things for people familiar with this story that they will find in the game. This is just a really cool inspiration, and this is really top notch in the game. “.

Dark Images: The Devil Is Within Me
Dark Images: The Devil Is Within Me

PF: The hotel setting feels more like an escape room this time around, not a linear experience in the early games. do you agree?

“Every time we do The Dark Pictures we try to bring something new into the formula here. We brought in the mechanics of exploration, the ability to bend, crawl, jump, climb, hide and shake. And so we’re scaling up the whole range. And then there are things like inventory so that the characters have tools that they can Use it to try to spend the night and find things in the world or use key points in the game and important paths.

We’ve also included a number of puzzle mechanics, which are somewhat similar to an escape room. Some are ideas straight from escape rooms, some are more like traditional gameplay like puzzles, find codes, spot puzzles, we have mazes etc so it fits the theme well and brings something new to it.”

PF: What movie or series was your biggest inspiration? “The devil is in me”?

“Saw is definitely at the forefront with all his creations. Other than that, of course, we’ve also looked a lot at the classics, like Halloween or Friday the 13th or Psycho. It’s those movies that usually drive this idea. Killers go about their business quietly. They know that the idea of Chasing a victim slowly down a lane and the inevitability of catching them is a very powerful, very scary, unforgiving concept, so we really wanted to capture that.”

Dark Images: The Devil Is Within Me
Dark Images: The Devil Is Within Me

PF: in “House of Ash” (Our review) has often been criticized for feeling like a playable movie rather than a real game. Is this in “The devil is in me” case again?

Surely the devil in me would be a different experience. The plan is to give the player more control and more freedom. This resolution can be seen relatively well, especially in the changes to the gameplay. You as a player decide where to crawl, climb or jump under. In these exploration sections, one of the things we were very interested in was creating something scary and where you can’t see near the next corner or where the threat is always there.

It gets even scarier when you give the player more responsibility. Do I want to crawl into this hidden room or is it a bad idea? Do we put the ideas in the player’s head that you have these options, or what is the best option? I think it all adds to the mood.”

PF: Will we learn more about the role of the coordinator this time?

“Well, one of the game’s biggest puzzles is the curator. This has its own story that will carry over right into season 2. What we do is we take that story a little further each time, and no, that’s unresolved in The Devil In Me.”

Obviously, the curator has his own story. As you can see, the story of the mysterious narrator revolves from one game to the next. Of course, I cannot reveal exactly what it is about and how much you will find out in The Devil Within Me.

Dark Images: The Devil Is Within Me
Dark Images: The Devil Is Within Me

PF: Will there be endless endings again?

“I don’t like talking about the number of endings anymore because I don’t think it’s useful and people calculate endings in different ways depending on how many characters will survive or die. What I can say about that is that the choices you make have a huge spacing at the end, and that’s a promise to the player. What What you do matters, and it will be reflected in the endings. Anyone can live and anyone can die, and how life affects or doesn’t affect those endings too.”

PF: Are we looking forward to PS5 special features?

“There are a few things specific to the PS5. The PS5 has a great console with triggers and touches. It’s safe to say we’ve included every feature available to us. So you can look forward to things like haptic feedback or adaptive stimuli. It’s about improving the connection between the player and the game.” So sometimes it’s just the little things.”

PF: some examples?

“If you go outside and it’s raining, you can feel a few drops of rain on the console through the console, and it’s very subtle, yet immersive. It brings you into this world, and as you move into this world and pick things up, we can use Enhanced Feedback.” It’s about making a connection, albeit a very subtle one, between what you see on the screen and what you feel. It’s a much more present game with feel and controls, but it’s also about how we can use this great controller to enhance the scene without intrusive.”

PF: One last thing – do you have any plans for a future VR project?

“We are always looking for options, but we don’t have anything specific at the moment. I loved Rush of Blood for the adrenaline, but nothing is planned at the moment.”

Thank you for this interview!

We’re looking forward to a great horror adventure when The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me releases on November 18 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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