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Photo: Disney

The Jungle Book – 8:15 PM Saturday 1
A direct adaptation of the well-known story of Mowgli (Neil Sethi), who has to flee the jungle because the evil tiger Shere Khan has no tolerance for a human child in his kingdom. Fortunately, the boy is not alone and can count on his friends Bagheera the tiger and Baloo the bear.


Photo: 20th Century Fox

Brave Heart – 20:15 RDTTWEI
It’s the dark medieval years of the thirteenth century when King Edward I seizes Scotland and kills Highlander’s wife Wallace (Mel Gibson). He divides revenge against the occupiers and forms an army of peasants and landowners. Together they fearlessly go to battle against the English supremacy.


Photo: ZDF and Thomas Kost

Wilsberg – Uninvited Guests – 8:15 PM ZDF
In fact, Wilsberg (Leonard Lansik) and Ekki (Oliver Korittke) just wanted to go to lunch with their classmate Tessa (Patricia Maiden). However, when another guest appears in the restaurant, the lawyer panics. It’s about ex-criminal Sven Degen (Michael Pink), who once swore to take revenge on Tessa for putting him behind bars. Wilsberg and Ekki want to prevent the two from meeting.


Photo: ZDF / Rudolf Wernicke

Ella Schön – Family Bonding – 5:30 PM 3 Seats
Ella (Anette Frier) life returns to a calmer path again, when the next catastrophe is already looming: Jannis (Josef Heynert) flirts with an acquaintance from Greece and is not without consequences, now he is going to be a father. To compensate for the stress at home, Ella begins training kung fu and approaches her instructor, Arndt Engler (Oliver Stein).


Photo: Universal

Adventure Island – 10:25 AM RTLZWEI
Nim lives with her father on an enchanted island. Her friends are iguana, sea lion and swan. When her father embarks on a new adventure, she must take care of the island and, with the help of her friends, protect the house from invaders.

3 The Frog King 2008

Photo: ARD/Daniel Flashar

Frog King – 08:55 ARD
Princess Sophie (Sidonie von Krosigk) celebrates her 18th birthday, but the celebration can’t hide her concern that Sophie will marry Prince Friedrich. Her path seems to be predetermined until her mother’s mysterious golden ball falls into the well. The Frog King talks and transforms the girl into a confident young woman who knows how to make her way.


Pictured: Constantine’s movie

Five Friends 2 – 8:55 AM ZDF
George, Dick, Ann, Julian, and dog Timmy just want to spend the holidays together again. But Dick is kidnapped in Katzenmore and suddenly a new adventure begins for the five friends. The thief (Oliver Koretek) is chasing the emerald, so can the kids save their friend and the jewel?


Photo: ZDF/Jon Ailes

Rosamunde Pilcher: Reunion at Rose Abbey – 1:45 p.m. ZDF
Roseanne (Anja Boche) is actually looking for her biological father in England, but finds love in Adrian (Florian Fitz). Could this go well in the long term?


Photo: ZDF / ORF / Mona Film / Oliver Roth

Love of Peace – Bertha von Suttner and Alfred Nobel – 8:15 pm 3 Sat
Based on Esther Villar’s play “Mr. and Mrs. Nobel,” the film tells the story of the unfulfilled love between peace activist Bertha von Suttner and the inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel.


Photo: Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH

ADULTS 2 – 8:15 PM VOX
Ex-Hollywood star Lenny is back in his old hometown with his family so the kids can live a normal life. His high school friends are already waiting there to relive the good old days and explore the city with him.

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