Ukrainian refugees in the canton of Tübingen: many continue to arrive in Germany – also because of false incentives? Rothenburg and surrounding areas

The former Convita Hotel in Rothenburg (file photo) Photo: Bigman

Does the district office in Tübingen expect more refugees from Ukraine to arrive in the Tübingen region in the coming weeks and months? What next for the arrival centers in Rothenburg and Tübingen? The district office of Tübingen is available to answer questions.

Rothenburg – As announced by the state of Baden-Württemberg, the maximum capacity has been reached in the state’s primary reception centers. The flow of refugees from Ukraine is steadily increasing. The prime minister in Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann (the Green Party), recently divided the population into “difficult situations”.

“The state is anticipating a massive increase in the number of new arrivals,” confirms Martina Guisetti, a spokeswoman for the Tübingen County Office, when asked by our editors. “Of course, the continuation of the war is a reason for more arrivals. Due to the cold season, winter-resistant accommodation is required in view of the cities in Ukraine, some of which have been severely damaged,” explains Goisetti.

Ukrainian refugees receive higher social benefits

But she also says: “In some cases, false incentives are also set up. Due to the so-called change of the legal system, Ukrainian refugees receive higher social benefits under the Social Security Act since June. Previously, lower benefits were granted under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act. We have noted that refugees already in other European countries were traveling to Germany.”

Baden-Württemberg Immigration Minister Marion Gentings (CDU) recently criticized that the expansion of social benefits for refugees has created false incentives. This sparked a controversy that also involved the district office in Tübingen.

Some refugees want to return to Ukraine

However, Guizetti also notes that “some Ukrainian refugees say they would like to return to Ukraine as soon as possible.” Registration is not required for stays of less than 90 days. In order to be able to apply for social benefits, a so-called “mock certificate” is required by the immigration authorities. Guizetti: “This is issued when the fugitives apply for a residence permit and the identification service is performed using the Infrastructure Allocation Component (PIK).”

2600 Residence Permit Application

So far, the refugees were first accepted into the primary reception centers in the state and from there they were distributed to urban and rural areas. According to the Tübingen county office, “refugees in urban and rural areas are expected to be assigned directly and without prior initial reception.”

Guizetti: “Since the beginning of the war, 2,600 refugees across the region have applied for a residence permit.” Just over 1,500 refugees are currently housed in the area’s housing as part of what is called ‘temporary accommodation’.

Refugees assigned to the area are currently initially accepted into the former Convita Hotel in Rothenburg, which serves as an arrival centre, and from there are distributed to available living quarters. According to Ghezziti, 36 people were housed in the former Convita Hotel as of last Wednesday.

You should exercise again in the gym in the area

To date, the sports hall in the Derendingen district of Tübingen has also been used as an arrival centre. According to the district office of Tübingen, the sports hall in the Deringer region will be “available again for school and club sports from September, as agreed”.

The refugees who are still currently residing in the district sports hall are scheduled to move in the next few days and distribute them to apartments.

The area is still urgently searching for refugee housing

“We are very grateful for the great willingness to assist refugees and the district office when searching for an apartment,” Guizetti says. “In order for the district to meet the reception and accommodation of refugees assigned to it by the state, there remains an urgent need to provide living space for the affected people, which the district can rent accordingly,” says the district office of Tübingen. Further: “In particular, there is a need for short-term usable living space. Here, for example, holiday apartments can also be considered.”

The contacts for reporting on living space are “Cities and Communities Mayor’s Offices Direct”, which is also available for more information, such as the nature of the living space.

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