5 legendary scammers in internet history


Billy MacFarland, Elizabeth Holmes and Simon Leviev – the names that have been the newest since then Netflix And his associates made documentaries about them that most people know about. They belong to fraudsters and fraudsters who lied to their fellow human beings and those around them large sums of money relieved.

fire festival

It must be the most exciting and The most legendary outdoor festival in the world will. After all, the Fyre Festival became legendary – because of the disaster that occurred. Entrepreneur Billy McFarland and his business partner, rapper Ja Roll, had big plans for the festival: in April 2017, the festival guests and musicians loved Blink-182 and Lil Yachty Travel to Bahamas from Great Exuma for a massive party with a theater, beach villas, and luxury tents.

McFarland used private companies for financing Credits and proceeds from presale (Tickets cost $12,000.) Money also flowed from Planned payment system For the festival: Visitors* were supposed to pay cashless on the site with a smartwatch, and MckkFarland asked them to top up their balance by $400 on the day of the festival in advance – he knew the island didn’t have the technical requirements for a payment system. At the site, guests did not expect anything from what they promised: the headlines were canceled, it rained heavily on the island, and the palatial tents turned out to be Civil protection tentsThat was not enough for everyone.

Class lawsuits have been filed against McFarland and Ja Rule by festival-goers, who have obtained plaintiffs 5 million dollars granted. As noted by the FBI, MacFarland – he was arrested in June of the same year and sentenced to six years in prison and sentenced to 26 million dollars Rule.

Anna Delphi

About convicted fraud Anna Delphi, Actually Anna SorokinToday, she is still assumed to have lived with Billy MacFarlands for several months. He wouldn’t have been the first to fall in love with her. The German-Russian pretended to be a wealthy heiress in New York from 2013 to 2017 and deceived herself Money and interest in the millions.

After finishing it in Purple Fashion Magazine She began to appear in high society in New York under the name Anna Delphi, heiress to a German patron of the arts. She specifically made contact with influential people from the art world and startups in order to borrow money from them to combine their luxurious lifestyle with Anna Delphi Foundation He wanted funding, a mixture of exclusive associations and an art foundation. To get a loan from $22 million In the future, I created a document in Microsoft Word to prove it 60 million euros It will be in a trust account in Switzerland. And to cover the hotel bills, she forged checks – the fraud was discovered only after she withdrew $70,000. Since then, the money has been spent on clothes and hotels. Gradually, more and more people became suspicious because she owed them money. A journalist friend feels comfortable with Delphi $62,000 For Marrakech trip including helicopter flight.

Eventually the police helped arrest Delphi. She was judged in New York in 2019, but it came thanks to early release Out of prison early 2021. Shortly thereafter, immigration authorities arrested her. She is now in detention pending deportation because she refuses to travel to Germany.

Simon Leviev

Simon Leviev’s name is at least since the Netflix documentary “Tinder scammer” term. He was born in Israel, his real name is Shimon Hayut and he was a charlatan, he estimated himself between 2017 and 2019. 10 million dollars Deceived by European women.

While traveling through Europe, he pretended to be a son Russian-Israeli diamond businessman Lev Leviev to be. on too Dating platform Tinder Pretend to be a wealthy heir. He pretended to have a romantic relationship with the women, showered them with attention, traveled with them, and even hired a bodyguard to make his story believable. When his victims fell in love with him, he began to tug at them. He pretended to be pursued by dangerous individuals and needed money to escape from them. Concerned women participated credits to help her supposed partner.

What really happened to her money: Leviev used it to trap his next victims Private jet across Europe To drive a car and buy it an expensive dinner. It was robbed of women who robbed their money with threats and fake bank statements. Leviev was arrested by INTERPOL, arrested in Israel in 2019 15 months imprisonment Rule.


With a drop of blood from your finger Complete blood count And the discovery of hundreds of diseases from cancer to HIV – this was a promise from Theranos, and Biotechnology startup By Elizabeth Holmes when it was founded in 2003. The founder did not state that there are no scientific studies or controls for her research method.

A year later, it earned $6 million in investments, then $45 million in 2006 Estimated $400 million by 2015. Among the investors were media mogul Rupert Murdoch and the Walton family, owners of the Walmart supermarket chain. What they didn’t know was that Holmes’ technology, which had evolved over many years, had never worked reliably. Instead, use its staff in laboratories Devices from other manufacturers. These analyzes were also taken from the fingers due to blood samples Untrustworthy: It was necessary to obtain blood from the veins to obtain correct results. for one Joe Biden’s visit in 2015 Holmes set up a dummy lab to hide the fact that the company doesn’t work with its own analyzers.

Your deception only flew after one An investigative report in the Wall Street Journal Which alerted US regulators to the inconsistencies in Theranos. The laboratory was closed and the money invested by Murdoch & Co. was lost. become holmes Convicted in early 2022To defraud investors – judgment is expected in September.

Anthony Gignac

Anthony Gignac wanted to live as a prince, so he gave up 30 years Once. Until his arrest in 2017, he pretended to belong to the Saudi royal family and called himself Khalid bin Al Saud. Gignac did not begin to come even from Arabia, but from the US state of Michigan. His number was so convincing that 8 million dollars Deceived by investors.

His true origins weren’t going to give him the lifestyle he wanted: He drove Ferraris, outfitted himself in a Cartier and lived in a penthouse on Fisher Island – a posh island off Miami – and Seriously share his supposed fortune on Instagram. Since the late 1980s, he has been perfecting his character as a Saudi prince, taking credit cards under pseudonyms and repeatedly arrested by the police. In 2015, he began persuading potential investors to take discounted shares of his dated stock Saudi Aramco Saudi Oil Company For purchase, which was preparing for an initial public offering. The investment was attractive and Giginac earned $8 million from the “sale”.

His imposter was exposed when he bought a stake in Luxury Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotels They wanted to buy and the sellers noticed inconsistencies when searching for Khalid bin Saud. They reported him to the FBI, who immediately recognized Gignac’s line and arrested him. Gignac is currently sitting 18 years in prison In prison he was sentenced in 2019.

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