Penzberg City Library: “Herbst.Lese (noun)” as an alternative to “Stadtlesen”

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to: Wolfgang Schörner

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There was already a reading festival at the Penzberg City Library in 2020 as an alternative to “Reading the City”, here is author Klaus Mudek. © Wolfgang Schörner

With the application “Read the city” did not work this year. However, the Penzberg City Library has a ready alternative: “Herbst.Lese(n)” with six evenings in September, October and November, which is about South America, artificial intelligence, crime novels, gravediggers, and Stefan Zweig. There will be a “Night of Living Books” at the end.

Penzberg – Two years ago, when Penzberg successfully applied for “City Reading” but organizers canceled the festival due to the Corona pandemic, the city library came up with an alternative. At that time it was a four-day Sta(d)tt-Lese-Fest. When the app didn’t work this year, the team went back for ideas. “We really wanted to do something,” says Director Catherine Vogener. The result was the series “Herbst.Lese (n)”. It bears the motto “Meet, Education, Enthusiasm”. These are six evenings from September to November with three authors, a lead inspector, a representative, and a professor. The epilogue is “The Night of Living Books”, a formula already known from earlier years. All events take place in the city library.

Start with a South American adventure and “criminal evening”

Starts Wednesday, September 7 at 8pm with travel author Thomas Bauer, who lives in Tutzing and works at the Goethe-Institut in Munich. He has been traveling on adventures for the past 25 years, telling them about it with words and pictures. In Penzberg, he talks about the three months he spent in South America.

This is followed by a “criminal evening” on Wednesday, October 5 at 7:30 pm. Artist, publisher and author Martin Arz and Chief Inspector Ludwig Waldinger meet on stage to talk about ‘fantasy versus facts’. The Munich doctor writes, among other things, thrillers. The name of his investigator is Max Pfeffer. Chief Inspector Waldinger is a spokesman for the Bavarian Criminal Police Office and an arms expert. He has many years of experience as a civilian and drug investigator and was a member of several special committees, including those investigating the attack at the Olympia shopping center.

Hybrid intelligence: what role will humans continue to play in the future?

And it continues on Wednesday, October 12 from 7.30 pm on the “Hybrid Intelligence” program. Andreas Vogener, son of the director of the library, talks about this. He is a professor in “Digital Supply Chain Management” at the University of Cologne and researches artificial and hybrid intelligence. That evening, he addressed the question of whether it would determine life in the future and what role people would continue to play in the future.

The author of “Henker’s Daughter Saga” presents his latest book

The fourth evening is all about historical novels: on Wednesday, October 19, from 7:30 p.m., best-selling author Oliver Buch, who traveled to Vienna in 1894 for his latest novel, The Girl and the Tomb Digger, is a guest. Pötzsch is best known for “Henker’s Daughter Saga,” in which he recounts his unusual family history: the 51-year-old from Munich descended from the executioner Schöngau bloodline.

An evening about Stefan Zweig – and the epilogue of “Living Books”.

This is followed by an evening about writer Stefan Zweig, on Wednesday 9 November, from 7:30 pm. Bad Aiblinger actor Michael Stacheder reads from his autobiographical memoir “Yesterday’s World: A European Memoir,” which deals with Zweig’s childhood in Vienna, World War I, and fascism. Stacheder had already read from Max Mannheimer’s diary in 2021 at the invitation of the Penzberg City Library, at the time as a streaming format.

The “Night of Living Books” concluded on Wednesday, November 16th. From 7 p.m. in the library, six to eight people from Penzberg and the surrounding area will talk about their exciting careers, interesting hobbies, or private life plans.

Advance tickets for all events

Advance tickets are available for all six events at the Penzberg City Library (Rathauspassage) and at Tabakwaren Klotz on Philippstrasse. Admission: €10, except on September 7. It costs eight euros. (Students only three euros each).

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