Anna Sorokin: An RTL Documentary on the Rogue

It would have been almost negligent if Netflix ignored the material presented by Anna Sorokina’s life: a Russian-German fraudster impersonated a German heiress to millions of people in elite New York circles and defrauded hotels, businessmen for four years under the pseudonym Anna Delphi, banks and supposed friends and girlfriends. It is said that Anna stole $275,000. In 2017, she was arrested for fraud, and in February of this year the mini-series “Inventing Anna” was released on Netflix – and became a streaming success.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Of course, the series with Julia Garner in the title role once again aroused interest in real facts. The same is now being addressed in an RTL documentary, “Anna Sorokin – The True Story of a Million Scammers” (Thursday, June 23, 10:35 p.m.). In this film, not only Anna Sorokin, pseudonym Delphi, says that many of her victims also reported how the young German-Russian woman managed to deceive them in this way. The format is based on a documentary of the same name on RTL +, from which the following quotes also come.

One journalist reported that Anna Sorokin “took networking to a whole other level.” While others only went to local parties for champagne, her main concern was meeting the right people. It always looks interesting. “I’m talented and I seem to have interesting opinions about things,” Sorokin says in an interview. “Maybe that’s what attracts people.” The alleged inheritance of millions, which Sorokin says he did not specifically ask friends about, certainly played a role as well.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

At first she was generous, and then she allowed her acquaintances to pay for expensive meals. Apologize in part sincerely with a forgotten wallet. With her sense of style and fashion as well as her attitude, New York’s upper class has caught her finger. One journalist explains: “Some might use the word“ wizard.

Fake it to make it?

Anna enjoyed checking into expensive hotels and would bribe the staff $100 as a “token of appreciation.” It is said that the hotel staff literally fought to carry her bags to her room. The money came from the banks, and check fraud may have played a role as well.

One observer describes Anna’s intention to conceal and deceive: “It is an interaction of many small details that somehow make up a perfect fraud.” She told the banks her money was stuck in a trust fund in Germany. With this lie, their money seemed theoretically available and “only” inaccessible, the banks agreed to the loans.

“It was absolutely not my plan to cheat anyone,” Anna Sorokin explains. And depending on how you interpret it, the statement has some truth to it. Because her plan was different, a plan she could only achieve in New York: Sorokin wanted to fulfill her big dream of creating an art center. It was to be a gallery with exhibits, a nightclub and a restaurant at the same time. For the Anna Delphi Foundation, Anna’s only address was 281 Park Avenue: a now converted former church in the heart of the city.

Ischweiler is not New York

Of course, it is interesting to learn more about the Anna Sorokin scam. But the real attraction is knowing who the real person is. Who is Anna really? Relics can be found at Eschweiler in North Rhine-Westphalia, a place that cannot be removed from the glamorous world of New York. Anna finds it boring here. The school yearbook describes her as a “Barbie” who pays a lot of attention to her style.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

There Anna dreamed of “a lifestyle like Paris Hilton”, as her father Vadim describes it. After many years, Anna came close to this dream. But in 2017, she was arrested for fraud, and two years later she was sentenced to at least four years in prison. After being released on probation on charges of “good behaviour” – she announced on social media that she was “returned” – she was arrested again and the fight against her deportation to Germany ensued. The second season “Inventing Anna” is currently writing itself.


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