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While we already came to the conclusion Friday about Gamescom’s restart as Germany’s top consumer electronics trade fair and also reported the release of Return of the Monkey Island on September 19, we want to share more of our impressions of the Game Show with you. After all, we didn’t just look at the exhibition pavilions from the outside. Hopefully, in the times of GeForce Now, Shadow, Stadia, and consoles, you’ll forgive us for ignoring platform limitations this time around.

Warhammer 40K: Darktide

The debut is Warhammer 40k: Darktide from the developer studio Fatshark, who was also responsible for two Vermintide games. The game is fairly typical for Gamescom, on the one hand a lot of fun and funny games were shown this year, but on the other hand, there were more brutal titles with less child-friendly content.

Darktide at least goes to the extreme when it comes to depicting violence. As a team of four outcasts, you must venture into the lower levels of the Tertium Hive, where chaos reigns and the inhabitants are turned into demons. Since the Imperial Army currently has no one better on hand, you can take on the task of investigating to stop the chaos spreading.

You can choose from four classes that come with their own perks, skills, and weapon customization options. You don’t need to expect particularly high intellectual demands from the sniper launcher announced on November 30th, but Darktide pretty much delivers exactly what you’d expect from a combat shooter in the bleak Wahrhammer 40K universe. If you can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality, you’d better look away, but Warhammer 40K: Darktide actually gets you four and a half out of five blood-stained sequential words.

Dead Island 2: Hell

Dead Island 2 zombie shooter is no less combative. While unfortunately only a video demo was shown in the entertainment district, developer Dambuster Studios and publisher Deep Silver allowed us to run the title at the Plaion (formerly Koch Media) kiosk in the business district.

This time, Dead Island 2 does not play on an island, but in the greater Los Angeles area – the developers renamed it “HELL-A”. The zombie invasion has thrown the American West Coast into chaos and the American army has deserted it. You slip into the role of survivors who are infected but immune to the actual outbreak. Instead, the zombie virus gives you new abilities through mutations that will be of great use to you in fighting hordes of zombies.

Also in Dead Island 2 a lot of love is put into the details when dismembering your living foes. The voracious spawn can be maintained with a variety of melee weapons and long range weapons. The effectiveness of the weapons also varies with the type of zombie. The electric blades leave the electric zombies unmoved, but the ax with the flamethrower attached has a much better effect. And while you can cut off zombie limbs with surgical precision, slowing them down and weakening them, a smashed skull or a completely severed head is clearly the most enduring way to calm a zombie.

Before the outcry over depictions of violence follows, let me assure you that Dead Island 2 is clearly identifiable as a game. The surreal scenario, somewhat comedy-like graphics, and the dry humor of the characters should make the game known as such to any sane adult. However, it is hoped that USK will see it the same way and will give the title an “18+” rating and the title will also be available in Germany from February 3, 2023 uncut.

Metal: Helsinger

Things are also heating up in the beat of the Metal Shooter: Hellsinger. You slip into the role of a demon seeking revenge who has some accounts to settle in Hell and slay hordes of demons to the beat of hard rock.

Admittedly, this not only looks like the old Guitar Hero 6 version of Doom Slayer on his birthday, but it plays like it too. The better you hit the beat of the music with shots and punches, the more load your score multiplier will be and the more soundtrack the game will throw at you. If you push the multiplier to 16x, the game will reward you not only with rain of points with every kill, but also with vocal lines in your ear canal. Musically, a lot of heavy metal fans are served, because the developers have put together a whole bunch of famous greats from international metal bands to record new songs especially for the title. They include Alyssa White Glos from Art Anime, Serge Tankian from System of a Dawn and Matt Heavi of Trivium.

Metal: Hellsinger’s release has already been announced on September 15, and a free demo is already available for download on Steam.

Earth: Revival

The open-world shooter Earth: Revival feels more calm and less brutal, although PVE battles remain an important element of the game. SciFi is set after an alien invasion at the beginning of the 22nd century. As a survivor, you are involved in rebuilding human civilization. However, the legacy of the invaders must also be removed or at least kept at a distance. Because these are a plethora of small to tallest monsters that make your life difficult and of course vulnerable in the most resource-rich areas.

In addition to missions in the free game world and developing your character, you can expect crafting, base building, PVE raids and at the end of the game also various PVP content such as tournaments and Battle Royale mode. In addition to other players, you also have a pet as a loyal companion that can support you in the fight against alien mutants.

We find Earth: Rivaval particularly noteworthy not only because of developer Nuverse, which is behind TikTok makers Bytedance, but also because the game is being developed as a multiplayer title between PC and mobile devices. We were able to take a quick look at both versions, but half an hour in the booth was of course not enough for a definitive conclusion. However, the developers have already announced the first beta testing from September 2-18, where you can sign up here.

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