Visit of the District Migration Advisory Board to the duty station: current status

Message from 07.07.2022

More than 2,300 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in the Neuwied region since the start of the war in Ukraine. There has been a big change for them since the 1st of June. With the so-called “change of legal field” from the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act to the Social Law Entitlement Foundations (SGB II and XII), they are placed on a par with recognized asylum seekers.

The District Migration Advisory Board received live updated information on the services provided to Ukrainian refugees. (photo: private)

Chris Noyved: Equality score: a higher claim to benefits and the right to become a member of a statutory health insurance company. The Job Center is now generally responsible for awarding benefits. In individual cases, social welfare offices are the appropriate contacts.

“Mammoth Mission” for work centers
Managing Director Theo Crayer and Deputy Director General Michael Runkel report to the Advisory Board on Migration and Integration in Neuwied County what this means in the day-to-day work of the Landkreis Neuwied Job Center (JC): all refugees who have come to Germany until May 31 and until May 31, meet the requirements for entitlement to benefits With the so-called imaginary testimony. During the transition period ending August 31, they will be converted to SGB benefits. No less than a monumental task, as Michael Rankel emphasizes.

In a “Special Team in Ukraine”, the Job Center has accumulated technical and professional competence for processing benefits applications – including two language mediators, because the language hurdle is one of the biggest challenges in processing an application. However, the two managing directors were able to report a track record of accomplishment. Despite the very short-lived change – there were only four days between the law’s publication and its entry into force – the large number of benefit applications have already been processed and people are receiving their benefits.

Managing Director Theo Cryer spoke of measures to integrate Ukrainian refugees into the labor market. For them, after the first so-called group information, they go to one-on-one counseling. Among other things, language skills, need for sponsorship etc. are determined in order to make job offers as tailored as possible.

Presentation of the service “Integration Point”
To ensure that this advice is as compact and comprehensive as possible, the Action Center will revive its “Integration Point” service in a few days. There, experts (from the Craftsroom, Caritas, Intelligence Network Integration through Education, among others) are available to answer questions about work integration, recognition of educational qualifications, support in the application process, etc. Theo Cryer made one thing clear: “We are preparing to stay with us for a longer period of time and are doing everything we can to give them employment and prospects.”

At the end of the meeting, the President, Violetta Jasecki, summed up, “Today we got a comprehensive overview of the work of the duty station; this also helps us to give the refugees who come to us with their questions good advice.”

The Advisory Board will deal with the topic “Language courses / integration courses” at its next meeting, because the Advisory Board sees a clear gap between urban and rural areas when it comes to integration courses offered by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). (evening)

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