Grimme Award 2022: Celebrity Casserole in Mini Marl

The 58th Grimme Award was awarded on August 26. Among others, Bjarne Madel and Nicholas Ovcharek were honored. Anke Engelke was also honored.

For most celebrities, Marle may not necessarily be the center of the world. However, on August 26, the German television scene looked at the city in North Rhine-Westphalia, which has a population of just under 90 thousand. The Grimme Institute based there awarded this year’s Grimme Award on Friday.

German-speaking stars came to receive their awards. Among others, Anke Engelk (56), Bjarne Middle (54), Daniel Donskoy (32), Louise Heyer (37), Kurt Cromer (47), Torsten Stratter (55) and Nicholas Ovcharek (51) walked the red carpet.

The rating is left to the viewer.

A few weeks ago, the Institute announced 16 productions that will receive prizes in the categories of “Fiction”, “Media and Culture”, “Entertainment” and “Children and Youth”. The winners of the “Entertainment” contest are “Friday Night Jews” with Donskoy, the contest program of Joko Winterscheidt (43) “Who is stealing the show from me?” and an episode of “Chez Krömer” with Torsten Sträter as a guest, in which Kurt Krömer and the comedian talk about how they deal with their depression.

Cromer had never talked about it publicly before. After the broadcast, he said, he noticed how many people were affected. “For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve done something really meaningful.” He deplored that many people are looking for a place in treatment but are not getting it at the moment.

In the “Imagination” competition, the Sky Original “The Ibiza Affair” – which talks about the Austrian political scandal in 2019 – was awarded Ofczarek. In the jury’s justification, the “exciting acting performance, clever screenplay adaptation, brilliant camera and last but not least lavish staging” were praised. “I can only explain what is there. And that was very good, because it also did not count. The rating is up to the viewer. I think this is very important ”, explained the actor at the awards ceremony.

There were also two awards for the girls – for his directorial debut “Sörensen hat Angst”, in which he also plays, and for the television movie “Delivered”. Girls avoid “Sörensen” down to the smallest detail […] All the usual tricks of the genre” and “Find your own representation and pictures,” as stated in the justification.

“Intelligent and incorruptible monitoring powers”

In addition, the film “The Mopes” with Nora Cherner (41 years old) received the audience award from the Marl group, and the film “Ona Primavera” received the student jury award. Meanwhile, Engelke was awarded a special honor by the German Association for Adult Education (DVV). DVV President Annegret previously Kramp-Karrenbauer said: “Through her clever powers of observation, Anke Engelke shows us that we sometimes put ourselves in a very comfortable position – both in everyday matters and also on issues of societal relevance” (60).

Tonight the #GrimmePrize will be awarded in Marl! The President of DVVakk presents a special tribute to vhs_dachverband to artist, presenter and actress #AnkeEngelke, one of the most multifaceted faces of German television. Congratulations! – German Association for Adult Education (DVV) (@vhs_dachverband) August 26, 2022

A total of 19 awards were awarded. Moderator Joe Shock (41) moderated the evening of the 58th Grimme Award Ceremony.

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