More September highlights on RTL+

September has a wide range of streaming innovations ready on RTL+. This includes exclusive series, documentaries, and feature-length movie bundles.


September dates back to the late 1920s. The historical series “Dream House” promises an insight into Germany’s first department store credit, “Jonass”. There are also professional and private highlights of successful pop singer Adele in the documentary “30 Greatest Moments: Adele” on RTL+. The six-part documentary “Schalke 04 – Back to Us” shows how Royal Blue has found its way into itself. In addition to the exclusive German premiere of the Emmy-winning drama “Hacks,” RTL+ will exclusively show the first season of the original HBOMax “Minx.” “And Just Like That…” is also reprising the original “Sex and the City” with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, DIGITAL TELEVISION recently reported. More information about September’s featured formats on RTL+ can be found below:

“Dream House” (RTL + Original)

late twenties. Berlin glistens in its ascendancy and at the same time is full of dirt and poverty. In the middle of Germany’s first credit store, Jonass “The House of Dreams” store. The Historic Series will be available on RTL+ from September 18th. My line will also be broadcast on RTL later.

“30 Greatest Moments: Adele” (RTL + Original) (The 30 Greatest Moments: Adele)

Massive heights, endless emotional performances, record-breaking album releases: a lot has happened since Adele first took the stage in 2008. The documentary “30 Greatest Moments: Adele” highlights her personal highlights. Many guys have their say and take a look at the most important milestones in Adele’s life. The documentary is dedicated to both the professional and private fate of the star. 30 Greatest Moments: Adele will be available September 1st.

“Schalke 04 – Back to Us” (RTL + original)

Orgasm returned to Gelsenkirchen. On May 15, 2022, Schalke 04 will be promoted directly to the Bundesliga. A year ago, the club of the Ruhr region was still on the ground – both sportingly and economically. The documentary accompanies the club in one of its darkest hours and provides exclusive insights into the “Resurrection” mission. The long-running documentary on the emotional return of FC Schalke 04 to the Bundesliga will be available on RTL+ from 15 September.

“And Just Like…” – Season 1

Nearly 20 years after the end of “Sex and the City,” a new chapter, “And Just Like That…” begins on Vox and RTL+. The Originals returns, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Davis, and Cynthia Nixon. Michael Patrick King directed the script, wrote the script and produced “And Just Like That…” as he did on “Sex and the City”. The new chapter of ‘Sex and the City’ can be watched exclusively on RTL+ starting September 10 and on Vox starting September 13.

Hacks (premiere exclusively in Germany)

Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) is a successful comedian whose show has been a staple of the daily schedule of the famous Las Vegas casino for years. When more space is made for young talent, Deborah’s lavish life is on the brink. But her director has a supposedly brilliant idea: Deborah should bring a syndicated comedy show to the stage with 25-year-old writer Ava (Hannah Einbender). However, the self-centered singer and narcissistic young man just can’t stand each other. The humorous series has won three Emmys and received a variety of rave reviews. The German exclusive “Hacks” premieres September 15th on RTL+.

More new broadcast releases on RTL+ in September:

International series:

  • Astrid and Lily Save the World – Season 1, 10 episodes, Exclusive, September 1
  • “Minx” – Season 1, 10 episodes, exclusively from September 15
  • Dallas – Season 7-9, September 15

Offers on RTL+:

  • “Herr Raue is traveling!” – 12 episodes from September 1 / November 7 at 8:15 pm on RTL Living


  • “The Bill Cosby Case” – Season 1, 4 episodes, syndicated exclusive starting September 1 on RTL+ / starting September 19 on GEO

Movies on RTL+ from September 1st:

  • “blood diamond”
  • “They are gone – among the enemies”
  • “Medicine”
  • “the ideal man”
  • ‘Perfect murder’
  • “Fifty Shades of Gray”
  • “Dangerous Communications (1988)”
  • honey
  • “Honey 2”
  • “Worse and worse with 40”
  • “Inside Man”
  • “Planned killing”
  • Spy games
  • “Taking lives – will kill for your life”
  • “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Sports in September:

  • “UEFA Europa League & Conference League – Round 1”, September 8
  • “The FIA ​​Endurance Championship – The Magazine”, September 13
  • “UEFA Europa League & Conference League – Match Day 2”, September 15

RTL + Kids in September:

  • #Like Me – Season 2, from September 1
  • “Alina’s Dream” starting September 1
  • Arman’s Secret the Movie, released on September 1
  • “Bobo Siebendormouse – The First Adventures of Bobo” – Season 1-3, from September 1
  • Shaun the Sheep – Llama the Farmer, from September 1
  • Shaun the Sheep – Next Sheep Championship September 1
  • “Checker Tobi and the Secret of Our Planet” starting September 1
  • Emily and the Forgotten Spell, on September 1st
  • “Let’s search for treasure” starting from the first of September
  • “Tiger Duck Gang” from September 1st
  • “Tiger Duck Gang” – Season 1-2, starts September 1
  • “Wild Witch” from September 1st
  • Willie and the Wonders of the World, starting September 1
  • “Dhafer the Black Stallion” starting from the first of September
  • “Trio – Cybergold” – 10 episodes starting September 1
  • “Trio – Odin’s Gold” – 10 episodes starting September 1
  • “Fanny’s Journey” starting September 1

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