Tom Bohreau, President of ARD: The Grimme Awards for Excellence and Motivation

Cologne (ots) – When the Grimme Awards are presented in Marl, North Rhine-Westphalia, on Friday (August 26, 2022), eleven of the 16 prizes in the four main categories will go to ARD productions.

Tom Bohreau, Chairman of ARD Board of Directors: “The many Grimme Awards for ARD products of very different types are a great prize and motivation for what we want to offer people every day in different ways: high-quality journalism and program content with a profile. Congratulations to the award winners and the teams behind them, who They all do an excellent job together.

A glimpse at the ARD Awards for Production and Co-Production:

fantasy competition

Delivered (TV60 film production for BR/ARTE)

Grimme Award for Jan Fehse (screenplay/director) and Bjarne Mädel (performance)

Police Call 110: Sabine (NDR Feature Film)

Grimme Prize for Florian Oeller (Book), Stefan Schaller (Director), Luise Heyer (Photograph), Charly Hübner (Photograph) and Anneke Kim Sarnau (Photograph)

Sörensen is Afraid (Claussen + Putz film production for NDR)

Grimme Award for Bjarne Mädel (Director/Performance), Sven Stricker (Book), Kristian Leschner (Image Design) and Katrin Wichmann (Performance)

Tina mobile (X Films Creative Pool for rbb)

Grimme Award for Laila Stieler (Book), Richard Hooper (Director) and Gabriela Maria Schmeide (Performance, Vice for Band)

Media and Culture Competition

Charité Intensive: Station 43 (DOCDAYS Productions for rbb)

Grimme Prize to Carl Gierstorfer (text/director/image design), Mareike Müller (screenplay), Ronald Reist (editing), Antje Boehmert (production) and Ott Beutler (editing)

Hanau – One Night and Its Consequences (HR)

Marcin Wierzchowski’s Grimme Award (screenplay/director/image design)

competition entertainment

She Cromer | Guest: Torsten Sträter ( for rbb)

Grimme Award for Kurt Krömer and Torsten Sträter

Friday Night Jews (Turbo Culture for WDR)

Grimme Award for Daniel Donskoy (moderation/book), Remigius Roskosch (book/director), David Hada (production) and Martin Danish (production)

Children and Youth Competition

Seahorse (Baden-Württemberg Film Academy for MDR)

Grimme Award for Nele Dehnenkamp (screenplay/director)

candid and honest (SR/funk)

Grimm Prize for Raphael Gregoch (moderation/book), Robert Hicklow (moderation/book), Marilyn Chittenhelm (moderation/book) and Kim Stubert (moderation/book)

Special Grimme Award in the Children and Youth category.

He goes to Petra Buberg and Kristen Rotten to film and investigate the documentary series “Umm Hod?! Now We’re Talking! (Mr.)

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