Taurus: stubborn, connoisseur, and family man at the same time

In fact, Taurus not much mood,
As it is said – it is not a fire element, but an earth element. On the contrary: the zodiac sign is equal Very quiet and discreet.
Only stubbornness is not a rumor, but a bitter reality.

A creature of habit exhibits a fixed trait, which means that it sticks to its opinions and itself Reluctance to venture into unfamiliar territory
Taurus mistakes usually make no difference. A stubborn one knows exactly when to act stubbornly. It only gets hard when he’s totally Taurus In terms of pure increments
At worst, you lose control.

Typical Taurus Personality Traits

Strengthening – Strengthens: Weaknesses:
calm intransigence
honesty Jealous
passion physical
patience Greed
authenticity intransigence
Balance Rush
Wafaa Black and white thinking

Work and career: money is not a motivator for the earth element

Bulls can be found in many industries: Agriculture, gastronomy, art, cosmetics, finance
… the list is endless. Despite her seemingly many talents, her career and The job is not a priority
for the zodiac sign. They don’t even want to be employees of the month or earn half a fortune. The main thing is that they With conviction and structure
an act.

The secret behind how it works? Perhaps a Taurus simply doesn’t take himself or others seriously. It just started – and scored like this Unofficial best results.
If the zodiac sign is overwhelmed, then she has no problem expressing this and abandoning tasks. We can say: Bulls as fellows are a dream!

Partnership and love: a relationship is perhaps the greatest gift

as such Absolute family man
Taurus makes sure that their social environment is always good. He finds it incomprehensible how today’s breakaway society doesn’t struggle for their relationships! bulls Try everything to avoid breaking up
Their sense of obligation is very strong. After all, there’s also a reason we found each other in the first place. This love just needs to be rediscovered.

If a zodiac sign is in love, they would like to let the whole world get involved. In order to show no less than: Partner: In his strong bond, Taurus is not very good for anything: Date nights are a well-established tradition
They can range from romantic candlelit dinners to couch movie nights. The main thing is that Taurus feels safe and secure. They only love love – but please In long-term monogamous relationships.

What are 3 zodiac signs best suited for Taurus?

Taurus is purely theoretical Compatible with all items.
There is no set that would be so awesome. Proven by his ideal partners: Aquarius, Pisces and Cancer
Go better with Taurus – a wild combination.

Aquarius is actually the opposite of what Taurus is looking for in a relationship. However, her dreamy spiritual nature makes her very special Attractive challenge.
When it comes to romance, Pisces and Taurus get along wonderfully. They help each other to overcome fears.
When it comes to build a nest
Go, the cancer is there. Really cute couple!

What 3 zodiac signs do not go well with Taurus?

Relationships with fire elements can work, but unfortunately they don’t work out well most of the time. Aries
They are over the top for the bull – theirs Irritable and impatient
It confuses the zodiac sign greatly. subordinate Protect
live fully freedom and independence,
Which bulls, who need security, do not find too great. The same applies to twins:
As an air sign, it goes out of line but looks like a bow with it Spontaneous dynamic objects.
Taurus recedes with gratitude and then tends to favor other groups.

Gender: Things get wild in Taurus’ bed

When a Taurus has sex, 99.99% of the time is in a partnership. One night stand or friendship + is not typical
and rare. Means: In the dating phase – sometimes very long – there is no invitation to the bedroom. If a zodiac sign finds someone hot, it gets fixed Communicate clearly!
At least on this point, no time is wasted.

The actual sex act is Emotional, lively and sensual.
Taurus are great lovers and need control – Slavery and other dominant games
She is always welcome. As you know from love comics, Taurus turns fantasy into reality: a sexual adventure can easily go on all night long — there’s definitely no time for bed.

Friendship: With a little time and patience, the most beautiful connections are

In fact, Taurus no enemies
– Her social style is welcomed by everyone. On the other hand, Taurus often keeps a distance and allows only a few people to enter its closest circle. The risks of making wrong and ill-considered decisions are very high. In the event of quarrels and discussions, the zodiac sign runs away faster than you see it. Perhaps forgive in hindsight – But never forget that.

In general, the Earth element is very creative and shares his hobbies
with friends. If there’s one thing Taurus really hates, it’s sports. Prefer a quiet evening at home! bulls They are also good at keeping secrets
On the other hand, they don’t like to gossip. It’s okay to share a little gossip with best friends now and then.

Fashion: Taurus wants quality over quantity

to her sense of aesthetics
It can hardly be surpassed – and of course it can also be seen in the wardrobe of Taurus. The sign of the zodiac holds above everything Bright, neutral colors with simple patterns.
In summer, there is nothing prettier for a Taurus woman than an airy boho dress with a floral print! Pink blush and subtle beach waves complete the look.

Quality is at the top of the Taurus style. Even if it’s hard for him at times, this zodiac sign retracts when shopping: it likes to be Rethink consumer behavior.
Instead, practical clothes are increasingly used, which can even be worn at best Re-purpose or combination
Could you.

This is what the rise of Taurus and Moon sign says about you

Many people make the mistake of referring only to the zodiac sign of the horoscope. But if you look at Entire Birth Chart
– which consists of 12 houses and thus 12 signs of the zodiac at the same time – there is a real aha moment. Ascendant, moon sign and zodiac form The so-called “Big Three”,
The latter is also referred to as the sun sign. If your ascendant is Taurus, so are you Often.
Usually your situation has a good reason: someone did not listen to you – and therefore not only drags himself into unpleasant situations, but you too.

The moon sign sounds ambiguous, but it’s not much: if the moon was in the constellation Taurus at the time of your birth, then this is your moon sign. People with this trait They like to take their time.
No partner at 30? who cares? Many other zodiac signs can learn a lot from your calmness. keep up!

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