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Entry date: 08/30/2022


In the text mining category, we examine terms in the body of texts that are part of artistic discourse.
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subordinate art market In sentences:
The art market is a world of experience among others, and thus follows the rules of complex relationship marketing.

Keeping an overview of price developments in the art market is often a difficult task, not only for ordinary people interested in art, but also for collectors, gallery owners or museum people.

An outline of two tracks of research that will intertwine in later stages—the discourse of the academic art market and the relationship between the global and regional levels of the art field—provides further investigations into the processes of value formation and commodity formation in contemporary art.

Thus Warhol comically undermines the principles of the art market and shakes the clear line between signed originals and infinitely reproducible prints.

In addition, the artist reflects sensitively and imaginatively the interest in, viewing and viewing of art or the role of the art market in our society in obscure pictorial inventions.

The focus of his work has been to critically and subversively question the role of art, the art market, and the museum as an institution.

Women still get less attention in the art market, and they are underrepresented in museums.

The gallery owner explains in an open letter that she has failed to live up to her ideals and is in desperation with the art market.

The gallery serves as an element of the art market purely economic purposes.

For the international art market, Art Basel is the most important world fair of all time with contemporary art from the 20th and 21st centuries.

The art market has reached maturity, and for all the professionalism in dealing with art, it must also be about content.

Buergel explicitly makes a counterpoint to the fast pace of the art market and the nihilism it produces in terms of content.

Mostly emerging artists who have already gained a foothold in the art market are exhibited without being established.

Anyone who knows the right people and finds the right gallery owner and collector has a great chance of gaining popularity in the art market and long-term success.

The project space itself is a niche product between the “art market and the road through institutions”.

The art market is a particularly important and dynamic sub-sector of the cultural and creative industries.

Players in the art market: artists, art schools, collectors, galleries, auction houses, art galleries, art critics.

Full of irony, Muller points to the practices of the international art market, where art content is often overshadowed by marketing.

The art market thrives on its own and must…also be viewed completely independently of art.

Verbs in the context of the art market:
He, will, become, be, be, be, become, may, go, develop, manage, allow, can, seek, provide, find, understand, can, give, put, must, change, remain, develop, allow, Historic, commodity, plural, link, establish, come, be, form, lie, display, put, determine, deal, take, see, point out, discover, create, make, say, stand, right, give, were, pull, pursues, articulates, was, emerges, raises, can, enters, apparatus, works, examines, emerges, means, cares, reacts, strengthens, will, holds, tries, opens, explains, presents, connects, shape, sells, approaches, place, apply, deliver, acknowledge, instruct, know, define, want, reciprocate, see, interest, emphasize, last, seem, bring, more interesting, international, devoted, established, spend, implement, effect investigation helps come will Follow Focus Also began establishing opportunistic deal Claims fetch groups Show, torpedo, dedicate, observe, follow, investigate, lead, then, drown, bind, demand, demand, discover, Helen, share, turn to democracy, must, decide, share, benefit, claim, succeed, bring, establish, mediated, act, divided into parts, create, operate, underline, lead, set, give, hope, act, walk, seek, aim, throw, speak, know, get, read, take care of, keep, arise, use, gain, dominate, swing, lead, will keep, influence, catch, quote, say, buy, contain, obtain, accomplish, know, approach, find, act, distinguish, follow, reach, satisfy, accomplish, shape, see, endowed, sell, say, know, calculate , bring, therefore, celebrate, constitute, to what extent, comprehensive, understand, meet, display, network, beget, publish, implement, process, act, modern, be, obligate, equipped, concealed, counted, inform, lies, springy embossed,

Names in the context of the art market:
art market, art, art market, artists, genre, women artists, cologne, component, century, university, title, practice, art market, years, work, transparency, audience, production conditions, explosion, institutional criticism, research, position, relevance , mechanisms, artists* inside, concept, exhibition, themes, institute, situation, application, central archive, visualizations, time, context, texts, origin, artist list, artistic discourse, center, works, associations, years, body of texts, Artists, evaluation attempts, limitations, art criticism, risks, art market area, system, opportunity, questions, junior professor, art history, art market research, auction, attack, management, artwork, experts, discussion group, conclusion, exchange, Museums Principle, Transformation, Biennial Sector, Wall, Modernity, Prize, Turner, Prize, Winners, Tai, Shani, Ribbon, Banana, Camuk, Flowers, Opinion, Literature, Population, Millions, Demands, Authors, Art Scene, Region DIFFUSION, NAME, POSTER, PUBLICATIONS, WORKING CONDITIONS, CERTIFICATES, ART, FRAME, T ataxia, galleries, Holland, sculptors, art gallery crises, auction trade, media, theory, social crises, choice, artists, creative crises, artists, approaches, collectibles, art market events, seminars, inspiration, pressure, frontiers, wisdom, principles, warhol, promise, immortality, memoir, expression, words, link factor, biennial factor, database, frieze, data, visions, reflection, artist list, links, illustration, events, difference, network analysis, investigation, midpoint , archive topics, mediation, masters concentration, teaching, exhibitions, art market structures, activities, main exhibition, neighborhood, business, interaction, photography, insight, people, institution, fair, talks, space, meeting, venue, dialogue, market Technician, Whereabouts, Establishment, Research, Route, Curators, Information Exchange, Networks, Platform, Experts, Students, Scholars, Regions, Periods, Art Markets, Teaching, Understanding, Support, Link, Market, Dispose, Exploration, Network, sales, number, group, dates festivals manifesto media investigations victory fiction achievement democratization people art markets international opening times october theme event minimalism pop art sign star 1960s creation saving currents, letters, contribution, conceptual art, 2000s, history, part, september, change, aspects, curators, art critics, dealers, museum directors, collectors, artists, perspective, debates, serials, journalist, art critic, commentary, art market, berlin, vision, money, operating system, men, regions, women, guerrilla, art market prices, demand, supply, laws, variance, Bildungsroman, startup, media art, art market event, year, COLOGNE, ART , art galleries, top level, collaboration, newcomers, gallery ller, awards, art association, releases, blockchain, compilation, success story, tragedy, narrative, driving force, awards, fellow artists, competition, violence, war, conflicts, exhibitions major, marketing icons, strategy, questioning, conversation tour, dynamics, strategies, p Mel, Success, Velthuis, Preconditions, Discussion, Environment, Attitude, Questioning, Groups, Cultural Foundation, Public, Commitment, Project, Entrepreneur, Market, American,


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